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Long Island Medium, a half-hour reality show starring New York housewife and medium Theresa Caputo, debuted on TLC on September 25, 2011. The program chronicles Theresa's professional activities as well as her personal life with her husband and her two teenage children. Petey, the family dog, also makes frequent onscreen appearances.

Each episode follows Theresa as she gives private readings in her home or in clients' homes. In addition, the program shows Theresa giving group readings at a local restaurant. Theresa also gives spontaneous readings in public while shopping, dining out, picking up her dry cleaning and running other errands. She delivers her messages from spirit wherever she goes, a fact that sometimes annoys or embarrasses her husband Larry and her children, Victoria and Lawrence.

Larry sometimes complains that Theresa spends too much time with clients or away from home. The children sometimes complain that Theresa doesn't cook for them, and that she doesn't seem to know how to shut off her paranormal communications. One episode, for example, shows her delivering a message from the dearly departed to her daughter's boyfriend during dinner with him and his parents. Another episode shows her delivering messages from the dead to fellow diners while out on a date night with her husband. Theresa has even delivered spontaneous messages to a hairdresser while having her hair styled and to a fellow student while taking a belly dancing class.

Theresa encounters skeptics and believers alike during each episode. Skeptics often become believers, though, after receiving a reading. Despite their occasional frustration with her compulsion to deliver messages from spirit, Theresa's family is supportive of her paranormal talents, too.

This program depicts Theresa's experiences as a wife, mother, and professional medium. The blend of the personal and paranormal aspects of her life give the show a unique entertainment format.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
10 Seasons, 148 Episodes
September 25, 2011
Reality, Supernatural
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Long Island Medium Full Episode Guide

  • Theresa reads teen triplets who suffered a terribly sad loss.

  • Actor Guillermo Diaz gets a reading while Theresa is in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Theresa channels for a woman who also believes she has the gift.

  • Theresa performs a group reading for people in law enforcement, and reunites a man with his son, who was unintentionally shot. Later, Theresa is worried about receiving the results of her biopsy and calls off a reading for the first time in six years.

  • Theresa's routine mammogram prompts some concern. Meanwhile, fashion guru Carson Kressley receives a reading; Theresa does her first automatic writing in ten years; and a lady who died in a vicious murder is contacted.

  • Two persons who met at one of Theresa's group readings request her as the officiator at their nuptials, and Larry is asked to step in as their best man; Theresa shocks a lady on Wall Street with a reading.

  • Theresa gets together with Rosie O'Donnell and connects with each of her parents; Billy Gardell receives validations from his deceased grandfather and mother-in-law; Ta'Rhonda Jones hears from a past-away cousin; Mo'Nique reunites with kin.

  • Theresa finds herself reflective as she undertakes two huge events: her largest-ever fundraiser group reading, and the return of her neighborhood block party. And, Theresa turns a skeptic into a believer when she channels a long-deceased spirit.

  • Theresa finds herself reflective as she undertakes two huge events: her largest-ever fundraiser group reading, and the return of her neighborhood block party. And, Theresa turns a skeptic into a believer when she channels a long-deceased spirit.

  • Theresa visits with people who are so consumed with anger over the death of loved ones that they're finding it difficult to move on with their lives. First, Theresa visits with a guilt-ridden man who wished his brother dead right before he overdosed.

  • Over the years, Theresa has encountered dozens of people who feel they have played a part in the death of a loved one.Theresa connects these people with their loved ones to help them deal with their feelings of self-blame.

  • In this special, Theresa does readings for expectant mothers.

  • Bells are ringing as Theresa conducts readings surrounding upcoming nuptials. First, a man surprises his fiancee with a reading from Theresa, who hopes to connect with the father who can't walk her down the aisle.

  • In this special one-hour episode, Theresa surprises people like you have never seen before! Always nervous that she's going to get caught before a surprise, Theresa decides to do the surprises in a series of disguises!

  • People seek blessings for their relationships from their deceased parents.

  • Kids who have lost love ones get readings, including a brother who never got to know his sister.

  • A memorial to Petey is put up in the backyard a year after the death of the Caputos' dearly loved dog, but Larry Sr. is swept up in emotion.

  • A young couple who are grieving look for comfort in a reading; and two ladies try to connect with their father so the can go forward with his legacy. Also, Larry Jr. must have his wisdom teeth taken out.

  • Theresa goes to homes where the people who live there believe they are haunted and she cleanses them.

  • Theresa meets with skeptics whose relatives have convinced them to consider changing their minds.

  • Teresa does readings for cops and firefighters who have lost someone they care about in the line of duty.

  • While Larry Sr. is out of town, Larry Jr. comes to visit Theresa in Florida, and brings her places she'd never go with her husband. Larry Jr. makes a nervous Theresa try out jet skis and she starts reading the instructor as they are jumping over waves.

  • Theresa reads for famous people like Jim Parsons, who is able to connect with a friend from the past. She reads for Susan Lucci, who receives a shocking message. In addition, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and her mom get emotional, and Katie Lowes visits Theresa for a private reading.

  • Closure and peace are the gifts for many families during this special one hour holiday episode. Theresa reunites a family with the dad who passed away during a holiday foot race.

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