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  • 2013
  • 4 Seasons
  • 3.8  (441)

Gypsy Sisters is an American reality television series that premiered on TLC in February 2013. The show stars a group of women from the Stanley and Williams families, who are part of the Roma (gypsy) community based in Martinsburg, West Virginia. The show follows their daily lives, traditions, and challenges faced by the members of the family, including love lives, parenting, family feuds, and cultural norms.

The cast of Gypsy Sisters includes Nettie Stanley, a proud mother of nine and matriarch of the family. She is the eldest of the Stanley sisters and is known for her strong-willed personality and controlling nature. She is married to her cousin, Huey Stanley, and has battled with her sister Mellie Stanley on many occasions. Mellie is the younger sister of Nettie and the self-proclaimed wild child of the family. She has a fiery personality and has been in trouble with the law on many occasions.

Kayla Williams is another prominent cast member in the show. She is married to Richard Williams, who is not a part of the gypsy community, which has created some conflict in the family. Lucille "Shepherd" Stanley is another popular character in the show who is known for her obsession with high fashion and beauty.

The show offers a unique insight into the lives of gypsy families and their customs, beliefs, and culture. Viewers get to experience first-hand the traditional and non-traditional aspects of gypsy life. This includes the lavish weddings, which are the cornerstone of the gypsy community, and the many rituals associated with it. The cookouts, family gatherings, and business ventures of the Stanley and Williams sisters are also shown in detail.

The show does not shy away from the difficult aspects of gypsy life, including the family feuds and power struggles that occur frequently within the community. Many of the episodes deal with the conflicts between the sisters and extended family members over various issues, including family loyalties, parenting, and money.

Aside from the personal drama, the cast also shares their struggles as gypsies, including the prejudice they face from the wider community. They often face discrimination for their traditions, beliefs, and their nomadic lifestyle. The show highlights their efforts to break down these barriers and educate others about their way of life.

The majority of the show's episodes revolve around the daily activities of the cast members, including their interactions with family and friends, business ventures, and celebrations. The show also provides a glimpse into the gypsy community's history, beliefs, and traditions. Many of the episodes are centered around the cultural customs upheld by the Stanley and Williams families.

The success of the show led to a spinoff series called "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding," which aired on TLC in the following year. The series focused on wedding traditions within the wider gypsy community and explored the various challenges faced by couples who come from different cultural backgrounds.

Overall, Gypsy Sisters is an entertaining, intriguing, and eye-opening reality show that offers viewers a unique glimpse into the world of the gypsy community. The show highlights the customs, traditions, and struggles that are faced by this tight-knit community, while also showcasing the feuds, drama, and turbulent relationships between its members with a strong emphasis on family bonds. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in the lives and cultures of people who live outside the mainstream.

Gypsy Sisters is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on February 10, 2013.

Gypsy Sisters
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Wildest, Craziest, OMG Moments
8. Wildest, Craziest, OMG Moments
July 19, 2015
Reflecting on some of the most outrageous and hilarious moments from past seasons of the Gypsy Sisters. From epic fights to bling-tastic celebrations; one thing is for certain - there's never a dull moment in this wild and crazy family!
The First Ladies of Bling Take DC
7. The First Ladies of Bling Take DC
July 12, 2015
The girls rally around Nettie who is still dealing with the loss of her son. In an attempt to return to normalcy, Mellie asks Nettie to plan Brandy's baptism and the girls take on DC to celebrate Kayla's birthday, and learn some history along the way...
The Call that Changed It All
6. The Call that Changed It All
July 5, 2015
A phone call in the middle of the night brings news of tragedy.
On the Ranch, Off the Rails!
5. On the Ranch, Off the Rails!
June 28, 2015
On a quest to become cowgirls, the gypsies get down and dirty on a dude ranch, courtesy of Dovie. From cleaning stalls, to herding cattle, the girls must work together in order to achieve success... and it's a comedy or errors along the way.
A Drum, a Rattle, and a Gypsy Battle
4. A Drum, a Rattle, and a Gypsy Battle
June 21, 2015
Dovie prepares for a spiritual healing for the girls.
Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures
3. Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures
June 14, 2015
The situation becomes explosive when Kayla, Annie and Mellie confront Nettie over her internet trash talking. As a result, Kayla and Mellie take legal action against Nettie. JoAnn calls on her sister Dovie to reestablish peace in the family.
Dirty Little Secrets: Exposed!
2. Dirty Little Secrets: Exposed!
June 7, 2015
Mellie's beau gets in a fight with the father of her second child while she's in labor. Later, the women find out who's been spreading rumors about them on a gossip site.
The Name That Started a War
1. The Name That Started a War
May 31, 2015
The fourth season opens with Kayla and Annie living under one roof, enjoying the single life; a pregnant Mellie moves in with Kayla and Annie leaving Nettie and JoAnn to question her allegiance which reignites old wounds.
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  • Premiere Date
    February 10, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    3.8  (441)