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The Investigation Discovery channel has made learning about criminals very intriguing. Its television program 'Most Evil' allows its viewers to take a closer look into the lives of various criminals. Hosted by Michael Stone, a forensic psychiatrist of Columbia University, the show rates these criminals on his very own 'scale of evil.' The scale is on a 22 point system divided into three tiers: impulsive murderers, semi psychopaths and psychopaths. Not only does this show rate the evilness of an individual it also gives an insight on what drove these infamous criminals to commit these horrific crimes.

This fascinating show depicts various men and women and the severity of their crimes. This program has aired stories on many high profile criminals including Ted Bundy, Charles Mason, Jeffrey Dahmer and Karla Faye Tucker. Michael Stone also shed light on criminals that did not make the national news, but the nature of their crimes reserved them in a spot on the scale of evil.

Most Evil is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on July 13, 2006.

Where do I stream Most Evil online? Most Evil is available for streaming on Investigation Discovery, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Most Evil on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Investigation Discovery, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
3 Seasons, 36 Episodes
July 13, 2006
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Michael Stone
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Most Evil Full Episode Guide

  • In the wild, a predator instinctively knows: eat or be eaten. For predator killers, murder is just as natural. Jack Spillman proved his bestiality by drinking his victim's blood. Levi King ambushed a sleeping family with an AK-47.

  • Ego Maniac killers think only of themselves, and thus commit egregious crimes without remorse. Truck driver Robert Rhoades raped and tortured hitchhikers in a specially designed chamber in the back of his cab.

  • The attention-seeking killer commits crimes for the spotlight it incurs. George Russell boasted of his importance, ultimately killing the women whose attention he could never get. Eddie Seda jumped on the coattails of the famed Zodiac killer.

  • Fantasy killers imagine every aspect of their crime in detail. Daniel Conahan lured men into the woods to torture them. Angela Sanford killed as part of a satanic ritual. And Harvey Robinson stalked women, then raped and strangled them in their homes.

  • Sexual deviants are aroused by the act of murder. Gerard Shaefer was a trusted policeman who bound, raped and murdered his victims.

  • Gerald Stano craves the company of women but lashes out.

  • Control freaks seek to gain power through murder. Ronald Gene Simmons was a mass murderer who killed 16 people. Richard Angelo was a nurse who poisoned patients to save them. Billie Wayne Coble was a domineering father, and murderer.

  • Three master manipulators. Each committed acts of unspeakable evil...Taylor Helzer orchestrated brutal murders in the name of God. Sylvia White killed anyone she felt was in her way...including her four-year old stepson.

  • How do you track a killer? In this hour, Dr. Michael Stone, forensic psychiatrist at Columbia University, follows in pursuit of evil. He examines the process involved in identifying and capturing vicious killers.

  • Brutal killers. What motivates their heinous crimes? In this hour, Columbia University forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Stone uses face to face one-on-one interviews to gain insight into the motives, methods and minds of murderers.

  • What makes a murderer? Can malfunctions in the brain compel someone to extreme cruelty? Are killers born or are they made? This hour follows Columbia University forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Stone on his journey to better understand why people kill.

  • Gangs lure members with promises of respect, money and power. From armed robbery to murder, they are responsible for some of the most brutal crimes. Forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Stone examines the world's deadliest gangsters.

  • Dr. Stone explores the possibility for killers to reform and change their lives. He uses his scale to determine if evil is a constant state or if redemption is possible.

  • The most evil women in criminal history.

  • In this episode we take a look at manipulative schemers who prey on their family, colleagues and the weak.

  • Murderer Charles Manson and the evil crimes he committed during his gruesome time.

  • We look at cult leaders and the people they lead.

  • Dr. Stone tried to shed some light on the motives of killers who killed for revenge.

  • What lies at the intersection of evil and intelligence? Dr. Stone, armed with new scientific discoveries on early brain development, analyzes Kemper, Kaczynski, and Kraft to find out what made these killers' use their cunning for crime.

  • From Charles Whitman, the Texas clock tower sniper, to Charles Starkweather, the real "Natural Born Killer," science reveals new clues into the psychology behind these seemingly senseless crimes. What links these acts of evil?

  • Dr. Stone unearths the psychology of persuasion to learn why cult members can become active participants in evil.

  • Delusional minds are profiled using cutting-edge science that may finally reveal the neurological cause of schizophrenia.

  • What happens when a jealous lover turns into an enraged killer? From impulsive crimes of passion to a terrifying revenge crime spree, Dr. Stone unravels how the psychology of love can become the psychology of murder.