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This reality series follows the preparations for weddings in the American Romani gypsy community. The series has been accused of including people who are not actually part of the Romani community and also of perpetuating negative stereotypes of the community. It aired from 2012 to 2016 on the TLC cable network.

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on April 29, 2012.

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Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on TLC
6 Seasons, 52 Episodes
April 29, 2012
Documentary & Biography, Reality
Cast: Ellen K, Sondra Celli
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My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Full Episode Guide

  • Brittany plans a traditional gypsy funeral for her beloved late father, hoping to reverse a curse of bad luck that began after he was cremated. Maryann will only let her daughter Lexi marry gorger Kenny if he disowns his entire family. Who will he choose?

  • Karen is ready for her perfect gypsy wedding. The only problem? She's marrying her sister's ex-husband & both her sister and mother refuse to let the big day happen. When Selena decides to abandon gypsy tradition, her mom Hazel plans a shocking surprise.

  • As Traci and David prepare for a big gypsy wedding, Traci's disapproving gorger mother threatens to wreak havoc on their special day. Gypsy Lee Ann and her gorger husband Joe butt heads when she plans to throw their young daughter Mary a coming out party.

  • Gypsy Samantha can't wait to marry her gorger fiancee Bridgette, but will Samantha's sister allow her to be happy or will she ruin the big day? Lexi's chances of meeting a future husband at her Sweet 16 party may be ruined by her protective older brother.

  • Jett and Bubba are in a rush to wed before his jail sentence, but Jett's mom Angie is hell bent on stopping the union. Gypsy mother Mona Lisa is throwing her daughter a coming of age party, however Mona Lisa Jr. first needs to re-claim her self confidence.

  • Nukkie's wedding to Jonas may be in jeopardy after an ex reenters their lives, and when the problems fall onto sister Dallas's shoulders it's a wild race to the altar. Gypsy mom Jett locks horns with her own mother over her little girls birthday party.

  • The Stanley family is back! Nukkie has left Pookie and is now engaged to a gorger, but there will be war if Mellie and Annie crash her bridal shower party. When Jewel chooses to marry fellow gypsy Nick, her former gorger suitor Josiah hatches a bold plan.

  • Gypsy Cearia is set to marry gorger Sam, but soon she's in a love triangle when her gypsy cousin Kyle says they belong together! Mom Angie plans a birthday party for her daughter Jewel to find a gypsy husband, but Jewel is secretly seeing a gorger.

  • Want-to-be-gypsy bride Sabrina must prove herself to the gypsy community by undergoing a humiliating ancient trial. Traditions and rituals are an integral part of gypsy life today, and when gypsies break the code...there's usually hell to pay!

  • The yearly Gypsy Ball is a spotlighted for six singles at a fairy tale-theme celebration in New Orleans.

  • A lady's 21st birthday gives her an opportunity to show off her flashy style again after living through a horrible accident; a lady's Cherokee boyfriend has to gain her mother's approval before their romance can move forward.

  • A double wedding is prepared by two best friends, but their plans could be spoiled by a jealous relative who hopes to steal back one of their fianc├ęs. Meanwhile, a wrestler's birthday bash could get messy if her dad appears uninvited.

  • Gypsy teen Maquayla can't wait to wear her dream wedding gown, but disaster strikes when a dead dress arrives for her big day! Mom plans to use Yazzie's Sweet 16 party to marry her off, but it's all-out war when her gorger boyfriend makes an appearance.

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