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This reality series follows the daily lives of teenage girls who unexpectedly became pregnant. The series explores the difficulties of impending parenthood, the volatile relationships between the young mothers and fathers, and the roles of the future grandparents in the whole situation. The series airs on the TLC cable network.

Unexpected is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (35 episodes). The series first aired on November 12, 2017.

Unexpected is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Unexpected on demand atPhilo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, TLC online.

Sunday at 10:00 pm on TLC
3 Seasons, 35 Episodes
November 12, 2017
Documentary & Biography Kids & Family
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Unexpected Full Episode Guide

  • Rilah's mother talk to Anthony's mother; Chloe talks about her relationship with Max, while Max shares about his addiction; Hailey and Tanya faces Matthew.

  • The young moms meet for the first time. Rilah's mom confronts Anthony's mother. Chloe reveals information about her relationship with Max, and Max opens up about his addiction. Hailey and Tanya take on Matthew, and Hailey 2 joins them on stage.

  • Rilah delivers her baby. Caelan records a song he wrote about McKayla. Max comes home from rehab and Chloe graduates high school. Matthew talks to Hailey 2 about being his girlfriend, but there is something he hasn't told her about the first Hailey.

  • Anthony starts to think more seriously about his relationship with Rilah; Alex tells his grandmother he's moving out but immediately has second thoughts; the rehab has a bed for Max but the timing isn't great; and McKayla starts her post-Caelan life.

  • Hailey and Matthew welcome their baby girl, and a whole lot of drama, into the world. Max learns that he's going to rehab, and breaks the news to Chloe. Tyra's family looks for a new house. Rilah is rushed to the hospital.

  • Shelly meets her granddaughter in spite of McKayla's wishes; amidst tension with Alex's family, Tyra reconnects with some old friends; Hailey begins to fear childbirth; Chloe gets ready for the prom; Max gets some bad news.

  • Rosa and Rebecca finally meet at Rilah's baby shower; Tyra isn't comfortable visiting Alex's family with Alex and the baby; McKayla goes to the hospital to be induced; Jessica and Nate find out Chloe and Max broke their only rule.

  • Chloe keeps apartment hunting with Max from her parents; Hailey worries what it means if the "other Hailey" skips her baby shower; McKayla moves out of the house she once shared with Caelan; and Rilah's mother gets real with Anthony about his mother.

  • Anthony looks to prove paternity at Rilah's 4D ultrasound. Max reveals more about his addiction when he meets with a therapist. Matthew visits Hailey's house to build a crib. Tyra and Alex leave the hospital and take the baby to visit Alex's family.

  • Tyra and Alex experience parenthood for the first time. Chloe isn't sure she can stay with Max. Anthony questions the paternity of Rilah's baby. And a dinner with McKayla and Caelan's families goes left.

  • Chloe worries that Max might start trouble at Ava's baptism; Tyra is in the hospital and ready to have her baby; Matthew has been texting with Hailey's best friend; and Rilah gets upset when her mother moves the family an hour away from her boyfriend.

  • Chloe brings Ava home without Max and Mckayla has some big news to share with Tim. Emiley has a discussion with her & Diego's family and Tylor wants to propose.

  • Mckayla has some concerns about marriage. Emiley has cheer tryouts and Chloe gives birth. It's Scarlett's first birthday, but Lexus and Shayden get into a huge argument.

  • Chloe is goes into labor. Krista brings Emiley and Diego condoms. Laura celebrates her 18th birthday, and Mckayla plans her wedding.

  • Emiley and Diego want to change Aria's doctor; Mckayla and Caelan move out on their own, and plan to get married; Laura talks to Anna about sex; Chloe is a week overdue and wants to be induced; and Lexus and Shayden go to prom.

  • Caelan & Mckayla discuss the next steps in their relationship. Emiley and Diego bring baby Aria home. Chloe's parents finally meet Max's dad. Tylor cheated on Laura. Lexus talks about her sexuality.

  • Emiley gives birth to a baby girl. Chloe has her all-girl baby shower. Tylor wants to become a stripper. Lexus finally lands a job. Mckayla takes a pregnancy test.

  • Chloe and Jessica have a tearful disagreement; Shannon confronts the family. Meanwhile, after having a false alarm, Emiley goes into labor; and Lexus struggles to get her license.

  • Tim and Cindy see Shannon's new house and don't approve; Chloe attends her new school for pregnant teens; Laura's induction day coincides with her sister's birthday; and Kelsey considers pursuing guardianship of Scarlett.

  • Lexus tells her mom, Kelsey, she's back together with Shayden. Mckayla tells Caelan that he needs to step up as a father. 17 year-old Laura and boyfriend Tylor are just days away from inducing labor. Emiley tries to make things work with Diego.

  • In the Season 2 premiere, McKayla decides to move out of her grandparents' house with her baby; Lexus reveals the details on her breakup with Shayden; Chloe's boyfriend, Max, has a lot to learn; and a pregnant Emiley is frustrated with her boyfriend, Diego.

  • We take a look back at moments with our young parents as they deal with the struggles of teen parenthood. With the advice of their extended families, they'll face unexpected obstacles and find direction for their futures.