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Unsolved Mysteries is a TV show which was directed and aired in America. It is telling the tales of many unsolved cases which have evolved over time into mysteries. It is hosted by the one and only, Robert Stack. The show aired on CBS, NBC, Lifetime, and Spike. The show was filmed in a documentary style of broadcasting. It told tale after tale of real-life mysteries that have still yet to have been solved by police or detectives for sure. The tales vary from something such as a missing person who has still not been found dead or alive all the way to extra phenomenon like UFO's and alien life. The show displays an eerie type theme, and leaves the question at the end of the unknown. In one episode of the show it was the unsolved mystery of Tupac Shakur, with a guest star journalist, Cathy Scott. It displayed some information which the public had yet to find out. This intrigued many audiences. It became a hit for many years.

The TV show, Unsolved Mysteries, portrays all of the stories which are being told with a narrator and actors setting up the scene. It lets the viewers see what happened in the real life setting from the victims and witnesses point of view. The scenes are set up in a style which had yet to be filmed, besides an earlier rendition of the show, and a show called, Wanted.

This TV program can be purchased on DVD. The show also created the idea for many spin off versions to become popular such as, Final Appeal, Escape from Terror and From The Files Of Unsolved Mysteries. Some famous actors also appeared in various episodes of the TV show which included, Matthew McConaughey, Cheryl Hines, Bill Moseley, and Blake Clark. The show is no longer airing but can be viewed multiple ways still.

Weeknights 5:00 PM et/pt on Lifetime
14 Seasons, 611 Episodes
January 20, 1987
Crime, Documentary & Biography, Mystery
Cast: Robert Stack, Dennis Farina
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Unsolved Mysteries Full Episode Guide

  • This episode includes: Kilgore Isn't Here, Ground Zero, Dead Realtor, Lottery Miracle, ATM Mystery and Missing Anchorwoman.

  • This episode includes: After Dinner Death, George Anderson (Pts. 1 & 2), Rudolph on the Run, Campus Murder Expose and Palm Beach Embezzler.

  • This episode includes: Emery's Last Stand, Hansen Twin Murder (Pts. 1 & 2), Pix Of The Dead, Fatal Obsession and Baseball Amnesia.

  • This episode includes: Home Invasion Spree, Lost Adams Digging, Sweetheart Escape Update, Men In Black, Salsa Swindlers and Molester Cop.

  • This episode includes: Mia Zapata, Billy the Kid, Wanted Nanny, Dreams Come True and Calculating Coroners.

  • This episode includes: Magic, the Gathering, Lightning Family, Dennis Keith Smith, Thelma and Louise, Dede's Gone and Sweetheart Escape.

  • This episode includes: Journey to Murder, Taunting Bank Robber, Madman Across the Water, Marcos' Buddah (Pts. 1 & 2) and Steve's Flag.

  • This episode includes: Burbank Robbers, BC Sea Monster, Vision Quest, Florida Film Flam and Thumper.

  • This episode includes: Cheerleader Murder, San Quentin Escape, Rosemary's Spirits, Insecurity Guard, Mom & Pop Murders update and Shigemoto's Bodyguard.

  • This episode includes: Roswell (Pts. 1 &2), Dottie Caylor, Marine Captain Murder, Medford's Millions update and Packer Church Fire.

  • This episode includes: Dakota's Double Death, Resurrection Mary, TWA 800 Conspiracy, Noble Brothers Run, Road Map Clues and Red Lake Heir.

  • This episode includes: Dungeons & Dragons, Roubas: Dead or Alive, Amnesia Victim, Philip Breen, Satchel Bandit and Donna on Fire.

  • This episode includes: Suspicious Suicide, RFK Pix, Without A Song, Grace's Ghost, Update: If the Truth Be Known and Vampire Kids.

  • This episode includes: Con Artist Cop, Astarte, Mystery Hitchhiker, Holy Grail, Update: Carlucci and Train Wreck Amnesia.

  • This episode includes: War of the Depues, Update: Gypsy Fraud, Armando Garcia, Big Foot, Payback Killer and Florida Film Flam + UD.

  • This episode includes: Witch Hunt, The Other Intern, Victorio's Gold (Pts. 1 & 2) and Phantom Judge.

  • This episode includes: Update: Bermuda Triangle, Campus Calamity, Car Crash Thank You, Breakout Mom and Healing Touch.

  • This episode includes: Don's Near Miss, Lost In Jamaica, Dutch Schultz Treasure, Voodoo, Stamper's Rampage and Burned Businessman.

  • This episode includes: Reincarnated Submariner, Wanted Weaver, Smitty, Oliver, A Manpanzee and Caruana.

  • This episode includes: Green River Killer + UD, Poison Shake, Matchmaker Ghost, Police Captain's Death, Lenny Dirickson and Dead Ringer + UD.

  • This episode includes: Tommy and His Parents, Pet Heroes, Cop Killer Escape, Hell's Angels Fugitive and Death Row Mom (Pts. 1 & 2)

  • This episode includes: Who Killed Superman?, Satchel Bandit, Ghostbusters, Til Death Do Us Part, Money From Heaven and Hot Jock.

  • This episode includes: Salem Secrets, Pierre's Amnesia, Florida Crime Spree, Ness, Canadian Camper and Rock of Fortune.

  • This episode includes: Murder & Extortion, Casino Disappearance, Suddenly Psychic, Larry's Rampage, Trucker Rapist Escape and Plummer's Booty.

  • This episode includes: Sonny Liston, Thumbs (a.k.a. Love Gone Wrong), Belgian UFO, Mickey Thompson and Down to the Wire.

  • This episode includes: Voodoo Victims, Trailer Terror, Practical Joker, Pizza Man, Gulf POW Dream and Accountant Amnesia.

  • This episode includes: Boston Strangler (Pts. 1 & 2), Gas Station Video, Interceptions and Model A Sister.

  • This episode includes: Burned Evidence, Dark Dante, Skeleton Canyon, Con/Doc and Smitty.

  • This episode includes D.B. Cooper (Pts. 1 & 2), Richard's Rampage, Log Cabin Fraud, Chair of Death and Wood I Lie To You.

  • This episode includes: Casino Cowboy, KC Blast, Road Rage, Australian UFO, San Marino Bones and Psychic Spy.

  • This episode includes Armored Car Killings, Fumbles Robber, Dahlia/Torso Connection, Tunnel of Cocaine and Black Hope Curse (Pts. 1 & 2).

  • This episode includes Dinnertime Bandit, Texas Most Wanted, Elevator Murder, CIA Coverup, General Wayne Inn and Missing Bird People.

  • Reports on a California mother's search for the killers of her 20-year-old son; the fate of 34 merchant marines believed lost at sea during World War II; the unexplained death of a Texas woman; the apprehension of two Los Angeles seamen suspected of killing a sea lion.

  • Included: segments on a California "witch doctor" who, according to this report, swindled people; a Florida bank robber who often drops his gun at the scene of the crime; the search for a Montana senior citizen's killer; and the Arizona manhunt for an escaped convict.

  • Segments on the hunt for a man who, according to the show, disguised himself as a woman and bilked investors out of millions for an auto prototype; the seach for a Georgia convict; the murder of a Nevada woman; and the story of a former Florida nun who stands to lose her home and money after posting bond for her brother, who then jumped bail.

  • An investigation into the slaying of a young Montana woman; probe into the 1956 murder of a Louisiana man and his lover's disappearance; the search for an Arizona gold mine.

  • Segments on the theory that lawman Pat Garrett never shot Billy the Kid, but killed the outlaw's partner instead; the search for a Louisiana policeman who, according to this report was charged with rape and child molestation; the disappearance more than 10 years ago of five Hawaiian fisherman.

  • Reports on two Los Angeles bank robberies in which tunnels were dug to steal the loot; "out of body" experiences; an emotional meeting between the son of a missing World War II Navy captain and the German U-boat commander who sank his ship.

  • Segments: the Los Angeles manunt for the killers of race-car driver Mickey Thompson and his wife Trudy; the search for a bank robber who made off with $130,000; the brutal 1980 killing of a Maine teenager; and reports of a new Big Foot creature in Colorado.Unexplained Death: Mickey Thompson (UPDATE)

  • An expanded edition, featuring a visit to Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay to examine the puzzling 1962 escape of three inmates, and review the legends of renowned prisoners of "the Rock" such as Al Capone and the Birdman of Alcatraz. Also, the search for a California couple wanted, according to this report, for the attempted murder of a police officer.

  • Segments include the hunt for a former monk's killers; markings on the surface of Mars; the search for the killers of a 16-year old who was abducted from a Las Vegas supermarket in 1987. Also: a review of evidence that suggests two Frenchmen flew across the Atlantic less than two weeks before Lindberg.

  • Segments on the unexplained deaths of wild horses in Nevada and the disappearance of a baby from a New York hospital.

  • Cases involve the disappearance of an Oregon teenager at a carnival; the search for a policeman's killer in Virginia; the hunt for missing shrimpers in the Northwest. Also: an update on a World War II soldier who's been reunited with an Austrian family he helped.

  • Reports on the bizarre death of a California disc jockey in October 1988; the disappearance of a Pennsylvania man on Valentine's Day 1980; and a Florida case in which people allegedly were conned out of their money. Also: an update on an Oregon case in which a businessman vanished with investors' money.

  • Reports on the death of a California deejay in October 1988 and the disappearance of a Pennsylvania man on Valentine's Day 1980. Also: an update on the case of an Oregon man who vanished with investors' money. (See the episode that aired on November 16, 1988)

  • Segments on a murdered Texas woman whose life insurance policy is the source of a family dispute; a Los Angeles man who vanished after withdrawing money from an automatic teller machine; a 70-year old Hungarian immigrant who's trying to locate a U.S. soldier who befriended him 40 years ago at a refugee camp in Austria.

  • Reports on the deaths of three persons in a Nashville, Ind., house fire; a Carlsbad, Cal., teenager who was in a coma for three months following a motorcycle accident; and the killing of Pacific sea lions in Redondo Beach, Cal. Also: updates on previous reports on the 1978 murders of two Tennessee women; and a suspected Los Angeles bank robber.

  • Segments detail a U.S. airman's claim of a frightening encounter with a UFO on Cape Cod in the 1960's, and include a discussion of genetic experimentation said to involve non-Earthlings. Also: the search for suspects in the murder of an Arkansas telephone worker said to be a victim of witchcraft.

  • Cases involving the suspected murders of two priests, one in New Mexico and one in Montana; the good fortune experienced by the family of a Washington State youth, who found a peculiarly marked rock in the forest; the disappearance of a Los Angeles man after he used an automatic bank-teller machine; the death of a 17-year-old Ohio youth, who disappeared after attending a Halloween party.

  • Reports on a 1986 San Quentin prison escapee who's still at large; the murder of a 4-year old Philadelphia child; a Nebraska mother who disappeared at Christmastime 1987; and a Medford, Ore., businessman who vanished with investors' money.

  • Part 2 of a report on new evidence in the Son of Sam killings suggesting David Berkowitz' involvement with a satanic murder cult; the search by a British woman, now 45, for her American military-officer father; the search for two men suspected of masterminding an insurance-fraud scheme; and the kidnapping of a wealthy Jackson, Miss., woman.

  • Part 1 of two on the "Son of Sam" killings explores the theory that David Berkowitz may have been a suspected scapegoat in the 1970's New York slayings. Also: the unclaimed inheritance of a Nebraska railroad man who died in 1978; and clues left behind in the 1985 shootings of a Waverly, Ga., couple.

  • This Halloween edition delves into the claim that the Queen Mary (which is docked in Long Beach) is haunted by a sailor's ghost. Other segments examine the forces that drove a Horicon, Wis., family from it's home; rumors about a haunted 18th-century inn in Merion, Pa.; apparitions that torment a Georgia couple whose home is located on a Civil War battle site.

  • A recap of D.B. Cooper's 1971 airline hijacking and extortion, and his subsequent disappearance after parachuting out of the plane over Washington State; new forensic evidence suggesting murder in the 1987 deaths of two teenage boys on a Bryant, Ark., railroad track; a story on missing memorabilia acquired by a Medford, Ore., sports collector, who died in Las Vegas in 1987; and an update on a previous report on a prison escapee.

  • Past episodes_4-18 of past shows re-edited with new music and cutting out Robert Stack scenes include the murder of Kurt Cobain, The Brothel Murders, the disappearence of Devin Williams, and exorcisms.

  • Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis (Missing Persons): On the morning of January 9, 2002, 12-year-old Ashley Pond, of Oregon City, Oregon, was on her way to catch a bus en route to school. Then she disappeared before she could reach the bus stop. Two months later, on March 8, 13-year-old Miranda Gaddis (also of Oregon City, OR) disappeared in a similar matter. She too was on her way to school when she suddenly vanished.

  • BONNIE CRAIG (Unexplained Death): In 1994, 18-year-old Bonnie Craig was a freshman at the University of Alaska in Anchorage, AK. On September 28th of that year, she was brutally raped and murdered. Her mother, Karen Campbell, was a reserve officer who did undercover work for the Anchorage Police Department. Is it possible that one of Campbell's undercover assignments put her daughter's life in danger?

  • Arizona Killer - Best friends since childhood, Diana Shawcroft and Jennifer Lueth moved to a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona and immersed themselves in the local singles scene. Two months later both would be dead. Authorities now need your help in finding their killer

  • Terror Survivor - What had begun as a simple evening of friendly billiards would soon become a night of terror for a young woman in Mishawaka, Indiana. Over the next few hours, she would experience every woman's worst nightmare. Investigators need your help to track down the individuals responsible for the suffering she ultimately endured and survived.

  • Colleen Wood - A Florida woman meets the man of her dreams - and soon they chart a swashbuckling life together on the high seas. But suddenly, she vanishes into thin air. Only then is her boyfriend's past revealed - and it stuns everyone.

  • "Mothman" - Some believe a crumbling set of buildings outside of Point Pleasant, West Virginia are home to one of the most bizarre and terrifying creatures ever to walk the earth: half-man, half-bird, and a portent of impending disaster. Those who have seen the creature called it "Mothman."

  • Eric Tamiyasu (Unexplained Death): On June 30, 2001, the badly-decomposed body of 41-one-year-old Eric Tamiyasu was discovered on his bed. Because police initially believed Eric had died of natural causes, they ordered the bed and bedding burned. But an autopsy revealed that Eric had been shot three times in the head. More than a year later, with no suspects named and the murder still unsolved, rumors are flying around the community of Hood River, Oregon.

  • California Serial Killer - In the late 1970's, the Sacramento area was terrorized by a serial rapist. Forty-four rapes in three years left police baffled and the case remained unsolved. In 1996, a criminalist in a nearby county made the shocking discovery: this rape series was linked to one of the largest serial killing sprees in California history.

  • Gazebo Baby - Thirty years ago, a baby girl was abandoned beneath a gazebo outside the village hall in Addison, Illinois. Now this lovely young woman is searching for her birth parents. There is no anger in her heart; she would just like them to meet their two beautiful grandsons.Kimberly Smith - On February 9, 1965, a young mother dropped her infant daughter off at a Richmond, Virginia hospital for eye surgery. She never came back. Today, Kimberly Smith, 37, is hoping to find her birth parents to get some answers and a clear picture of her family medical history, including the congenital glaucoma that she fears she may pass on to her own children.

  • Black Hope Curse - For the families who bought new houses in a subdivision near Houston, Texas, life in their dream homes quickly turned into a nightmare. When one couple began to dig a swimming pool, they unearthed two bodies and were horrified to discover that their homes rested atop an old slave burial ground. And that was only the beginning of their frightening - and unexplainable - odyssey.

  • Doggie Doctors? - The strength and accuracy of a dog's nose is legendary. Using this powerful sense of smell, is it possible a dog can actually diagnose a life-threatening illness? Two incredible dogs offer persuasive evidence that man's best friend may be able to save lives in mysterious ways.

  • Hazel Leota Head - When retired trucker and widower Charles Barker met Hazel Leota Head in a Bossier City, Louisiana riverboat casino, he was looking for love and companionship. Hazel was looking for something else. Two months later Barker was dead, his bank account empty, and his late model Lincoln Town Car missing. So was Hazel Head.Hazel Leota Head (Wanted)

  • Musical Con Man - For hundreds of working class families in Los Angeles, a school that offered affordable music lessons for their kids seemed too good to be true. It was. Now police need your help to track down the ruthless con artist who ran the school - and bilked parents out of more than a million dollars.Omar Arroyo (Wanted)

  • David Lee Kemp - In 1998, David Lee Kemp was charged with fatally shooting his estranged wife and her new boyfriend. While awaiting trial for the crimes, however, he managed to escape from an Oklahoma prison and elude capture again in Las Vegas. Can you help bring David Kemp to justice?David Lee Kemp (Wanted)

  • Fatal Driver - University honors student Frederick Russell fled shortly before failing to answer charges in a horrific multi-crash, multi-fatality drunk driving accident. He insists that the lives of both he and his family had been repeatedly threatened.Frederick Russell (Wanted)

  • Baby Killers - On July 13, 1997, Kristine Sue Westin and her boyfriend Kevin Dale Woo allegedly drowned their newborn baby in the bathroom of their Las Vegas hotel room. They have been sighted in the Southern California area as recently as October of 2001. Can you help police capture this cold-blooded couple?Kristine Sue Westin and Kevin Dale Woo (Wanted)

  • Child Prodigies - On rare occasions, the world has been introduced to children who possess mysterious powers and excel in the worlds of art and science. The incredible talents of such young geniuses have fascinated and puzzled scholars for centuries. What can possibly explain the phenomenon of "Child Prodigies"?Child Prodigies (Unexplained)

  • A Mother's Search - Holly Krewson disappeared from La Mesa, California during the spring of 1995. Despite her mother's exhaustive efforts to find her, what happened to Holly remains a mystery. But several recent events - including a psychic's eerie vision and a mysterious phone call - makes her mother believe that Holly is alive and that she will see her again.Holly Krewson (Missing)

  • Kibalo Kidnapping - Mike Kibalo thought he had the perfect life when his wife, Ann, gave birth to their daughter, Samantha, in January of 1999. But shortly thereafter, Ann Kibalo began acting strangely, and now she has kidnapped Samantha and is on the run. With Ann suffering from several mental disorders, Mike fears his daughter is in grave danger.Ann Kibalo (Wanted)

  • Monica's Search - Thirty-seven year old Monica Libao made a promise to herself: As soon as her parents died, she would find out, once and for all, if she had really been kidnapped as an infant. Since the death of her parents, Monica spends most of her free time looking for clues. She hopes that you may have the key that will unlock her secret past.Monica Libao (Lost Love)

  • Anthrax Murders - When postal worker Norma Wallace came down with the sniffles, her doctors told her she had the flu and prescribed Tylenol. But when her symptoms worsened, doctors made a shocking discovery: Norma had been exposed to anthrax spores and was seriously ill. Then other cases of anthrax poisoning came to light, and the nation went on high alert: Someone was disseminating anthrax through the U.S. Mail. But who?Anthrax Murders (Unexplained Deaths)

  • Kentucky Bomber - When Sheriff's Deputy Scott Elder stopped a man for reckless driving, he thought it was a routine traffic stop. But when the driver took off, Elder found himself exchanging gunfire with the man. Police were baffled by the driver's behavior until they found his car and home loaded with weapons, explosives and 20,000 rounds of ammunition. The discovery left some pondering the question: Was Stephen Anderson poised to launch his own private war?Stephen Howard Anderson (Wanted)

  • Family Man Fugitive - Robert Fisher seemed to have all a man could want: devoted wife, a son and daughter, and a suburban home at the end of a cul-de-sac. Then Fisher was accused of annihilating his entire family: slashing their throats while sleeping, then rigging the house to explode. After nearly a year, Fisher - an elusive and wily suspect - remains on the run.Robert Fisher (Wanted)

  • Mary Morris Murders - In October of 2000, two woman were murdered in Houston, Texas. But what makes those two murders both bizarre and incredible is that both victims shared the same name and were killed in very similar manners. Some believe the slayings were related, possibly the work of an inept contract killer.Mary Lou Morris & Mary McGinnis Morris (Unexplained Deaths)

  • Fugitive Teacher - When elementary school teacher Frank Montenegro sacrificed his carefree bachelor life to move back home to take care of his five brothers and sisters, many people considered him a hero. But after being accused of sexually molesting two of his students, he is now considered a fugitive from prosecution. Can you help police find Frank Montenegro?Frank Montenegro (Wanted)

  • Amber Swartz - In 1988, seven-year-old Amber Swartz vanished in Pinole, California. She is one of at least six young girls who have vanished from the San Francisco area near Interstate 80 over the past 20 years. Is there a serial kidnapper on the loose?Amber Swartz (Missing)

  • Olympic Park Bomber - Millions of people around the world were shaken by the Olympic park bombing in Atlanta on the night of July 27, 1996. Yet many are unaware that the person responsible for planting what the FBI called "one of the largest pipe bombs in U.S. history" has yet to be caught. Can you help authorities track down Eric Rudolph and bring him to justice?

  • Ground Zero - Among the thousands of flyers plastered around New York's Ground Zero is one that features a beautiful 31-year-old female physician. Surrounded by so many missing person photos, it's easy to miss the detail that differentiates hers from the others. The flyer of Sneha Philip reads "Missing since Monday, September 10th."

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