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The Exalted Warrior class is a standing series focused on moving through various warrior and triangle poses. Invigorating and strengthening, this series focuses on reaching up and reaching out. Namaste Yoga is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on January 15, 2004.

Where do I stream Namaste Yoga online? Namaste Yoga is available for streaming on Omnifilm Entertainment, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Namaste Yoga on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Tubi TV online.

Omnifilm Entertainment
4 Seasons, 52 Episodes
January 15, 2004
Health & Fitness
Cast: Kate Potter, Lily Goncalves
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Namaste Yoga Full Episode Guide

  • Balanced Being is a powerful, flowing sequence set to create presence and strength. Use this practice to root down, then rise up with confidence and an incredibly centered and balanced energy. A study of complimentary opposites, this practice will challenge you to find the balance within the opposition.

  • A challenging and strengthening sequence, Revolve to Evolve seeks to reveal moments of relaxation in which truths can be more readily accessed. Use this sequence to detoxify, build confidence and restore a sense of balance and well being to take off the mat and into the rest of your day from intentions of love, forgiveness, and gratitude.

  • Learn to stay open, no matter what happens, with the Root to Rise sequence. This practice provides an opportunity to explore your capacity for receiving energy, while building strength and confidence. When you maintain a connection to grounded energy, you can heighten your ability to stay present in every moment.

  • Strengthen and detoxify in this powerful and challenging class. Twist to Reveal is a process of exploring the gifts of presence, patience and persistence in order to find what gifts the body can reveal. Be with your breath and let the process unfold.

  • Leave all expectations behind as you move through this enlightening sequence. Awaken Shakti will open your heart as it strengthens your legs and nods to the power of your core. Celebrate your ability to move, and be moved, with this blissful set of postures.

  • A mesmerizing sequence, Heart Flow encourages you to feel, rather than force your way through the poses. Explore your height while maintaining an intention to keep your heart lifted and spirits light. Immerse yourself in the energy you create with this dynamic flow.

  • It's time to play! The Power of One allows you to explore the balance points of your hands. A dynamic practice, this thread of poses encourages you to find balance between ease and effort, while bringing curiosity to your response to every posture.

  • A bold sequence, Core Connection uses confident poses to help you learn to embrace your inner strength and let go of any tensions you might encounter. Use this balancing class to practice gaining peace of mind, even through awkward or challenging situations.

  • Allow your breath to be bigger than the movements of your body in this invigorating class. All other instructions are secondary, as this sequence calls you to allow your breath to become the mediator of the mind and body. Use this steady rhythm to inform your every moment.

  • Anahata Flow is a moving meditation that allows the body to seek the freedom of the sky while unifying with the breath. Close your eyes, clear your heart and connect deeply with the solidarity of the earth. Gain a new sense of vision, as you learn to see with all your senses.

  • A joyous and elegant class, Grace and Gratitude opens your front body with a series of dynamic backbends. Shine the light of your heart by learning to be spacious with your breath. This practice encourages action stirred from intentions of love, forgiveness, and gratitude.

  • This vinyasa flow pulses between moments of stillness and dynamic movement with every breath. Prana Flow calls for a constant presence of mind and steadiness of breath. Through this moving meditation, you will explore how the stability and consistency of breath offers you freedom of spirit.

  • Stabilize and Center allows for the creation of a deeper connection with your core, as well as the present moment. Through the practice of conscious breathing, movement and attention to the postures, a state of centered awareness can be cultivated.

  • A dynamic class for your upper body, Open and Ground will work your torso with a series of heart opening poses. By keeping a steady connection to the earth and lifting and opening the chest, the experience of feeling grounded while moving energy up and outward can be more fully explored.

  • Bhakti Flow calls for an expansion of your entire being through the practice of bhakti, devotion. A practice of balance and strength that will call attention to the places in the body where tension hides, Learn to be spacious with your breath, encourage a deeper connection with your center, and move forward with purest intent.

  • Stand tall and find your truest state of focus and center with this balancing flow. Use the breath to align your posture and learn to experience your practice, rather than thinking it through. Let go of your mind and connect with the asanas, or physical yoga poses.

  • Encourage movement from a thoughtful, more centered place with the Reflect and Connect class. Engage your whole body with a grounding series of poses that calm and center the mind while releasing tension from shoulders, hips and hamstrings.

  • Cultivate a sense of peace and stability with the Create Your Calm class. This balancing flow allows for a deeper connection to the earth and its grounding energy. Feel the presence of your inner strength, and welcome a softer awareness with this gentle practice.

  • Release and Restore is a class that brings you full circle through a series of poses that create space for reflection. You will release tension in your spine while attuning to the changes even the smallest actions create. What change will you make today?

  • With a steady focus on the breath, Warrior Wisdom cultivates presence that is attentive, aware and complete. Moving slowly with the breath allows a deeper connection of mind and body that will leave you with greater clarity, confidence and strength.

  • Detoxify your whole body with this cleansing class. Learn to be softer on the outside, as you awaken the power of your core. Align Your Axis provides an opportunity to wring out any unwanted emotions, and let go of any thoughts or ideas that cloud your perspective.

  • Soften the Edges is a class that encourages a sense of ease in both body and breath while moving through a dynamic series of confident poses. Tap into a quality of inner peace and learn to return to that feeling whenever you are most challenged, on and off the mat.

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