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  • 2017
  • 1 Season
  • 8.2  (317)

Tattoo Girls is a reality television show on TLC that follows the lives and work of three talented tattoo artists in the Polish port city of Gdańsk. The show showcases the thriving subculture of tattooing in Poland, through the perspective of these three prominent female artists, who have successfully carved a niche for themselves in this male-dominated profession.

The three tattoo artists featured on the show are Marta Bocheneck, Kasia Dominiak, and Katarzyna Hubinska. Each artist has her unique approach to tattooing and specializes in different styles of tattoos. Marta is known for her intricate blackwork, while Kasia prefers to create realistic tattoos based on photographs, and Katarzyna is an expert in the traditional Japanese tattooing-style named Irezumi. Together, they run the Ink Above All tattoo studio, and we get to see the creative and personal struggles they face in their line of work.

The show takes us behind the scenes of their daily lives, including the hustle and bustle of their tattoo studio as they work on customers' tattoos. We witness their interactions with clients, who come from all walks of life, and watch them as they craft beautiful and meaningful designs on their customers' bodies. We also get to know more about the artists themselves- their hobbies, interests, and relationship dynamics with each other.

Tattoo Girls also explores the artists' personal journeys and struggles. We see them as they grapple with creative blocks, deal with difficult clients, and navigate personal issues such as breakups and family conflicts. The show's raw and honest portrayal of their lives makes it relatable for viewers who may not be tattoo enthusiasts, as it provides a glimpse into the struggles and triumphs that come with pursuing a career as an artist.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the show is its contextualization of the tattoo culture within Poland. The artists discuss how the perception of tattoos has changed in Poland over the years, from being seen as a symbol of rebellion and nonconformity to becoming more widely accepted as a form of self-expression. We get to see how tattoo enthusiasts in Poland are drawn to the unique styles the artists offer, which not only adds value to their work but also highlights the cultural diversity within the Polish tattoo subculture.

Overall, Tattoo Girls is an engaging watch that offers a unique glimpse into the colorful world of tattooing in Poland through the eyes of three talented female artists. Through their stories, we see the dedication and commitment it takes to succeed in a challenging and competitive industry. The show is an inspiring and compelling look at the art of tattooing and serves as a testament to the growing acceptance and love of tattoos among modern audiences.

Tattoo Girls is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on January 24, 2017.

Tattoo Girls
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Nothing is Permanent
6. Nothing is Permanent
February 28, 2017
After tattooing over the scar of a burn victim, Liz criticizes Megan. While out at dinner, the girls are stunned by news they might be losing one of their own.
A Shop Divided
5. A Shop Divided
February 21, 2017
A local chick shaves it off for a head tattoo. When her father stops by, Kelsey has an emotional breakdown. Nikki reunites with the one that got away and Brittany does a gory piercing. The girls of Ink Ink stick together as a family.
Tattooing Your Entire Face
4. Tattooing Your Entire Face
February 14, 2017
Liz's client struggles to get through a shocking face tattoo. Kelsey closes the shop for a day on the river to ease the tension between the girls, but things backfire when Liz questions coming to Springfield and Nikki angrily confronts Kelsey.
Stealing Clients
3. Stealing Clients
February 7, 2017
Nikki and Megan give a cold welcome to new artist. Kelsey tries to maintain peace in the shop, while struggling to care for her father. Nikki's fears come to light when a client gets stolen right out from under her nose.
2. Rosebutt
January 31, 2017
A local grandma asks for a time-sensitive tattoo of roses on her butt. A tiger attack survivor wants a romantic picnic date with Bobby Love and Kelsey makes a shocking decision about the shop.
The Hairy Wolf Tattoo
1. The Hairy Wolf Tattoo
January 24, 2017
Meet the girls of Ink Ink - Springfield's only all-female artist tattoo shop. A male client comes in asking for a below the belt tattoo, a hairy client requires Kelsey to call the local waxing salon. Then, things get heated at a girls night out.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 24, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (317)