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Say Yes to the Dress, a show that is broadcast on TLC, is a wonderful show. It combines fashion and human drama to create a unique television experience. There are two different shows that fall under the "Say Yes to the Dress" title. One "Say Yes to the Dress" show takes place at the bridal store Kleinfeld located in New York City. The other show visits Bridal by Lori located in Atlanta, Georgia. Both are equally fun to watch with their own unique set of characters.

Both shows take the viewer on a journey with a bride, along with her family and friends, as she chooses her bridal gown. Many issues arise throughout the process. Often times, conflicts arise between what the gown a bride wants to wear and what her family desires to wear. Sometimes, a bride falls in love with a dress she can not afford. Other times, the bride just simply can not make a decision on which dress is right for her. The consultants play their part by trying to please everyone involved and end the day with a sale. Sometimes they are successful, and sometimes they are not.

Say Yes to the Dress based in New York features bridal consultant Randy who is everyone's favorite consultant. He has the ability to bring home the sale when a bride is unsure if she wants to commit to the dress. He also has the ability to pick out the perfect dress for any bride. The New York show has a New York flair. Attitude and drama abounds at the New York Based Kleinfelds. Viewers watch as consultants struggle to deal with difficult brides or difficult families. Some brides are fun to watch as they have personalities as big as New York itself. Other brides need the help of the consultants to voice their opinion when it differs from their families.

Say Yes to the Dress based in Atlanta combines bridal fashion with Southern charm. The premise of the Atlanta show is the same as the show based out of New York. Bridal by Lori is the store highlighted in Atlanta's show. Viewers watch as bridal consultants deal with Southern families who are highly opinionated and traditional. Favorite consultants Monty and Lori, among others, are always more than willing to help brides as they search for their dream dress. Most often, conflicts arise when traditional Southern families desire a bride to choose a conservative dress while the bride desires a more modern style bridal gown.

Say Yes to the Dress is a wonderfully entertaining show. It showcases beautiful fashion along with dramatic personalities and creates a unique show that is fun to watch.

Say Yes To The Dress is a series that is currently running and has 103 seasons (351 episodes). The series first aired on October 12, 2007.

Where do I stream Say Yes To The Dress online? Say Yes To The Dress is available for streaming on TLC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Say Yes To The Dress on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, TLC, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Friday 9:30 PM et/pt on TLC
103 Seasons, 351 Episodes
October 12, 2007
Cast: Roger Craig Smith, Randy Fenoli, Ronnie Rothstein, Mara Urshel
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Say Yes To The Dress Full Episode Guide

  • Small-town girl Angelica is looking for bling in the big city, but her entourage is skeptical. Socialite Tracy needs an over-the-top dress for her royal Kentucky wedding, and Lonaa unearths a Randy dress from over 20 years ago for her wedding.

  • Bridal expert, Randy Fenoli counts down the top ten most memorable mothers to have swayed their daughters' bridal appointments - for better or worse.

  • For some brides, the sky's the limit when it comes to their dress budget. Bridal expert Randy Fenoli has helped countless brides with unlimited budgets navigate their way through an unlimited amount of options to obtain their ultimate bridal fantasy.

  • Finding a gown to showcase a bride's body is what bridal expert Randy Fenoli does best. From brides who want to rock their curves or accentuate their assets,Randy is there to help find the perfect fit. Randy counts down the Top 10 Figure Flaunting Brides.

  • When it comes to bridal, Randy Fenoli stands by his mantra - 'it's all about the bride'. But sometimes it's the guys that really shine during appointments. From the fabulous friend to the opinionated pal, Randy counts down the top ten most memorable men.

  • Bridal expert Randy Fenoli has helped countless brides' find unique wedding looks that each can call their own. From the most over the top dresses to brides who crave the unconventional, Randy counts down the most daring and different looks of all time.

  • The success of a bride's dress search often hinges on who she brings along to help her decide. From opinionated family members to practical jokesters, Randy counts down the top 10 most extraordinary entourages to ever crash the couch.

  • Over the years, bridal expert Randy Fenoli has helped countless dads see their little girls turn into blushing brides. From dads who can't let go to dads with big opinions, Randy counts down the top 10 doting dads.

  • Randy Fenoli has helped thousands of brides find the perfect gown. And over the years, he's seen how a finicky bride can sabotage her own search. From perfectionists to procrastinators, Randy counts down the top 10 pickiest brides of all time.

  • There are so many fans of Say Yes, and everyone has their favorites. And on this episode, Randy will count down his top ten picks for his most memorable. From biggest drama moment to the happiest say yes... who will make number 1?

  • Randy takes us through his favorite touching, sweet, and heartfelt moments in the store - from the bride stories that tugged at our heart-strings the most, to the sweet, sad, and unforgettable moments at Kleinfeld.

  • Randy sees every bridal personality type that walks into the salon - and while every bride is unique in their own way, certain classic characters seem to reappear over and over again. From picky and demanding, the most memorable ones are hard to ignore.

  • If a bride brings along crazy critical family members, she also risks bringing a ton of opinions. Whether it's dealing with an audacious aunt, a doting dad, or a jealous sister, Randy will count down the top 10.

  • On Say Yes to the Dress, we watch some brides spend big, BIG money on their dresses, or come in with the most outrageous dress requests possible... and in this episode, Randy will countdown the ten wildest, most budget-busting brides he's seen.

  • Every girl wants her mom there when she picks the dress of her dreams, but sometimes a loving mom preparing for the big day can become a momzilla. From funny, to overbearing, Randy will take a look at the moms who played a part in their girl's yes moment.

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