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  • TV-14
  • 2014
  • 8 Seasons
  • 5.7  (762)

Little Women: LA is a reality TV series that premiered on Lifetime in 2014. As the title suggests, the show features a group of little women living in Los Angeles who navigate the challenges of life, love, and friendship while dealing with their unique physical differences.

The show follows the lives of six women - Elena Gant, Terra Jolé, Tonya Banks, Christy McGinity Gibel, Traci Harrison Tsou, and Briana Renee - as they go about their daily routines and tackle their personal and professional goals. Elena is the self-proclaimed "Russian Barbie" and a successful businesswoman who runs a small clothing boutique. Terra, on the other hand, is a singer, actress, and entrepreneur who dreams of making it big in Hollywood. Tonya is a former pro wrestler who now runs a talent agency, while Christy is an aspiring actress and mother of two who is dealing with a chronic medical condition. Traci is a stay-at-home mom who is looking to start her own business, and Briana is a singer and songwriter who is trying to balance her career goals with being a new mom.

Throughout the series, the women face a variety of challenges, both personal and professional. From dealing with medical issues to navigating love and relationships to starting businesses and pursuing their dreams, the little women of LA face their challenges head-on and support each other through triumphs and setbacks.

Despite their physical differences, the women are just like any other group of friends, and the show offers a glimpse into their daily lives and the unique dynamics of their friendships. From laughter to tears, the women share their joys and struggles, and viewers get a look at the personalities and quirks of each member of the group.

Little Women: LA also tackles some serious issues, such as discrimination and bullying. The women are often judged for their size, and the show explores how they cope with the negativity and hurtful comments that come their way. The women come together to support each other and prove that they are just as capable and deserving as anyone else, regardless of their size.

In addition to the main cast, Little Women: LA also features appearances from their families, friends, and significant others. From weddings to baby showers to birthday parties, the show offers a look at the important moments in their lives and the people who are there to support them.

Overall, Little Women: LA is a heartwarming and inspiring series that offers a unique perspective on the lives of little people. Viewers get a window into the daily struggles and triumphs of these women and are sure to be inspired by their resilience and strength in the face of adversity.

Little Women: LA is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (151 episodes). The series first aired on May 27, 2014.

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The End Of An Era
18. The End Of An Era
August 15, 2019
Elena and Tonya run events at Terra's Little Person Retreat in Mexico. However, an explosion erupts, leading to a catastrophic turn of events.
Big Little Retreat
17. Big Little Retreat
August 15, 2019
With her marriage to Todd on the rocks, Christy seeks advice from Tonya. Meanwhile, Terra hosts her "Pushing Boundaries" retreat in Mexico. But between worrying about her daughter Penny's health, her nemesis Lila showing up from New York and Cole instigating fights with Autumn, Terra's retreat may be over before it's even started.
Baring It All
16. Baring It All
August 8, 2019
Tonya gives the women the true strip club experience at the premiere of her play "Roxy." Terra finalizes plans for her LP retreat that is just days away, even though she might not be able to attend due to her daughter's health condition. Meanwhile, Christy's stress level is through the roof with the launch of her lingerie line. But when Todd shows up to her fashion show looking like a slob, Christy reaches her breaking point.
Totally Shady
15. Totally Shady
August 8, 2019
Elena takes huge professional strides by producing a photo shoot for her eye new shadow palette, and having the first public reading of her children's book. But with the bad blood between Terra and Christy, Elena fears that putting them in the same room for her events might be career suicide. Meanwhile, Christy fights with Todd over his lack of motivation to become healthier. And Terra breaks down over devastating news about her daughter's health.
Truth And Dare
14. Truth And Dare
August 1, 2019
On the heels of one of their dirtiest fights ever, Jasmine, Elena, and Tonya do damage control between Terra and Christy. But Christy puts the drama aside to further her aspiring lingerie line. Meanwhile, Terra makes huge strides planning her Little Person retreat, and comes up with a unique way to reveal it to the group. But with things still so rocky with Christy, Terra reveals more secrets from their past.
Russian Roulette
13. Russian Roulette
August 1, 2019
Terra and Joe are on pins and needles when their daughter Penny has to have multiple medical tests. Christy lays down the law with her daughter Autumn after finding out she's complaining about her mom behind her back. Meanwhile, Elena gathers the women to her house for a traditional Russian dinner, and to reveal her latest business venture. But still hot after their last fight, Terra and Christy lash out at each other, revealing secrets that can never be unheard.
The Snowball Effect
12. The Snowball Effect
July 25, 2019
Christy finally sees her lingerie designs the flesh; Cole and Autumn's friendship gets tested; Terra accuses Christy of lying.
Meddling Queen
11. Meddling Queen
July 25, 2019
After losing a ton of weight, Christy seeks out treatment for her recent hair loss. Elena finally confesses to the girls the root of her attitude issues.
Social Media Intervention
10. Social Media Intervention
July 18, 2019
Christy tries to help Todd qualify for a surgery that will drastically help his mobility, but instead of following the doctor's orders, Todd drags his feet; and Terra gathers the girls for a social media intervention for Tonya, but everyone is shocked when accusations surface about things Jaa is saying behind Tonya's back.
I Do's And Don'ts
9. I Do's And Don'ts
July 11, 2019
Chris and Jasmine celebrate a vow renewal ceremony. Christy decides whether to choose her dream job or her friendship.
Hen Party Fiasco
8. Hen Party Fiasco
May 23, 2019
Elena presents her children's book for the girls' time, but questions from the girls leave her speechless.
Chili Dog Dreams
7. Chili Dog Dreams
May 16, 2019
As the vow renewal begins, Jasmine's Bridezilla tendencies come out. When creative differences between Christy and her lingerie designer arise, Christy is forced to face her fears and deal with her own body image.
Marriage On The Rocks
6. Marriage On The Rocks
May 9, 2019
Feeling inspired by her recent weight loss, Christy decides to start a lingerie line, but not everyone is supportive of her new business venture.
Little Issues
5. Little Issues
May 2, 2019
Terra joins forces with the Dwarf Athletic Association, to sponsor a Bocce Tournament.
Hoarders and Performers
4. Hoarders and Performers
April 25, 2019
Jasmine pursues her love of music by signing up for a performance showcase, but struggles to overcome her anxiety and stage fright.
Ghost, Guns, Girls Trip
3. Ghost, Guns, Girls Trip
April 18, 2019
Terra arranges a girls trip to Placerville, Cal., so everyone can experience Mika on her own turf. But when five little women roll into this California Gold Rush town, from ghost hunts to gun ranges, everyone is out of their element. And when Tonya is pushed to her emotional limit, she shocks the women with details of her father's death. Later, Elena's bad attitude infuriates Terra and Christy.
Rollin' With the Homies
2. Rollin' With the Homies
April 11, 2019
Autumn feels smothered when Christy plans her skating disco-themed birthday party; Tonya tells the girls that she and Jaa are finally more than just friends; Terra receives a profound reading from clairvoyant medium Tyler Henry.
Uphill Battle
1. Uphill Battle
April 4, 2019
After taking a few months away to focus on her marriage and weight-loss, Christy goes hiking with the girls, and reveals her physical transformation. Meanwhile, when Jasmine plans a spa day centered around Terra, Tonya realizes their friendship is even more damaged than she thought it was. And after months of being in and out of the hospital with their daughter Penelope, Terra and Joe brace themselves for whether or not Penny will need yet another brain surgery.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 27, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    5.7  (762)