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This new series investigates the jaw-dropping cases of murderous doctors, nurses and medical professionals.License to Kill is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (21 episodes). The series first aired on June 23, 2019.

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Sunday 7:00 PM et/pt on Oxygen
2 Seasons, 21 Episodes
June 23, 2019
Crime, Reality
Cast: DonnaKelli, Danny Christensen, William Thomas Jones, Michele Ann Einert
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License to Kill Full Episode Guide

  • Twelve patients die over the course of 13 days at a nursing home in Florida. When an employee is stabbed during an alleged break-in, the police are called in to probe deeper and investigators discover one nurse who hid a destructive past.

  • When an outbreak of Hepatitis C occurs in New Hampshire, investigators looking for the source of the virus vow to stop a medical madman with an insatiable drug addiction who has subjected hundreds of innocent patients to a slow and painful death.

  • Two aids working at a nursing home create a twisted murderous game involving the Alzheimer's patients they care for.

  • Investigators look into a naturopathic doctor in Colorado whose two patients develop alarming side effects from his treatments.

  • Deception drives a pharmacist in Kansas City down an evil path, affecting thousands of cancer patients.

  • In the midst of the emerging opioid epidemic, investigators in Los Angeles look into a cluster of mysterious overdose deaths of young men in their 20's and discover a Doctor who uses her prescription pad to line her pockets and kill her patients.

  • The lines between medical mistakes and murder are blurred when a devious and defiant doctor refuses to change his ways. A chilling investigation ensues into a string of bizarre deaths at an Arizona cosmetic surgery clinic.

  • A vivacious college student turns up dead in her home and detectives uncover a deadly, one-sided obsession that leads them on an international chase to catch her killer.

  • A radical underground practitioner with no medical experience promises a miracle cure online, and his victims receive dangerous procedures in an unsanitary trailer.

  • An arrogant cosmetic surgeon operating out of a basement permanently scars and kills patients, then shocks detectives by attempting to murder a loved one.

  • The FBI gets involved after a string of mysterious deaths, and discover a 20-year-long trail of destruction that leads them on an international hunt to stop a sadistic madman.

  • A Glendale, California, hospital worker confesses to suffocating dozens of his patients. Investigators fear he'll walk free because doctors believe the victims died of natural causes.

  • A beloved grandfather vanishes out of the blue. Strange activity in his financial records leads detectives on a chase from California to Mexico, where they reach a devastating conclusion.

  • After an orderly is arrested for killing a patient at a Cincinnati hospital, a local reporter gets a tip that leads him to uncover new information about a string of horrifying deaths.

  • Dialysis patients' weekly treatments go from routine to fatal without explanation. Police shut down the Lufkin, TX, facility to investigate what, or who, may have turned lethal.

  • An alarming spike in ICU patient deaths prompts a head nurse to investigate the cause. After examining charts recorded by the hospital staff, her findings send shockwaves through the small Indiana town.

  • After receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis, families turn to a doctor who offers hope and an unorthodox cure. But, they soon learn that the trusted physician may have actually had a hand in their loved one's demise.

  • A Dallas spine surgeon's God complex puts patients at risk. It's up to fellow medical staff to blow the whistle before more innocent people are victimized.