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Cold Justice is a television show that delves into the world of detectives and their exploration into cold cases, criminal cases that were closed because the police and/or detective ran into closed evidence to support the crime. This show reopens to its audience cold cases that have been closed for long periods of time, sometimes many, many years and searches for new people and evidence to further solve the crime. The show documents how some cases might seem impossible to solve, but the detectives, together with additional law enforcement and the public, piece together people, places and things to draw out the suspects and ultimate culprit.

Moreover, the television show is a crime reality show. It's set-up in real time, in a real setting with the cast having actual conversations. They are in a room discussing the case. They are not on a television set acting out the case. They are dealing with real information and real people. As a matter of fact, a cold case in Texas was solved from the work on Cold Justice. Ronnie Joe Hendrick received 22 years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend, Pamela Shelley, in 2001.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on TNT
3 Seasons, 51 Episodes
September 3, 2013
Crime, Reality
Cast: Kelly Siegler, Yolanda McClary
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Cold Justice Full Episode Guide

  • Kelly and Yolanda investigate two Texas murder cases at the same time.

  • Kelly and Yolanda investigate two Texas murder cases at the same time.

  • In this special episode of the series, host John Walsh sits down with the Cold Justice investigative team, who provide behind the scenes insights into the investigations, and updates on past cases.

  • Investigating the mysterious death of a young man.

  • The team heads to Iowa to investigate the 1995 death of a mother who was found in her car following an explosion.

  • Siegler and Detective Steve Spingola head to Oregon County, MO to investigate the disappearance of a young mother caught in an abusive relationship.

  • Kelly and Yolanda explore remote areas of South Carolina to investigate the slaying of a couple.

  • The team heads to remote parts of Spartanburg County to investigate a case.

  • The team investigates the murder of a beautiful former dancer who was cornered and shot in her West Palm Beach apartment.

  • The team investigates the death of a bright-eyed college student in Cleveland, TN.

  • The team investigates the brutal murder of a respected doctor who was also set on fire in his kitchen.

  • In this special episode, host John Walsh interviews the Cold Justice investigative team, who offer behind the scenes insights into the investigations and updates on past cases.

  • In 1981, a daughter returned home from school to discover her mother had vanished. The team sifts through clues that are now decades old, making this the oldest missing person's case they're been involved in.

  • Kelly and Yolanda investigate a grisly double homicide of a middle-aged man and woman, both of whom were found shot dead in cold blood inside the man's home in Greenville, Ohio.

  • Kelly and Yolanda investigate the death of a well-liked young man who was dumped in a Hialeah alleyway.

  • Kelly and Yolanda investigate the disappearance of a young mother who recently moved from India to Florida with her family.

  • Kelly and Yolanda investigate the death of a beloved community figure.

  • The discovery of the diary of a man who was stabbed to death in Bridgeport, W. Va., could be the key to help investigators solve the crime.

  • After a mysterious call to the operator, a beautiful young mother is found by her teenage daughter, brutally stabbed to death in their home. Kelly and Yolanda investigate to find the person responsible.

  • Kelly and Yolanda investigate the 1993 stranglings of a 29-year-old mother and her six-year-old daughter.

  • Kelly and Yolanda investigate the burning of an upbeat, free-spirited 67-year-old grandmother.

  • Kelly and Yolanda investigate the shooting of a young mother of three found in her car on the side of the highway.

  • In the third season premiere, Kelly and Yolanda investigate the brutal stabbing of a young woman.

  • Investigating the 1975 electrocution and drowning of 23-year-old Kathy Taylor.

  • Investigating the mystery surrounding the death of Alma Noffsinger, an attractive, single, fun-loving young mother of three. At the time of her death, she was in a custody battle with her second husband, but had remained close friends with her first husband.

  • Investigating the mysterious death of Robin Stone, who was 17 and pregnant when she disappeared in August of 1991 and was never to be seen again. Her remains were discovered 4 months later, but her case remains unsolved.

  • Investigating the mysterious death of Margie Pointer who vanished in 1987 after dropping her son off at the babysitter's home.

  • A behind-the-scenes look into the investigations with "America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh.

  • Examining the death of a family man, who loved to ride on the dirt-track and fix cars.

  • Examining the death of an up and coming designer.

  • Kelly and Yolanda are in the Lone Star state to investigate the death of a mother.

  • On March 3, 1983, a ranch-hand discovered the bodies of Steven Fisher and his girlfriend Melisa Gregory in Steven's on-site trailer. The brutality of their wounds were so severe that examiners had to use dental records and fingerprints to identify them. Although Steven had been in a relationship with Melisa for nearly a year, he was still married to Teresa Supino Fisher, who confessed to visiting Fisher with her twin brother the night of his death. Was it coincidence or were they responsible? The case remains unsolved 30 years later.

  • Carolyn Jansen was living in Aurora, CO, working at a waffle house and building her AVON business, when she suddenly disappeared. Her body was discovered three years later in a storage shed in a rubbermaid container, but her murder still remains unsolved.

  • Vicki Hollingsworth, born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was a well liked, adoring mother to her two children. On the morning of August 18th, 1997, Vicki vanished without a trace. On May 29, 1999 a woman's dog brings a human skull into her yard and dental records identify it as Vicki's. The rest of her remains were found in a nearby wooded area called Billy Goat Hill. 16 years later, the case has yet to be solved.

  • Lydia Gutierrez was a single mom to three young boys and worked at a local restaurant. On an August afternoon in 2010, Lydia had spent the day with her two young sons while her other son was at school. When he got home he found his mother dead with a bag over her head and multiple stab wounds.

  • A couple is ambushed at their own home and their young son is left orphaned.

  • Erika Case was an intelligent, precocious, 19-year-old high school graduate and was working part-time at the mall. On a Saturday night in 1998, Erika and her big sister, Mary, were house sitting. Mary left for her nightshift and Erika invited friends over. The next morning Mary returned home from work to find Erika dead, having been stabbed at least 33 times.

  • The murder of Marisol Gonzalez, who was 9-months pregnant with a son.

  • High school sweethearts are beaten to death with a claw hammer and police have no suspects. Their case remains unsolved 25 years later.

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