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This true-crime series explores the possibility that criminals can live among us so quietly that even their loved ones don't expect their wrongdoing. Each episode of the series showcases a single crime story presented from the perspective of the perpetrator's unsuspecting friends, families and neighbors. The series airs on the Discovery cable network and is part of the network's Investigation Discovery brand of true-crime series.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
4 Seasons, 37 Episodes
January 17, 2016
Crime, Documentary, Drama
Cast: David Wenzel, Hillary Hamilton, Frank Di Napoli, James Zeiss
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Evil Lives Here Full Episode Guide

  • Brooke Lehman was raised to believe Kevin Dunlap was her father. Her mother, Stephanie, kept the truth a secret, but neither of them realized that Kevin was keeping other, far more deadly secrets of his own.

  • When Linda found out her biological father was her family friend, Greg Scarpa, she was overjoyed. But when the rest of Greg's bloody secrets came out, Linda learned that being part of his family wasn't just dangerous, it was potentially deadly.

  • When Brian Cargill divorced his wife, Kimberly, he thought it was the end of the worst time in his life. Instead he found himself in a desperate battle to save his son, Jamie, from her deadly wrath.

  • Reginald Brooks began acting strangely, and Beverly Stephens worried that her husband's bizarre behavior was a warning sign that something wasn't right. But she never suspected there was a killer lurking inside him.

  • Charles Sexton was taught that his father, Eddie, was God. At first, he and his siblings were willing and loyal disciples, but as the family descended into madness, Charles discovered that in the Sexton family, crossing his parents meant death.

  • As a young boy, Michael Blanco had seen his mother do violent things that seemed straight out of the movies. But he never once doubted that she did those things to keep their family safe

  • Linda Wittmier and Terry Jo Howard both fell in love with James Michael Randall. And both suffered when they discovered the monster that lurked inside him. But they never realized how lucky they were to survive his twisted sexual desire to kill.

  • Jill Garrison thought her second go-around with love would last the rest of her life. But then her quiet town suddenly began to be preyed upon by a nightmarish killer. Jill didn't realize that she had invited a monster into her home.

  • Melissa Moore loved being "Daddy's Little Girl", and to her, her father, Keith Jesperson, could do no wrong. But as she got older, that admiration was replaced by fear, and then by the horror of learning how close she had come to being his next victim.

  • Betty and Ulayla never imagined that their little brother was capable of pure evil until he confessed a horrible secret.

  • Estephania LeBaron was raised to believe that her father and brothers were holy men, and that the terrible things they did in God's name were just. But she questions everything when faced with having to do the same terrible things herself.

  • When Walt Chavis joined the police force, he was prepared to risk his life, but he never imagined the greatest threat he would face would be his own brother or that one day he would be forced to choose between his duty and his family.

  • Thom Bierdz had finally made it big. When he brought his troubled younger brother out to Los Angeles, he thought he could help set him straight. He never expected that the price he would pay for being wrong would be the life of someone he loved.

  • Melissa Holland was certain that her high school boyfriend, Michael Overstreet, was the man she'd always dreamed of. But only after they were married did she begin to realize that her determination to live happily ever after had put her in mortal danger.

  • Shelly Lietz had been afraid of her son ever since he was four years old. She knew she saw something evil in his eyes that scared her. As he got older and more violent, that fear crippled her, eventually making her a prisoner in her own home.

  • When Cindy Taylor was a teen, her world was shattered by the sudden death of her father. Police said it was a heart attack, but years later Cindy would discover her father's death was just one of the deadly secrets her mother had been hiding from her.

  • When Debra Davis' husband excoriates her for refusing to experiment sexually, she thought there was something wrong with her, never suspecting her husband's perversions are signs of something evil deep inside him.

  • When Gwen Bailey marries Norman Starnes, she counts herself lucky to land the most eligible bachelor in town; years later, she realizes she never really knew him at all and becomes his unwilling accomplice.

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