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Major crimes is an American program police themed television program that is aired on the popular T.V network TNT. This show was created by James Duff, Michael M. Robin, and Greer Shepard and it is a spin-off of the famous T.V program, The Closer. It features a large cast including the talented: Mary McDonald as her character Sharon Raydor, G.W. Bailey as Louie Provenza, Tony Dension as Andy Flynn, Michael Paul Chan as Michael Tao, Raymon Cruz as Julio Sanchez, Jonathan Del Acro as Dr. Morales, Robert Gosset as Russell Taylor, Graham Patrick Martain as Rusty Beck, Phillip P. Keene as Buzz Watson, and Kearran Giovanni as Amy Sykes.

The plot of the story is it is a crime series that takes its viewers into the captivating world of police detectives. The story is located in the Los Angeles police department and it shows you how the police department run by Captain Raydor tries to unlock the mystery of the many attacks committed by a sexual predator in their town. During the show, you are shown the many dramatic measures that a determined team of detectives will go through in order to capture this predator and keep their small town safe. During the hour long show, the detectives try to put together all the clues so that they can capture their suspect and bring justice to his victims. It is a very dramatic program, with twist and turns and unexpected endings that is capturing the hearts of many television audiences.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on TNT
5 Seasons, 92 Episodes
August 13, 2012
Cast: Mary McDonnell, G.W. Bailey, Tony Denison, Michael Paul Chan
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Major Crimes Full Episode Guide

  • Although they know the identity of the bomber, Sharon Raydor and the Major Crimes Squad fail to determine his next target.

  • A murder investigation becomes explosive when Captain Sharon Raydor competes with Chief Winnie Davis for control of her case as she and her squad try to determine if they are dealing with a terrorist.

  • As the battle between bikes and cars rages on in the streets of L.A., Acting Assistant Chief Fritz Howard deploys Major Crimes to solve a tragic hit-and-run. Lt. Provenza, fed up with the never-ending contest to succeed Russell Taylor, considers retirement.

  • Sharon's son, Ricky, comes home unannounced while Major Crimes investigates what looks like the "follow home" murder of a retired LAPD fraud detective, who may have been killed for an arrest she made decades earlier.

  • Dr. Morales and his father, a retired detective from Uruguay, arrive at the crime scene where a body is forty feet up a tree surrounded by loose pot.

  • A murder case takes an unexpected turn at trial when defense attorney Linda Rothman is able to destroy Det. Amy Sykes's credibility on the stand.

  • When a young one-man-geek-squad is discovered in the middle of his Atwater living room with his throat slit, his roommate and some unwitting customers become suspects, especially after it is revealed he was blackmailing them all.

  • Captain Sharon Raydor and the Major Crimes Division's investigation into the murder of a young woman found in the LA River is obstructed by a private PI working for a tech industry millionaire and Deputy Chief Winnie Davis.

  • The Major Crimes unit gets closer to the elusive mastermind behind the Dwight Darnell murders; Buzz and Rusty's investigation into the murder of Buzz's father comes to an end.

  • The Major Crimes division continues to examine the conspiracy behind Dwight Darnell's killings and his connections to the Zyklon-Brotherhood. Sharon Raydor, troubled by her own reactions to the case, looks for penance in the Ritual of Confession.

  • While trying to clear up lose ends from their investigation of a group of White Supremacists, Major Crimes detectives evaluate the trial of serial killer Dwight Darnell, and wind up facing their most deadly case ever while Rusty's psychologist, Dr. Joe, encounters an unexpected confrontation that places his life in jeopardy.

  • While examining a homicide that has personal implications for Sanchez, the squad discovers a much larger criminal operation. In the meantime, Buzz confronts someone that may have been present at his father's killing.

  • The team investigates a divorce attorney who has angry clients and Lt. Tao goes undercover. Plus, Buzz makes a break in the case and identifies a suspect.

  • Lts. Andy Flynn and Mike Tao dive into the strange overdose of a young Hollywood celebrity and the path of emotional destruction he left in his wake, while Rusty finally comes to a decision about how to deal the pregnancy of his biological mother (Ever Carradine).

  • When a shootout in a tow yard leaves three persons deceased, Major Crimes must hurry to locate a disturbed man with a bag filled with guns and a long list of grievances before he strikes again. Meanwhile, Rusty pushes against LAPD policy trying to find more evidence pertaining to the killing of Buzz's father and uncle.

  • When a couple of British tourists get assaulted on their second honeymoon during a Venice Beach robbery, L.A.'s twenty billion dollar tourist industry is endangered by an English journalist following their tragedy to a career high. Meanwhile, Rusty's biological mom attempts to make peace with him over her pregnancy.

  • Body parts are discovered charred in a barbecue pit at a Los Angeles park, and Det. Sanchez's reaction to the gruesome killing threatens his application to become a foster dad.

  • Surprising developments open up a new investigation when Flynn hunts for a new home and reaches out to Provenza and Buzz for assistance. Meanwhile, Buzz continues searching into his father's murder.

  • Following an ISIS-inspired attack against a member of the US Armed Services, the FBI request for Captain Raydor's assistance in finding a terrorist, as Major Crimes unites with the Bureau in a race against the clock before the terrorist can hit again.

  • The murder of a Sex Crimes detective leads Major Crimes into the world of pornography; Rusty's biological mother returns with some surprising news.

  • The Major Crimes crew inspects the mysterious vanishing of a teenage girl, who disappeared while helping at a homeless shelter, while Buzz reopens the decades old cold case file on the killing of his father and uncle. Andy Flynn thinks about selling his house.

  • The final episode of "Hindsight" ties all the loose ends of seven killings together, with the possible suspects down to three. Mark Hickman faces the truth, at last, concerning his past as Sharon Raydor utilizes a very unreliable witness. Provenza and Patrice resolve their wedding problems.

  • When more clues come to the surface about victims from the past, and how they are associated with the murders of the present, Lt, Cooper and Amy Sykes get tangled in an unexpected fire arms brawl. Sharon finally discovers the information she needs for leverage against Rev. Price, his lawyer and Mark Hickman as she makes her way onward toward the truth.

  • Sharon and Major Crimes hurry to make the most of a surprising discovery made in a place of worship. Stephanie and Sanchez's link strengthens as they bond over lost loved ones. Rusty finds out from Provenza that his real mother's ex, Gary, is on the run from the law. Tao's partner from the past pushes him over the edge.

  • A woman and her young son are shot and killed while driving through a gang area in the wrong colored car. The gun used in the killing ends up being connected to the most disturbing unsolved homicides in the history of LAPD. Captain Sharon Raydor and her team try to solve the mystery and Amy Sykes forms an unstable alliance with a discredited past LAPD investigator who has both a corrupt history and a novel theory.

  • Sharon and the crew trail a demented killer making his own film using his victims as the stars.

  • The daughter of a pro baseball pitcher turns up missing, and the Major Crimes team is brought to the limits of the justice system. Rusty is placed in a very uncomfortable position as Slider comes to the last part of his trial.

  • While Flynn is stuck at his desk due to his injuries, Sharon and the team look into the killing of an escaped diamond thief whose body was discovered by his bail bondsmen. Rusty is faced with difficulty when Marianna's brother finds out about his relationship with Slider.

  • Sharon and the team investigate the murder of a young man who was residing in a high-end apartment, but had no visible means of support. Meanwhile, Flynn suffers patiently through a visit with an overly cheerful physical therapist.

  • A road rage event occurs, as an angry driver in a pickup truck goes after a business executive and his spouse. Also, Flynn runs into a delay in his recovery as Thanksgiving gets closer, and Rusty finally gets an interview with Slider.

  • Sharon and her group look into a murder that happened amid the filming of a reality competition show contending married couples against each other. The case heavily influences Sanchez, relapsing memories of his deceased wife. Also, Rusty is introduced to Slider's lawyer.

  • Jack Raydor returns to defend a guy trying to withdraw his confession in the killing of his wife. The Major Crimes team suspects conspiracy due to a last-second video.

  • Four rich one percenters are found dead outside a hospital E.R. in a complicated murder that includes a huge list of suspects. Also, Rusty goes after an unthinkable subject for his up coming story on "Identity."

  • After Major Crimes identifies a murder victim as the son of State Superior Court Judge, the squad hunts through her current case load.

  • Rusty at last finds Alice Herrera's brother and reaches out to Sharon for help.

  • A previous kidnapping case is revisited after new information comes to light.

  • There's an officer-involved shooting so the Major Crimes unit must work extra hard to piece together this high stakes case of disguise.

  • Rusty continues to pursue his investigation of the Alice case with the help of a new friend.

  • The unit begins investigating a complicated shooting.

  • Buzz discovers a dead body in a hotel room, which could ruin Flynn and Provenza's plans to take the squad to a baseball game.

  • The team investigates the death of a supermodel who had connections to an arrogant celebrity photographer.

  • A body is found in a trunk.

  • The team investigate a double homicide related to several home invasions.

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