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Rebecca 'Becca' Winstone's teenage son mysteriously disappears. Becca is determined to let nothing come between her and her mission to find him. Becca, a retired CIA agent, uses all available facilities in her worldwide search for her missing son. When her son, Michael, was a preteen, he witnessed his father's death by explosion in a car bomb. Michael's father, Paul Winstone, was an active CIA agent at the time of his death. There is concern that Michael's disappearance may be related to his parents' involvement in the CIA.

Along the way, Becca discovers the truth about her ex-husband and her former lover, an Interpol agent. She also discovers that she is in the middle of an international conspiracy involving her former lover and the CIA.

The story begins as Becca is running her flower shop with her business partner and friend. Michael tells his mom that he's been accepted into an architecture program in far-off Rome, Italy for the summer. Becca reluctantly consents. After a week with no further word from her son, she receives a call from the school informing her that Michael has mysteriously moved out of his dorm. Concerned, she travels to Rome to try and locate her son.

Once there, she discovers that Michael has been kidnapped to France and is likely being held for ransom or political leverage. In France, Becca strategically gets arrested so she can confront the deputy chief of French Intelligence, Antoine Lussier. After meeting with him, she makes a deal to deliver a hard drive he seeks containing damaging information about him. In turn, he will use his official position to find her son. It turns out that the hard drive is actually a real person with damaging knowledge and information about the deputy chief.

Becca and Harddrive work together to discover the truth behind the deputy chief's motives. In Lussier's computer she discovers that Lussier has curiously scheduled an emergency flight to leave soon. She rushes to the site and sees her son being forced onto the plane. A subsequent CIA intervention and inspection of the plane reveals no Michael.

Becca follows clues to try and locate her son who, it is soon revealed, is in Russia. In captivity, he meets a girl, Oksana. Oksana was put there to gain his trust. However, they soon become allies and escape their joint captivity.

Along the way, Becca discovers that her ex-husband's death by explosion was staged. He is very much alive. Together, they work to find Michael.

A trusted friend of Becca and Paul Winstone, Martin Newman, who was also Becca's CIA mentor, is eventually revealed to be the force behind Michael's kidnapping. After Becca and Paul discover that information, they pursue him. Finally, Becca has a showdown with Newman on the top of a Turkish temple and kills him.

In the end, the reunited Winstones are in Prague for a vacation. Becca walks to the car to retrieve something. While there, another car causes a crash that involves Becca's car. The camera shows that the other car is driverless. Becca's car has blood on the seat but Becca is missing.

From the first episode to the tenth, final episode, international intrigue, high adventure and fast action are the major elements of this one-season wonder on ABC.

Missing is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (55 episodes). The series first aired on March 15, 2012.

Missing is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Missing on demand atAmazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel Free, Google Play, iTunes, Pluto TV online.

3 Seasons, 55 Episodes
March 15, 2012
Cast: Mark Consuelos, Dean McDermott, Justina Machado, Vivica A. Fox, Gloria Reuben
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Missing Full Episode Guide

  • The team search for an escaped convict who was found guilty of killing her husband and five young girls, while Jess warns Antonio he may be in danger.

  • Jess and Colin investigate the disappearance of an undercover operative, while Nicole tries to make amends with her mother.

  • The team travel to Budapest in search of a man who goes missing after having plastic surgery.

  • The team investigate the disappearance of a student during half-term and uncover a disturbing secret.

  • The team investigate the disappearance of an oil magnate's son. Nicole tries to hide the effects of her accident.

  • Twin girls go missing and the case is complicated further when their parents are found murdered.

  • Jess's holiday is interrupted when Nicole's nephew goes missing.

  • The team search for the protagonist of a school hostage situation.

  • A federal prosecutor is kidnapped, while Nicole and Antonio's relationship reaches crisis point.

  • A legal secretary goes missing, and the team faces psychiatric assessments.

  • A man escapes custody before his trial, kills two policemen and kidnaps a woman.

  • The team hunt for a boy after he disappears while in his grandmother's care.

  • The agents search for a wealthy businessman who vanished from his hotel - and believe his girlfriend holds the key to his disappearance. Ordered off the case, Pollock puts his job in jeopardy to continue the hunt.

  • A disturbing vision leads Jess to a 10-year-old skeleton, but she and Nicole are ordered off the case when the remains are identified. Drama in which a psychic woman becomes an agent to helps the FBI search for missing people.

  • A mother and her children witness the kidnapping of a woman in a car park. The agents investigate, and discover the victim is concealing a horrifying secret - which gives Nicole cause for concern.

  • Jess uses her powers to search for a boy who survived a hurricane in North Carolina. When the child is abducted, suspicion falls on his father, whose wife left him and their son two years ago. Meanwhile, the psychic finds herself attracted to a man she catches breaking into a car.

  • Part two of two. While the team deals with an abducted baby's traumatised mother, Jess has difficulty visualising the infant's whereabouts because of its lack of life experience. Meanwhile, Nicole and Antonio continue to conceal their relationship from their fellow agent.

  • A scientist disappears while in possession of a deadly virus - causing Jess and Nicole to suspect a government agency may be behind the kidnapping.

  • The sister of Antonio's ex-wife is kidnapped, prompting Jess and Nicole to investigate whether it was an act of revenge.

  • The husband of a missing woman becomes the prime suspect in her disappearance. Jess and Nicole delve into the family's history - revealing a significant secret.

  • The team finds a near-dead man in the boot of a car. It becomes apparent that he is suffering from amnesia, and may be linked to the disappearance of an heiress.

  • Part One Part one of two. The team is drafted in to help when two people disappear from the same town.

  • The team searches for a woman who was last seen delivering subpoenas - and discovers one of the people she visited has also vanished. Meanwhile, Jess worries that her job is ruining her social life

  • A well-known singer's bodyguard is injured in a horrific car crash, and the singer has vanished - so Jess and Nicole step in to investigate.

  • Jess and Nicole investigate when the daughter of a senator's senior adviser is kidnapped, and suspect the disappearance may be linked to a missing reporter.

  • An empty patrol car is found with blood on the dashboard, leading Jess and Nicole into an investigation of corruption within the local law enforcement team.

  • A woman is found murdered in Central Park, but the body disappears before the killer can be found - while Jess's dreams revolve around the victim in an electric chair.

  • A teenager storms out of her house, and returns to find her parents and brother have vanished - making herself and her boyfriend the prime suspects. However, a body is found that throws the case wide open.

  • Jess and Nicole investigate when a busload of people go missing during a casino tour.

  • Jess and Nicole help a widow find her long-lost son - whom she believed to be dead.

  • Jess and Nicole follow the trail of a woman feared to be dead - but realise they may become the targets of a serial killer instead.

  • Jess trains to be an FBI agent at the organisation's facility in Quantico, before joining up with new partner Nicole Scott to investigate a teenage girl's disappearance from a shopping mall.

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