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On the Case With Paula Zahn is a crime and justice show hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist Paula Zahn. The show documents some of the most shocking and heinous crimes and mysteries that have taken place over the last several decades. Zahn uses her over thirty years of investigative and reporting experience to dissect each case and shed light on all of the facts, regardless of where they lead. Some of the recent cases explored include, "Last Rites," which investigates stabbing and strangling of a nun and "A Tell Tale Call," which sheds light on the murder of a young woman who works at a dating service.

Each case is explored in-depth from a variety of angles. On the Case conducts interviews with law enforcement officials who work the cases, prosecutors, the victim's family members, forensic doctors - and, sometimes, the accused. When interviewed, the accused never admit guilt but staunchly protest their innocence to Zahn regardless how damning the evidence.

Zahn, who serves as the show's narrator, outlines the crime from beginning to end. The story begins with the crime, followed by the background of the victims. Family members relay in heart-wrenching detail the victim's life, family, their goals, dreams, and how it was all taken away in the blink of an eye. Police and forensic personnel discuss their investigative tactic, and how they are able to tie the perpetrator to the crime. In some cases actual crime scene footage and pictures are shown. Prosecutors and defense attorneys are interviewed to give their spin on the case and why the feel the accuser is either guilty or innocent.

The last segment of the show usually features excerpts from the perpetrator's trial. When the guilty verdict is returned, friends and family members collapse with measured relief. Although the loved ones can never escape the heartbreak of having their loved ones taken away, they can take some solace in the fact that the perpetrators will never see the light of day again.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
15 Seasons, 218 Episodes
October 18, 2009
Cast: Paula Zahn
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On The Case With Paula Zahn Full Episode Guide

  • The body of a young woman is found in the ashes of a fire.

  • A teenager vanishes from a movie theater parking lot.

  • When a newlywed couple mysteriously disappears, police must piece together a shocking trail of betrayal.

  • A young girl's killer sends police a series of mysterious riddles and the key to catching him are hidden within the answers.

  • A mother of three disappears from the home of her wealthy older boyfriend.

  • A teenager's disappearance during a visit to her hometown marks the beginning of a terrifying 30-year mystery.

  • In San Antonio, 25-year-old video game store manager Amber Belken is murdered in an apparent robbery gone wrong, but detectives are troubled by the evidence and dig deeper.

  • When a college student goes missing from a mall parking lot, police are convinced foul play is behind her disappearance.

  • In California, a sexual sadist evades law enforcement officers for decades.

  • A Las Vegas starlet mysteriously vanishes during a visit to a local spy store.

  • Police have DNA evidence as well as a recording of their suspect, yet they still battle to locate a vicious murderer.

  • A concealed hint may hold the key to solving the vicious killing of a young lady.

  • A teen's killing crushes a small town and ruins her family.

  • A view of three cases where the pursuit of justice didn't finish with the jury's verdict.

  • The killing of a young lady in a busy parking lot is examined.

  • The vanishing of a young lady who was about to begin a Hollywood career is examined.

  • A 36-year-old female is savagely killed while her 7-year-old niece is sleeping in the next room.

  • A teen is killed the night before her college career was about to start.

  • The cops follow a path of emails, believing it will lead them to a vicious killer.

  • July 1, 1987. When 10-year-old Amy Schulz left her home to look for her brother, it was dusk in a safe Midwestern community. When she was found murdered the next morning, her family and the small town of Kell, Illinois were thrust into darkness. Amys body was found a few miles away from where she had last been seen on a desolate dirt road, her throat cut and her clothes were strewn about nearby. Police had little to go on until a bizarre story from rangers in Glacier National Park in Montana, gave them their first break in the case. While police moved closer to identifying Amys killer, the gut-wrenching journey her family would travel through the justice system, was only just beginning.

  • When a teenager is found viciously murdered, police must retrace her last steps alive to identify her killer.

  • The killing of a military cop in her own home is examined.

  • A deadly predator peruses prey in Stockton, California.

  • The homicide of a 14-year old teen while walking her dog is investigated.

  • A loving mother of three is found mysteriously shot to death just steps from her home.

  • The disappearance of a young woman prior to her final shift at a Maryland hospital begins a decades-long search for answers.

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