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  • TV-14
  • 2019
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.8  (126)

In Pursuit with John Walsh is a television series that premiered on Investigation Discovery in January of 2019. The show is centered around former homicide detective and victims rights advocate John Walsh, who is best known for hosting the long-running television series America's Most Wanted.

In this series, Walsh and his team work to track down fugitives and missing persons, often exploring cases that have fallen through the cracks of traditional law enforcement methods. Each episode of In Pursuit follows two cases, with Walsh and his team providing insight into the details of the crimes and the individuals who committed them.

The show is co-hosted by Walsh's son, Callahan, who also works as a victims advocate and is actively involved in efforts to locate missing persons. Jay Heselschwerdt, a former FBI special agent, serves as the show's lead investigator and works alongside Walsh and Callahan to gather information and follow leads.

One of the unique aspects of In Pursuit is the show's focus on actively engaging the public in the investigation process. Walsh and his team regularly share information on their cases in the hopes of gathering tips and leads from viewers. In some cases, these tips have led to significant breakthroughs in ongoing investigations.

Throughout the series, In Pursuit explores a variety of criminal cases, from long-missing persons to violent criminals on the run. The show delves deep into the details of each case, often featuring interviews with family members of victims and law enforcement officials involved in the investigations.

In addition to the core content of each episode, In Pursuit also frequently features segments aimed at promoting various causes related to victims' rights and missing persons. For example, Callahan Walsh regularly hosts segments on child safety and provides advice on how to protect children from abduction and exploitation.

Overall, In Pursuit with John Walsh is a compelling and engaging series that offers a fresh take on true crime television. The show's focus on engaging the public in the investigation process sets it apart from other crime shows, and the depth of information provided on each case is both informative and emotionally gripping. Fans of true crime television will find plenty to enjoy in this powerful and thought-provoking series.

In Pursuit with John Walsh is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (61 episodes). The series first aired on January 16, 2019.

In Pursuit with John Walsh
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Last Ride
12. Last Ride
November 9, 2022
John hunts for Jose Bustos-Diaz, a convicted killer and prison escapee suspected in another slaying. Later, Cal's in pursuit of Benjamin Williams, accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend in front of her two young children, including his own baby.
11. Blindsided
November 2, 2022
John goes after the prime suspect on the murder of a father, who is believed to have been caught in a gang retaliation; Cal looks for Justin Smith in Pennsylvania, who is a suspect in his pregnant girlfriend's death.
Murder at the Mall
10. Murder at the Mall
October 27, 2022
John is in pursuit of Jolene Hibbs and Charles Ausiello, a couple accused of murdering a retiree and selling off his assets. And later, John and Cal team up to hunt for the mysterious Boca Raton Mall murderer who terrified South Florida in 2007.
Deadly Secrecy
9. Deadly Secrecy
October 19, 2022
John goes after Eduardo Clemente, the prime suspect in his girlfriend's murder after her body turns up in the desert. Later, Cal's in North Carolina to hunt down Emigdio Ramirez Garcia, accused of ruthlessly murdering his wife in 1997.
A Father's Betrayal
8. A Father's Betrayal
October 12, 2022
John joins the hunt for Arturo Munguia, aka Jesse Vega, accused of murdering his girlfriend in an act of petty jealousy. Later, Cal helps track down Rex Byrnes, an unemployed metalhead whose own daughter accuses him of years of sexual abuse.
A Broken Bond
7. A Broken Bond
October 5, 2022
When a young father is executed, police learn the shooter may have been his close childhood friend. John helps track down the alleged killer, Diontae Whitson. Later, Cal’s in pursuit of Louis Rojas, accused of murdering his ex-wife’s new husband.
Bloodshed and Blackmail
6. Bloodshed and Blackmail
September 28, 2022
John helps police track down Glen Holmes, accused of carjacking a couple and murdering one of them. Later, Cal joins the hunt for online predator Adrian Fierros, who coerces young girls into sending him explicit photos that he uses to extort them.
Evil Deception
5. Evil Deception
September 21, 2022
When a young girl goes missing after a night out in Vegas, police suspect her friend Erick Rangel-Ibarra; Cal goes after Jerold Dunning, accused of sexually abusing his girlfriend's daughter for years.
4. Unforgotten
September 14, 2022
John joins the search for Celina Mays, whose disappearance draws police attention to her family-run, allegedly cult-like church; Cal hunts for Efren Meza, who was accused of stalking and stabbing his ex-girlfriend.
Stolen Innocence
3. Stolen Innocence
September 7, 2022
When a man is senselessly gunned down at a party, police learn it may be a case of mistaken identity. John joins the hunt for suspect, Collin Jerrick. Later, Cal helps police hunt David Bonness, accused of sexually abusing his former stepdaughter.
Collateral Damage
2. Collateral Damage
August 31, 2022
John is in pursuit of suspect Jonathan Dorado, wanted for killing a woman and her unborn child in an act of misplaced gang revenge. Then, Cal hunts for Henry Houston, accused of conning a vulnerable woman and later killing her father in an altercation.
Lying in Wait
1. Lying in Wait
August 24, 2022
John is in pursuit of William Strand -- police say he killed his ex-girlfriend who was also the mother of his son. Later, Cal hunts for Leslie Lagrotta, a suspect accused of sexually assaulting women in central Florida for over a decade.
In Pursuit: Hot On The Trail
101. In Pursuit: Hot On The Trail
August 25, 2022
John, Callahan and Michelle continue the pursuit of alleged murderer William Strand, and the hunt for Leslie Lagrotta, a man suspected of sexually assaulting women for over a decade. They dig deeper with new interviews and an inside look into the cases.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 16, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (126)