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In this true crime series, host Craig Melvin explores sensational cases of murder and mayhem. To get to the bottom of the cases, the show interviews victims' families, investigators, and others close to the crime. The series airs on the Oxygen cable network.

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on Oxygen
1 Season, 107 Episodes
July 21, 2017
Crime, Documentary, Drama, Mystery
Cast: Craig Melvin
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Dateline: Secrets Uncovered Full Episode Guide

  • Angel's Landing was a community of free-spirits with Lou Castro at its center. Investigators were suspicious of the mysterious deaths happening there. Now, commune members have courageously decided to tell their stories in hopes of helping others.

  • For over a decade, El Chapo evaded authorities but one man was determined to catch the infamous kingpin. Former DEA agent Andrew Hogan comes out of the shadows to detail his search and capture with never-before-seen videos and photographs.

  • A story of teens, text messages and a convoluted search for the truth; Conrad Roy, who had shared a secret with someone close to him, had vanished.

  • Divorced mother Joan Lockwood is excited about the next chapter in her life, then five gunshots shatter her plans.

  • Diane McIver was a successful businesswoman who enjoyed a lavish lifestyle with her husband. Then she was gone. It was a mystery riddled with privilege and power, but investigators needed to answer a crucial question: was this an accident or murder?

  • Sandra Galas was born and raised in paradise; police investigate two men in Sandra's life, but the case goes cold; her father refuses to give up, relentlessly pursuing the truth for more than a decade.

  • Kelli Bordeaux is just starting what she hopes to be a long career in the military, but fate has other plans; when she vanishes, friends and family launch a frantic search, but it is a stranger hell-bent on justice who uncovers the ugly truth.

  • Keith Reed is a highly-regarded school superintendent; when he doesn't show up at an out-of-town conference, it sets off alarm bells; investigators take a hard look at his love life for clues and make a startling discovery.

  • It is just before Halloween; Joel Lovelien and his fiancĂ© head to a local bar packed with people in costume; Joel steps outside and walks into a troubling mystery.

  • Aasha Davis moves to Hollywood with big dreams; her sister Lesley follows for support; Lesley goes missing and Aasha is desperate to find her; in a town built on deception, the police come up with a high-stakes plan to smoke out their suspect.

  • A man makes a frantic call to 911 after finding his wife dead in a bathtub, but the couple's daughters lead police to investigate their father.

  • The fire breaks out before dawn; after the smoke clears, a mother of two young children is found dead; it's the tragic end to a life that held so much promise, but for investigators, it is just the beginning.

  • A graduation party ends with a man's death and leaves two teenagers facing a long fight for justice.

  • Jodi Arias' murder trial captivates the nation, exposing her secrets; however, the trial fails to solve the mystery of who this woman is behind her veil of lies.

  • Kay Mortensen takes pride in preparing for every possible threat, then he is found murdered, and two of his loved ones wind up behind bars.

  • Beauty queen Nona Dirksmeyer plans a future with the boyfriend she adores, then she is brutally killed; the crime shakes her hometown and exposes someone with a secret past.

  • Fire chief Keith Bryan is shot dead in his home, leaving police to wonder who would want to slay the local hero.

  • It's Friday the 13th and something sinister is about to happen: a chilling double murder in an upscale home; the evidence seems to tell a clear story until investigators discover a marriage filled with secrets and a story that doesn't add up.

  • Deede Keller has a loving family, a tight circle of friends and a new man in her life; when she vanishes, disturbing clues point investigators to a suspect with a dark secret; the case provides a twist that leaves the courtroom astonished.

  • Two beautiful families were living out their dreams but gunshots in a parking lot revealed an ugly truth; investigators uncovered three lives tangled in a love triangle and there were many secrets.

  • Police believe a pair of double homicides in Nebraska, five years apart, might be connected; investigators working to solve the crimes fear the killer might strike again.

  • For a group of stage actors, life seems to be imitating art in the worst way when a young college student is killed; police believe they know who is responsible, but this mystery has a grand finale no one sees coming

  • What happened in Cara Ryan's bedroom is a mystery; she admits she shot her ex-husband, but investigators need to know if it was murder or self-defense; detectives hear several versions of the story, but for a jury, there is only one truth.

  • After a house fire in suburban New Jersey, investigators discover a twisted love triangle filled with jealously, love and murder.

  • Meghan Verikas is attracted to Leon Jacob, in part, because as a doctor he saves lives; police officers tell her he is trying to hire a hit man, potentially to take hers, but authorities have a plan of their own.

  • Diana Lovejoy and her husband welcome a baby boy, but their marriage crumbles; a bitter custody battle follows; fearing for her safety, Diane turns to a man skilled in self-defense, but as it turns out, someone else is in grave danger.

  • Investigating whether an explosion in a rice field in Colusa County, California that killed farm manager Roberto Ayala is an accident or murder.

  • After finding his wife and two children dead in his garage, a former Indiana state trooper spends 13 years trying to clear his name.

  • A murder occurs in an affluent neighborhood with tree-lined streets; investigators find a riddle, a deception and a piece of pure evil.

  • A beautiful, popular graduate student is shot dead outside her apartment in Durham, North Carolina. Who would want her dead, and why?

  • The save the date cards had gone out; Angie Ver Huel went to sleep next to her fiancĂ©, Justin Michael, with big dreams but woke up to a nightmare; someone was running from their bedroom and Justin was dead.

  • When a woman's body is discovered at a trash facility, a detective makes a promise to her mother to get justice. She doesn't know she will come face to face with a serial killer.

  • Heidy and Conrad Truman are an enviable couple with a bright future until Heidy is found shot; in the aftermath, fingers are pointed but could be aimed at an innocent person.

  • Debra Newell thought she found Mr. Right but her daughters sensed something wrong about John Meehan; they started digging into his past and their search for answers exposed a dangerous con man.

  • Brandy Daniels believed someone was stalking her. Then, the single mother was found slumped over in her car, shot dead. Investigators would spend years navigating the twists and turns searching for her killer.

  • Ashlea Harris had no shortage of admirers. So when she was found dead after a suspicious fire consumed her apartment, police were baffled. This was no accident but were the clues to who killed Ashlea now up in smoke?

  • When the dashing Gavin Smith vanishes, LA detectives are unsure if they are investigating a crime or a suicide; his wife claims he had gotten lost in drugs and flings; police wonder if the key to finding Gavin is hidden in one of those affairs.

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