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  • 2005
  • 10 Seasons
  • 1.8  (3,168)

My Super Sweet 16 is a reality television show that was aired on MTV from 2005 to 2008. The show was hosted by celebrities Mary Morrison, Quincy Brown, and Shad Moss, and it showcased the extravagant celebrations of teenagers who were reaching the milestone age of 16.

Each episode of the show followed different teenagers who were preparing for their birthday party. The teens, mostly girls, came from affluent families and wanted to throw the most spectacular party possible. They spared no expense and spent months planning every detail of the event. From the venue to the dress to the guest list, everything was meticulously planned to make this a day that they would never forget.

The parents of the birthday girl (or boy, though much less frequently) were often featured in the show. They would guide their child through the planning process and foot the bill for everything that was needed. The parents themselves were occasionally shown to be a source of tension in the show, as their disagreements with their child over what they wanted for their party sometimes caused issues.

One of the most memorable elements of the show was the reveal of the birthday girl's dress. This often happened on the day of the party and was a big moment that was intended to be a surprise for everyone. The girl would be driven up in a fancy car (a limo, a horse-drawn carriage, etc.) and then would walk down a red carpet in her stunning dress while surrounded by cheering friends and family.

As the party began, the birthday girl was usually shown to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the event. There would be DJs, live music, dancers, elaborate decorations, and sometimes even celebrity appearances. The guests would be dressed to impress, and the birthday girl herself would be glowing in her perfect outfit. The party often had a theme, which would be reflected in everything from the decorations to the food.

However, not everything in the show was rosy. The girls often experienced drama with friends or boyfriends, leading to arguments that could threaten to ruin the party. Similarly, issues with vendors could arise, and parents could be difficult to work with. Some of the girls would even have stunts planned for their parties, such as sky-diving, which added an extra element of risk to the already-stressful day.

Overall, My Super Sweet 16 was an entertaining reality show that provided a glimpse into the extravagant world of wealthy teenagers. The show highlighted the importance of celebration and excess, and it was clear that no expense or effort was deemed too high for the perfect birthday. While it certainly wasn't a realistic reflection of the life of most 16-year-olds, it was a fun escape that offered viewers an hour of pure entertainment.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a show that will allow you a peek into the grand and over-the-top world of wealthy teenagers, My Super Sweet 16 is the show for you. Watch My Super Sweet 16 Online to get a feel for the lavish and extreme celebrations that these teenagers put together to mark their sixteenth year.

My Super Sweet 16 is a series that is currently running and has 10 seasons (115 episodes). The series first aired on January 18, 2005.

My Super Sweet 16
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A Super Magical Sweet 16
10. A Super Magical Sweet 16
September 11, 2017
Baby J wants to throw a celebration of life Sweet 16 the Las Vegas strip will be buzzing about. But with a flawed entrance and an incomplete venue it may prove harder than expected.
Birthday and the Beatz
9. Birthday and the Beatz
September 11, 2017
A female DJ plans a concert-style sweet 16 in Washington, D.C.
Behind the Masquerade
8. Behind the Masquerade
July 10, 2017
After hiding behind a mask for many years, Trey Perillo is ready for his big reveal with his Masquerade themed sweet 16.
Itali's California Dream 18
7. Itali's California Dream 18
September 4, 2017
Master P's daughter Itali Miller wants to throw the biggest 18th birthday party Malibu has ever seen, but it may be harder than expected when her famous hip-hop family tries to stand in the way of her party perfection.
Our Super Sweet 16
6. Our Super Sweet 16
July 3, 2017
Sisters and stars are turning 16, and their over-the-top parents and boxing champion brother are throwing a party.
Golden Key Bromitzvah
5. Golden Key Bromitzvah
June 26, 2017
A rapper celebrates his seventeenth birthday with a Bro-Mitzvah, and is ready to take the world by storm with his single.
Quinceanera in Wonderland
4. Quinceanera in Wonderland
June 12, 2017
A girl worries that her Alice and Wonderland-themed party will become a nightmare.
Debuatante Baller
3. Debuatante Baller
June 12, 2017
Jana Mauricio-Lee has lived her life in the shadows of her over- the-top mom, but now that she's planning a Debut for her 18th birthday and she is ready for the spotlight to finally be on her...and her alone.
Center Stage Sweet 16
2. Center Stage Sweet 16
May 21, 2017
Child actor, Noah Urrea is planning to shed his boyhood image for a new mature look and sound. The stakes are high as he launches his pop music career at his own classic Hollywood themed sweet 16 party.
16k Dy'mond
1. 16k Dy'mond
May 14, 2017
Dy'mond is a youtube sensation, a dancer, and a Daddy's girl, who is used to getting everything she wants. But executing her perfect Sweet 16 proves to be more difficult than expected.
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    January 18, 2005
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    1.8  (3,168)