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This reality series catches up with the people who were featured on the TCL network's parent series. During the original series, all of the featured participants managed to lose an extraordinary amount of weight, and this series reveals the successes and difficulties that they faced in the year following their original appearance on the show. This series also airs on the TLC cable network.

My 600 lb Life Where Are They Now? is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on April 29, 2012.

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6 Seasons, 39 Episodes
April 29, 2012
Health & Fitness
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My 600 lb Life Where Are They Now? Full Episode Guide

  • If Steve Sr. thought getting weight-loss surgery for his sons would help bring them together, the 3rd year of their weight-loss journey will prove him wrong, as Justin returns to Rhode Island with every intention of never speaking to Steven again.

  • Together weighing more than a ton, siblings Roshanda, Brandie and Clarence set out to lose weight as a family; the all-for-one approach may be hurting more than it helps when each of them shows signs of heading in the wrong direction after surgery.

  • In order to keep pace with her daughter Charly's weight loss, Charity must do something she's never done: find a way to go it alone; try as she might, Teretha finds one too many obstacles in the way of continuing with Dr Nowzaradan's program.

  • Dottie faces an unexpected challenge to her weight-loss when her husband's drinking problem becomes intolerable for her and her son. Cynthia starts to wonder if being there for her kids at her current weight is more important than losing more.

  • Alicia's relationship with her boyfriend comes under the microscope in the second year of her weight-loss journey; now in her fourth year, Pauline must beg her way back onto the program after quitting when her last weigh-in didn't go so well.

  • In year 3, Erica is succeeding on her weight loss journey, when romantic misfortune sends her spiraling backwards. Benji Bolton must reach his goal weight without the support of his brother David, after a disagreement leaves the two brothers estranged.

  • Milla is still completely dependent on her children. Will she finally lose enough weight to be able to walk? Charity is in a deep depression while her daughter is battling food addiction. Can they turn things around and reach their goal weight?

  • Sean must overcome recent tragedy's in his life before he loses all the progress he's made over the last two years. Dottie struggles to stay on track while maintaining her family life and dealing with new pains in her body.

  • Brittani has lost over 400 lbs. in two years. As part of her next chapter, will she and Bill start to plan to expand their family? Lupe has struggled since surgery. Having left her husband, will she finally start to make the permanent changes she needs?

  • Losing over 200 pounds, Doug is now an active part of his family's lives and inspires a healthier lifestyle for them all. However, Doug's eating disorder and trouble finding his own identity threaten to derail his progress.

  • Back on Dr. Nowzaradan's program, James is suspected of cheating as he continues to gain weight and suffers a series of life-threatening illnesses. Cynthia continues to lose weight but seems satisfied to do so at her own pace.

  • Kirsten must finally become independent to get the full gastric bypass surgery she feels she needs. Michael struggles to lose and still battles anger issues while his wife, Roni, wants her own surgery. Will they both succeed or falter under the stress?

  • Ashley lost over 200 lbs. in Houston, but can she regain independence & continue to lose back in California with her enabling family? No longer a shut-in, Diana has embraced her new life and shed 300 lbs., but will knee damage threaten her progress?

  • Erica must return to California to continue her weight loss journey but fears past emotional trauma will derail her progress.

  • After successful sleeve gastrectomy procedures, the Dreier twins collectively lost more than 400 lbs. and are working toward skin surgeries when a major life event disrupts their world and threatens the security they thought they had.

  • 11 years later, Melissa has lost 500lbs and saw her weight drop to 137lbs.  Now facing marital problems, three pregnancies, and life as a single mom, Melissa is struggling with a 150lb weight gain.  Melissa is at a crossroads; can she find her way?

  • As Steven heals from his weight loss surgery his brother Justin finally decides to come to Texas to get the same procedure but his feelings towards Steven immediately begin to sabotage his hopes of surgery.