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In this crime drama, a troubled young man moves in with his relatives after his mother dies of a drug overdose. Turns out, his relatives are a gang of criminals led by his ruthless grandmother. The rest of his kin aren't much better, and life in the household is not easy.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on TNT
3 Seasons, 28 Episodes
June 14, 2016
Cast: Ellen Barkin, Shawn Hatosy, Ben Robson, Jake Weary
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Animal Kingdom Full Episode Guide

  • With the cops on their tail, the Cody boys try to pull off their first heist without Smurf and Baz. They return to find unexpected guests waiting at the house. Smurf demands that J get rid of them as she deals with a problem of her own in jail.

  • Smurf navigates prison politics in pursuit of a potential job. J pulls the Cody boys together to keep the family enterprise going. Nicky gets into serious trouble when she tries to impress an old friend.

  • J struggles to keep the family business afloat after Smurf enlists him to make sure all the bills get paid. Deran makes his own moves independent of the family. Pope learns the ins and outs of parenting as he cares for Lena, and Craig makes enemies in Mexico.

  • Baz fights for his life as the Cody boys figure out what their next move is in the aftermath of the shooting. Smurf gets some surprising news in jail and fields an offer from Pearce.

  • With Smurf in jail, Baz makes his move to run the family, but his brothers have other plans.

  • Baz puts his plan to take down Smurf in motion as Marco cashes in a favor with Craig and Deran. Meanwhile, Pope seeks the truth behind the reasons for Catherine's death.

  • As Craig leads the boys – and Nicky – in pirating the yacht, Smurf tries to find out who robbed her. Meanwhile, Baz considers what life would be like without Smurf calling all the shots.

  • When Baz bows out of the yacht heist, Craig and Deran consider their options. Meanwhile, Baz recruits J for a more personal job.

  • As cops press Amy about the church robbery, Pope diverts their suspicions. Craig plans an unusual heist of his own. Baz tails Smurf to find out what she's really hiding.

  • The guys contemplate how far they'll go to help Smurf eliminate Javi. Meanwhile, Nicky and J, shaken by events, inch closer together; and Baz shares new information about Catherine's vanishing.

  • As Javi ratchets up the pressure on Smurf, she enlists J to help her. Baz is confronted by a secret Catherine kept from him. Pope and Baz clash in the wake of the megachurch job.

  • As the boys put the megachurch heist in motion, Craig has second thoughts. Javi surprises Smurf with a visit.

  • With the bar set to open, Deran frets about telling Smurf about it. Pope and Amy go on a date, while Nicky must choose between Craig and J.

  • Smurf takes J to the desert for an old friend's wake. Baz visits Lucy in Mexico and Pope bonds with Amy from the megachurch while babysitting Lena. Deran considers what he'll risk to get a liquor license for the bar.

  • As Smurf adjusts to being sidelined, the boys scope out their next job. Deran needs quick cash, and Pope and Craig lend him a hand. Baz investigates Catherine's disappearance.

  • After a risky heist misfires, the boys blame Smurf, sending shock waves through the family. Baz copes with being a single parent, while Deran makes plans for the future.

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