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  • TV-14
  • 2019
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.0  (84)

License to Kill is a gripping true crime series that premiered on the Oxygen network in 2019. Hosted by Dr. Terry J. Dubrow, heard on The Drs., along with legal analyst DonnaKelli Barnett, the show focuses on real-life cases where medical professionals have used their position of power to commit heinous crimes. Accompanied by interviews from family members, law enforcement officials, and medical experts, each episode takes a deep dive into the details surrounding the incidents.

While some medical professionals have been known to use their profession as a way to help others, there are others who use it to take advantage of vulnerable populations. The show examines cases where doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals committed their own type of crime by intentionally harming, poisoning or even killing their patients. Not only does the show provide clarity to the cases, but it also provides important insight regarding how to identify and prevent these types of crimes.

Dr. Terry J. Dubrow - who has been widely recognized around the world for his contributions to medical science- is the perfect person to host License to Kill as he brings his vast medical expertise to the show. However, it’s not all about the medicine. Barnett, a seasoned attorney, provides legal insight on each case, examining the ways in which hospitals and law enforcement officials have responded to the cases.

One of the most fascinating aspects of License to Kill is the sheer variety of cases it covers. From Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a Texas doctor who was dubbed “Dr. Death" by the media for his obvious malpractice incidents that harmed the lives of many of his patients, to nurse Roger Dean who set fire to the Quakers Hill Nursing Home in Sydney, killing 11 elderly residents, the show covers a range of crimes that have been committed by medical professionals.

The show also features interviews from friends and family members of the victims, and in doing so, sheds a light on the personal toll these crimes take on the victim’s loved ones. Through their testimonies, viewers are given a glimpse into the lives of the victims and the devastation that occurred when they lost their loved ones. Additionally, experts in various fields provide context to the incidents, providing a comprehensive overview of the situation.

Another strength of License to Kill is the attention to detail given to each case. The show takes the time to provide viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the case, delving into the evidence and examining each piece. The medical and legal teams’ perspectives fill in the gaps and help viewers understand how these incidents could happen and why the perpetrators acted the way they did. As a result, the show is able to present an in-depth look into some of the most shocking medical crimes in history.

License to Kill also highlights the importance of accountability. It is not just the criminal justice system that holds medical professionals accountable but also the medical community. The show takes us through various cases where colleagues of the perpetrators knew something was wrong but didn’t speak up, at times leading to dire consequences. It reminds us that it is not enough to just be able to identify the crime, but also to make sure that the proper precautions are taken to prevent it from occurring again in the future.

In essence, License to Kill is one of the most gripping true crime series in recent history. With high production values and fascinating cases, it provides an enlightening look into the dark underbelly of the medical community. The show clearly highlights how the most trusted people in our society, including doctors and nurses, can be capable of heinous acts. From the chilling testimonies of victims’ friends and family members to expert perspectives, the show brings together a comprehensive look at the way these crimes have occurred throughout history. It's important to note that the stories and images may be too graphic for some viewers as the show involves medical malpractice, fraud, and other serious events that may not be suitable to all audiences. However, for anyone interested in true crime or who wants a better understanding of how medical crimes are committed, License to Kill is a must-watch.

License to Kill is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (21 episodes). The series first aired on June 23, 2019.

License to Kill
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    June 23, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (84)