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Mystery Diagnosis is a Discovery Health channel television series. This is a documentary-style drama show. Each episode is approximately one hour and contains material that may be disturbing for some viewers. This includes medical procedures and diagnosis, along with patient symptoms.

Each episode usually includes two separate diagnosis stories. The stories are told by members of the family and patients, as well as the doctors who helped to diagnosis the patient's illness. In all cases a person has a set of symptoms which can usually be attributed to a number of common ailments. After seeking help from their primary care physician, the symptoms either only lessen a little, or the treatment does nothing at all.

You then follow the patient as they go to different medical specialists and hospitals trying to find the answer to what is making them sick. In some cases this process can last for only a few weeks, and in others it takes years to find the answer. At the end of each story, the physician working on the case discovers the answer to the mystery diagnosis. In most cases it is a rare disease or disorder that few doctors have encountered, which is why it takes so long to come up with an answer. You then learn what treatment if any is used to help the patient get well or live a normal life.

Along with the interviews from the patient, you also have interviews with the family and friends. Each story has a group of actors portraying the dramatic events that lead up to the diagnosis. In some cases they have actual footage from the case to show. Some diagnosis in the series include Polisystic Ovarian Syndrome and other more obscure auto-immune disorders. All age ranges of patients from infant to senior are showcased.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Health
8 Seasons, 77 Episodes
October 11, 2005
Health & Fitness
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Mystery Diagnosis Full Episode Guide

  • By the time Adrian is in high school his leg weighs 150 pounds. Kathy is struggling with a blistering rash ad excessive weight loss.

  • When Jeanne fails to hit puberty, doctors believe she is a late bloomer until further testing reveals something terribly wrong.

  • A fearful mother rushes her daughter to the hospital when she suddenly loses her ability to walk and stand.

  • A three-year-old girl starts experiencing vaginal bleeding and her parents and doctors search for answers. A college freshman is unable to hold down food due to extreme cramping and gets down to 72 pounds.

  • Lonnie's dreams of playing in the NFL are shattered when boils start appearing on his head. Meanwhile, Theresa experiences bizarre vision changes during her pregnancy.

  • Karen has survived albinism and blindness, but now she may suffer from a fatal disease. Meanwhile, Pam discovers bumps all over her body but the cause is unknown.

  • A baby has odd bruises and spots all over his body and one day gets a scratch that causes excessive bleeding.

  • After moving to a new home, a boy shows signs of bizarre behavior, including hopping instead of walking.

  • Holly has horrific pain during her menstrual cycle while Tina is struggling to keep up in school and disfiguring growths start to form all over her body.

  • Kati is a college freshman who has a puss filled blister all over her body.

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