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Hawthrone is an American television show that ran for three season on the cable network TNT before it was canceled after its third season. The show followed African-American nurse Christina Hawthrone (played by Jada Pickett-Smith) who worked as the Chief Nursing Officer in a hospital in Richmond,Va.

The show mainly focused on nurse Hawthrone's personal life and the goings on in Richmond Trinity Hospital. The first season of the show, we learn that nurse Hawthrone is a widow trying to raise her teenage daughter while trying to keep her personal life and professional life together. During the first season we are introduced to Christina's friend and later love interest Dr. Tom Wakefield (played by Michael Vartan).

Their relationship at first is complicated because she was not over the death of her first husband, but by the end of season one, the pair become an item. During the second season, the couple often struggles to keep their personal and professional life separate which causes them problems. The pair briefly break-up and start seeing other people.

He starts dating a co-worker, she dates police officer Nick Renata (played by Marc Anthony) who would play a major role in season three. By the end of season two, the couple reunites after Christina finds out she is pregnant and they become engaged.

The start of season three begins with the couple getting married, but then an accident occurs which would cost the couple their unborn child. All through that season, the couple begins to fall apart and she turns to her old friend Officer Renata for comfort. The two start an affair and Christina finds herself in love with two men: her husband and Officer Renta.

During season three her daughter, who is going to college now and working at the hospital, falls for a doctor who is in the process of a divorce, Christina is fired and replaced by a fellow co-worker and friend, and her life is being threaten by an unknown criminal. At the end of season three, Renata is shot at Christina's home and all the viewer hears is a car puling away as she cries for help.

That is how the third and final season ended. Hawthrone is now in syndication and as of 2012, the show is being shown on the cable network TV1.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on TNT
3 Seasons, 30 Episodes
June 16, 2009
Cast: Jada Pinkett Smith, Suleka Mathew, Hannah Hodson, Michael Vartan
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Hawthorne Full Episode Guide

  • Christina's husband hopes the operation for a close friend will be successful, Kelly has a career change at the hospital, Steve and Bobbi decide where they will go next, Camille struggles with a difficult decision.

  • Christina's daughter tries to offer support to her mother; Camille must tell Miles goodbye after hearing that he has decided to leave the hospital.

  • Christina determines her life is too stressful and seeks therapy. She discusses a lot of things including her husband and her childhood.

  • With Morrissey in rehab, the no-nonsense board member brought in to serve as interim director has plans for Christina and Bobbie. And as Bobbie tries to enhance her reputation by enlisting a smooth-talking investment manager to help with fundraising, Christina's strong feelings for Nick threaten her marriage.

  • As Christina (Jada Pinkett Smith) persuades Nick (Marc Anthony) to have a birthday party for his ailing mother, Camille's relationship with Miles (Derek Luke) is threatened after her negligence nearly kills his son. Meanwhile, Gail (Vanessa Bell Calloway) confronts Morrissey (James Morrison) about his drinking.

  • Christina and Tom spend the day with some special kids visiting the hospital. And Bobby is interviewed about James River for an article that Kelly and Dr. Marshall have a possible link to.

  • Jimmy Dupree continues to investigate the events that led up to the attack while Nick is questioned about the attack that night.

  • Nick seeks Christina's assistance to help his mother; Dr. Steve Shaw gets a surprise visitor; an internal affairs investigator checks out the details of the recent attack; Tom is worried about Camille's interest in the new doctor.

  • Tom and Christina deal with recent events in their own way. Tensions mount between Bobbie and Christina, Camille flirts with Tom's protege, and little girl suffering from an illness is discovered in front of the hospital alone.

  • In the third season premiere, Christina and Tom's wedding is interrupted. Later, Nick tries to determine the cause of an attack at the hospital. Candy finally goes into labor after nearly dying.

  • The hospital is in crisis mode following a construction accident causes an explosion. Dr. Marshall teases Ray about Candy. Meanwhile, Bobbie and Steve reveal the truth about their pasts.

  • In the wake of a critical situation involving her daughter, Christina turns to Det. Nick Renata (Marc Anthony) for help. Elsewhere, Kelly searches for a mourning mother's camera; Erin and Christina disagree over Tom's career; and Steve is haunted by the past.

  • Isabelle goes to desperate measures protect her son from Foster. Christina and detective Nick Renta are desperate to find Isabelle and the real reason she kidnapped her son and disappeared. Tom goes back for more surgery.

  • Christina is determined to help an old friend, even if insurance is refusing. Tom and Erin's budding romance bothers Christina and to make matters worse, the silence and tension between Christina and her daughter escalates.

  • A language barrier hinders the treatment of a pregnant Afghanistan woman who fell.

  • Christina has difficulty getting the only doctor at James River hospital to perform the surgery on a prisoner who killed a pastor. The doctor doesn't want do the surgery because of his religious beliefs.Tom hopes to get some good about his elbow soon.

  • Christina deals with a bad car accident and has to find out what caused the grandmother to drive erratically, also candy returns from Afghanistan earlier than expected.

  • In the first episode of the season, things get crazy for Christina Hawthorne after having to move to James River Hospital because something happened at Richmond Trinity. Christina has to get along with new bosses this go round.Romance is in the air for Christina and Tom as well as new job positions.

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TNT Dumps HawthoRNe

Rumors about an affair between Jada Pinkett Smith and Marc Antony may have gotten some ink for the TNT show "HawthoRNe," it wasn't apparently enough to save the show from cancellation. The network announced this week that it will not be renewing the show for another season.

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