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Killer Kids explores and tells the stories of different murders that have taken place, all by children and adolescents under the age of 18. Often horrifying to learn about, these cases are interesting and engaging, as it's hard to imagine just why a young child would commit these crimes.

Each episode investigates the lives of multiple child murderers, going into detail not just about their crimes, but about their home lives, school lives, and many other aspects that may explain why they committed the heinous acts they did. Often focusing on one "theme" per episode, the show covers Occult Killers, Hate Killers, Psychopathic killers and more. Each episode typically focuses on one American killer along with two international killers, usually from Canada, France, or England.

Often horrifying, but always informative, Killer Kids helps us understand just why these adolescents committed these crimes, whether from mental problems, just plain hate, or because of other outside sources. Psychologists who dealt with the children are interviewed and the effectiveness of mental institutions, as well as traditional jail time, are discussed as punishment. Because these crimes are so different from the murders typically committed by adults, it is interesting to see what the justice system decides to do with these children and whether or not it is an effective choice.

Killer Kids introduces us to a world we hope to never have to visit in our lives, but remains informative and educational, giving hope that from these horrifying cases, we have learned enough to protect children and help them before they reach the level of past Killer Kids.

Killer Kids is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (72 episodes). The series first aired on May 7, 2012.

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4 Seasons, 72 Episodes
May 7, 2012
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Misty Lee, Gilles Ouimet
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Killer Kids Full Episode Guide

  • When disapproving parents meet the irresistible force of teenage love, the outcome is homicidal leaving a family in tatters and the teens and their plus one on the run.

  • A teenager is having his first onset of schizophrenia when he decides that it is his mission to kill everyone in the world, starting with his best friend.

  • After being released on bail into his parents' custody, a 17-year-old takes out his anger on his own siblings; a 17-year-old's parents try to reform their son when his drug use spirals out of control.

  • A beautiful young woman falls victim to two high school classmates, who film what they believe is their murderous path towards immortality.

  • Members of a family are found brutally shot to death with one surviving son and a routine car accident investigation leads to a twisted tale of teenage love and abuse.

  • When a group of outsiders head down to Florida to pickup a teenaged girl, her parents pay the ultimate price. Peace and love take a backseat to homicide in the story of Rainbow, the teenage son of a hippie mother and a criminal father.

  • In Parker, Florida, when a 16-year-old boy goes missing, all signs point to homicide. Suspicion falls upon the boy's girlfriend, a rebellious teen.

  • Police discover six people murdered in two adjacent farmhouses on a 450-acre dairy farm; firemen respond to a fire in an abandoned building and make a gruesome discovery - the burned corpse of a 9-year-old neighborhood girl.

  • The tortured body of a female Job Corp student turns up on a university campus and police investigation reveals a satanic cult within the Job Corp ranks. Meanwhile, a young Texas man goes missing.

  • In 1995, a teenage couple is on their way toward bright careers in the military. But their dreams of a future together end when an infidelity leads the lovers down a twisted path.

  • In a small Chicago suburb of Winnetka, a young married couple is found murdered execution-style inside of their new home.

  • The body of a father is discovered in a pool of blood and the police seek answers from the victim's daughter. Meanwhile, police sift through a tangled web of lies and manipulation to get to the bottom of a shooting.

  • After a business owner is found shot and killed, the police hunt for the killer only to find that the true mastermind is a hometown hero. Police investigate the murder of a single father and in a bizarre twist his two teen boys become the prime suspects.

  • The body of an elderly woman is found spray-painted in red; a boy murders his grandparents after he began taking medication for anxiety.

  • A 16-year-old girl opens fire from her window across from an elementary school. Detectives investigate a bloody crime scene in Manheim Township, in May 2007.

  • Studies have shown that adolescents who are antisocial are more likely to find a sense of belonging in gangs or criminal cults.

  • Stories of kids who killed their parents and siblings.

  • A 1991 robbery of an auto parts store doesn't go as planned; a thief kidnaps a cashier at a convenience store.

  • A teen forms a friendship in an Internet chat room that takes him down an eerie path; a real monster stalks the town of Amarillo on Halloween night in 1979.

  • When a family is found murdered near Roswell, N.M., everyone is shocked to find out a 14-year-old killer is responsible.

  • A young victim of bullying reaches his breaking point; a young serial killer stalks the streets of Warwick, R.I.

  • A simple case of infatuation amid a school girl and her new, older friend spirals out of control when a rival takes offense

  • A school girl and her new friend suffer some bumps in their friendship when a rival takes offense. A teen who is obsessed with his ex-girlfriend can't seem to control his jealous rage.

  • Some runaways find themselves in a Satanic ritual. A killer says he killed his parents because the devil made him do it.

  • A privileged girl convinces her friends to do some terrible things; the community is shocked.

  • A young woman is found strangled to death leads police back to her home where they find her family has been brutally murdered. Seven year old Scot Weaver and 9 year old Daniel Geier are missing. It is just the start of the nightmare.

  • A boy starts to have dark thoughts after his parents abandoned him.

  • A group of teens in New Jersey form their own mini mafia inspired by The Godfather. But when internal betrayal leads to a revenge plot against one of their own, life for this bunch of pretend wise guys quickly takes a deadly turn.

  • In 1961, an eight-year-old girl goes missing. A local boy is the prime suspect, but is never charged. When the case goes cold for over a decade, the secret to what occurred comes in the form of a cryptic confession from death row.

  • An outcast teen joins a military-style cult of misfits. Two high school football players discuss how fun it would be to commit an armed robbery.

  • A teenager is coerced into a unlawful plan by a vindictive mother and forced to choose between the love of his girlfriend, and the secret she carries, or murder.

  • Two girls plan a murder after being bullied. Two teens have feelings for the same girl.

  • The quiet town of Allentown, Pennsylvania is shaken when two rebellious brothers become vengeful neo-Nazis and commit a series of hate and violent crimes.

  • After an ugly duckling becomes a swan, a relationship with a jealous ex-con transpires into a chilling massacre.

  • A wife decides that divorce isn't permanent enough and engineers a horrifying plot to murder her husband.

  • When an abusive father becomes a casualty of his own hate, his 10-year old son becomes the youngest victim of the state's judicial system.