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MY BIG FAT AMERICAN GYPSY WEDDING is a TV show designed to familiarize watchers to American Romanic Hal Gypsy & Traveler societies. Cameras follow handpicked Gypsy folks as they plot to elaborate marriages, communions, birthday parties, and baptisms designed to excite. Designing and making the immoderate dresses for these actions is Boston designer Sondra Celli. It displays how scheduling and relishing these extravagant parties form part of their own and traditional ancient behaviors. Watchers also get to view how these societies are still attached to their manner of life regardless of the influences of American normal culture. However while they merge into an American moderate manner of life, they must deal with the continuous stigmas that frame their societies, and cope with the pressures created when the guidelines governing their societies conflict with native, state, & federal rules.

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding gives a prurient look into the life style of American Roma & Traveler societies, whose ancestors were dispatched from Europe part to American southern farms as slaves or who reached Stateside for the period of the immigration waves. However unlike their European equivalents, many of the families included on the show, have taken to stick to their customs while mixing into a normal middle-class way of life. While greatest part of the show's concentrates is on how wildly wasteful their fashions are and how uninhabited their behavior can turn out to be during celebrations, it also underscores many of the cultural practices that sets them apart from other American ethnic societies, which range from enormously patriarchal habits of thinking about females to dealing with the numerous stereotypes used to describe them. Viewers may discovery their lifestyle out of touch or else extreme, however they may also be astonished by how they can hold on to these beliefs within typical American culture.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on TLC
5 Seasons, 44 Episodes
April 29, 2012
Documentary & Biography, Reality
Cast: Ellen K, Sondra Celli
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My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Full Episode Guide

  • Want-to-be-gypsy bride Sabrina must prove herself to the gypsy community by undergoing a humiliating ancient trial. Traditions and rituals are an integral part of gypsy life today, and when gypsies break the code...there's usually hell to pay!

  • The yearly Gypsy Ball is a spotlighted for six singles at a fairy tale-theme celebration in New Orleans.

  • A lady's 21st birthday gives her an opportunity to show off her flashy style again after living through a horrible accident; a lady's Cherokee boyfriend has to gain her mother's approval before their romance can move forward.

  • A double wedding is prepared by two best friends, but their plans could be spoiled by a jealous relative who hopes to steal back one of their fiancés. Meanwhile, a wrestler's birthday bash could get messy if her dad appears uninvited.

  • Gypsy teen Maquayla can't wait to wear her dream wedding gown, but disaster strikes when a dead dress arrives for her big day! Mom plans to use Yazzie's Sweet 16 party to marry her off, but it's all-out war when her gorger boyfriend makes an appearance.

  • It's Christmas in the UK and Irish Travelers are celebrating! From festive parties, to elaborate gift lists, this holiday will be unlike any other. Bride Barbara plans a golden Christmas wedding, complete with a 10-tier cake, and a dress fit for a queen!

  • Four gypsy teens looking for love prepare for the most anticipated event of the year - the annual Gypsy Ball. But no gypsy affair is ever complete without a ton of family drama!

  • A runaway Gypsy mom vies for the affection of her twin daughters by hosting a royal themed 18th birthday party. Later, a gypsy mom of two finally weds her gorger sweetheart, but a clash of cultures between the families threatens to derail their plans.

  • When a young gypsy man marries his ex-babysitter, the couple fuels the fire to a family feud that dates back to over 30 years. Later, a progressive gypsy woman defies her traditional Romanichal mom by marrying a gorger.

  • Gypsy sisters plan a double wedding to their gorger fiancés, but everything comes to a halt when a jealous sister-in-law threatens to start a war. Later, a superstitious couple is convinced their wedding is cursed.

  • A traditional gypsy mom demands that her daughter participate in multiple ancient rituals to determine if she's ready to wed. Later, a gypsy teen plans to marry a gorger bad-boy despite her family's wishes.

  • A strict Gypsy mom lays down the law by arranging a marriage in an attempt to tame her 16 year-old daughter's wild ways. Later, the arrival of a Romanichal baby sparks a family war over ancient gypsy traditions.

  • The son of Gypsy matriarch, Nettie Stanley is getting married. But when groom Whitey asks sister Dallas to be in the wedding, he risks her wild ways ruining everything. Later, a Roma teen is asked to host a family affair in hopes of a marriage proposal.

  • In the fourth season premiere, a gypsy teenager's Sweet 16 party goes awry. Plus, check out a gypsy bride's blinged-out wedding dress.

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