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Grace Hanadarko is an Oklahoma City Detective who smokes and drinks a lot. After a long night of drinking she hops in her Porsche to go home and accidentally runs over a pedestrian and killing him. In desperation, she puts up her hands and asks for help from God and ends up meeting her "last-chance" Angel. When he appears before her he unfolds his wings and introduces himself as Earl. Grace is a little surprised that an angel is right in front of her.

Earl explains to Grace she must change her behavior or she will be sent to straight to Hell. She has to change soon which is why Earl was sent as a last resort. She agrees to change and give herself to God. Earl suddenly disappears as well as the pedestrian she had hit as if nothing had happened.

Later, Grace discovers that there is still blood on her shirt from the accident. She takes the shirt to a friend of hers in forensics to have it analyzed. Grace wants to find out who the victim was. When the results come back she is surprised to find that the victim was another person who had been frequently visited by Earl. He also happened to be an inmate on death-row.

Grace herself is a very kindhearted and generous person, but is being visited by Earl due to her self-destructive acts. He keeps urging her to seek help to correct her ways. Not only does she smoke and drink an awful lot, she also sleeps around and has one night stands, which include some of her co-workers. Besides that, she devotes a lot of her time to her very young nephew, whom she loves very much.

The show follows Grace as she tries to fix her mistakes and self-destructive ways while getting numerous visits from Earl. Through each crime scene and murder investigation, she believes it is what she should do to redeem herself and turn herself over to God. Though this show does have some religious content , it does not point out certain religions.

Saving Grace is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (48 episodes). The series first aired on July 23, 2007.

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4 Seasons, 48 Episodes
July 23, 2007
Cast: Holly Hunter, Leon Rippy, Kenny Johnson, Laura San Giacomo, Bailey Chase
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Saving Grace Full Episode Guide

  • Grace returns to Oklahoma City rejuvenated and with a new perspective on how to deal with crime. The family is still trying to grasp exactly what happened.

  • Grace has trouble dealing with a food issue and doesn't go to anybody for help to deal with it. Neely's having trouble moving when his drug problem spirals out of control. A friend of Butch's needs help getting out of a tough situation.

  • When a friend from his past returns, Butch must do some soul-searching just like Grace does when her grief leads her over the edge.

  • The accidental death of Esperanza makes Grace feel desolated and borderline suicidal, while Bobby and Butch investigate the murder by beheading of Ron Carter.

  • Grace may be able to tell god all the things she has done through her life because of her bond with Earl.

  • Grace gets to see a new sign of her nephew because the rock band is related to the murder case. Neely lives next door to Grace and begins withdrawal with help from Earl. Rhetta continues where she left off with Ronnie.

  • Grace's childhood friend is in jail for killing her husband; the squad investigates a young woman's disappearance.

  • As Grace continues to deal almost falling from a building, she also has to deal with the death of her grandfather. The squad the has to figure out which of the ranchers started a dispute and Rrhetta and learns to a secret about her daughter.

  • Grace decides to have it out with God, but a mysterious stranger has something to say about it; Ham struggles with his father now that Ham is dating his brother's widow.

  • After experiencing a major spiritual upheaval, Grace returns to Oklahoma City with a new sense of purpose.

  • As Grace deals with the aftermath of her dramatic fall from a building with Neely, she also struggles with the impending death of her grandfather, GeePaw (guest star August Schellenberg). Meanwhile the squad investigates a double homicide involving a water dispute between two ranchers, and Rhetta discovers a secret about her daughter.

  • The third season finale follows the investigation of an intruder shot at the home of a prominent doctor and philanthropist. Earl gives Grace some direction involving Neely; Ham provides interesting news for Grace; and problems between Rhetta and Ronnie come to a head.

  • The death of a parole officer opens up some hushed and harbored secrets. Meanwhile, Grace and her brother Johnny search for the Earl-connected drug addict, Neely. Also, Rhetta decides to make some personal changes after having problems at home.

  • Butch's reporter girlfriend covers the bizarre slaying of a drug company whistle blower in hopes for a big national scoop. Elsewhere, Grace's brother believes his neighbor has a dead body inside his home; and Johnny hopes to finally meet Grace's last-chance angel.

  • The team investigates the death of a man shot at home. The crime and it takes them back and to one and took place user earlier in Oklahoma. Grace and Kate get to utilize their gambling ability in order to solve the crime. Bobby gets reconnect with his father and ham gets in touch and with a spirit Grace finds something out about Ronnie.

  • Everybody rushes to find grace after she vanishes while catching a suspect.

  • Grace has to figure out why cows are dead and deal with Jewish Law at the same time.

  • The team is focused on a series of brutal home break-ins, but the latest one seems different than the others. Meanwhile, Matthew, a fellow angel of Earl's, is having trouble saving souls, and hones in on Earl's space.

  • A bomb goes off at St. Augustine, the church where Grace's brother Johnny serves as priest. Rhetta is distraught over family issues, but she's convinced that if she can find the time capsule she and Grace buried on her farm when they were children, everything will turn out okay. Grace continues spending time at Neely's bedside, while Earl has apparently been spending time with Neely in a more festive atmosphere.

  • Grace and her crew investigate the unusual suicide of a court reporter, and conclude the crime was staged. Elsewhere, Grace tries forming a bond with Neely, despite the fragile physical state of the young drug abuser; and Rhetta is close to losing something very special to her.

  • Grace ends up in the middle of what could be a plot by an anti-government group linked to the recent death of a police officer, as she reaches out to Neely, the young drug addict who shares visions of Earl. Grace's clumsy, off-the-books investigation causes Neely to become injured. Meanwhile, Grace and ham get caught in a compromising position, and Butch makes a surprise announcement.

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