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The television series Trauma seemed to have all the right elements. It was gritty, well-written and well-acted. Plus, it had a great cast, but the series was short-lived. Initially, there were only thirteen episodes made and Trauma was cancelled only four weeks after it debuted. NBC did broadcast all thirteen episodes it had ordered before the cancellation. Also, the network changed its mind and ordered three more episodes, which also aired. The series finale aired in April of 2010.

Trauma was hard-hitting and highly dramatic and featured fast-paced action. The show centered on the lives and daily rescues made by several San Francisco paramedics and is very similar to another NBC show called Third Watch. Third Watch enjoyed more success than Trauma and ran for six seasons.

Trauma depicted the dangers of the profession and showed the toll it can take on those who work in this field. Peter Berg, the Executive producer, wanted to take the viewers on an adventure and this show certainly did live up to that premise. Week-after week viewers saw the dedication of the paramedics who went to extremes on land, sea and in the air to reach victims and try to save their lives.

The seven diverse paramedics were played by Aimee Garcia as former strict army pilot Marisa Benez and Cliff Curtis as rule-bending Reuben "Rabbit" Palchuck. The two clashed at first but learned to get along as the show progressed. The rest of the cast were all rig drivers. Nancy was portrayed by Anastasia Griffith. Taylor Kinney played Glen, and Boone was portrayed by Derek Luke. Kevin Rankin played Tyler. Jamey Sheridan portrayed Dr. Joe who oversaw all the cases brought to him at San Francisco General by the seven dedicated paramedics.

The characters interacted well together, and it seemed as if Trauma was destined to be a hit, but the show never got the audience it deserved. Despite its short run, the action-packed, intense and gripping drama is not a bad show to watch and is sure to appeal to those who love a good drama.

Trauma is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (19 episodes). The series first aired on September 28, 2009.

Where do I stream Trauma online? Trauma is available for streaming on NBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Trauma on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

1 Season, 19 Episodes
September 28, 2009
Cast: Derek Luke, Anastasia Griffith, Aimee Garcia, Kevin Rankin, Taylor Kinney
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Trauma Full Episode Guide

  • A problem with dispatch creates chaos when medics are sent scrambling to the wrong locations. Marisa reconnects with her army buddy Casey but their visit takes a dark turn. Boone plans a surprise party for Tyler's birthday. Elsewhere, Nancy, who has a lot on her plate as she deals with a terminal cancer patient, ponders the next step with Rabbit in their relationship.

  • Glenn asks his co-workers to share experiences for his book.

  • Nancy and her father clash over his new role as head of the trauma center.

  • Nancy ignores protocol while treating a high-school cheerleader; Rabbit and Marisa are quarantined after being exposed to a patient with meningitis; a misunderstanding tests Boone's partnership with Tyler.

  • Glenn and Nancy are caught in the crossfire when San Francisco is taken hostage by a sniper; Boone tries to get used to Tyler's new paramedic status.

  • Rabbit has a breakthrough in therapy that reveals a traumatic event from his past. Meanwhile, Nancy and Dianas difference of opinion puts a patients life at risk. Elsewhere, Tyler and Boone consider their futures, as Glenn reaches a career milestone.

  • Glenn handles a procedure by the book and loses a patient, bringing the whole station under a "probie curse." Meanwhile, Rabbit's suspension leads him to mandatory therapy sessions to regain his wings as his relationship with Nancy intensifies. Elsewhere, Marisa deals with a new partner, while Boone and Tyler have a patient jump out of the rig.

  • Nancy must face one of her greatest phobias while treating a construction worker trapped underground after falling down a manhole. Meanwhile, Rabbit and Marisa are on the scene of a bank robbery to treat the injured. Elsewhere, Boone has a new position and his first decision may jeopardize the career of one of his own.

  • Thanksgiving plans are put on hold after an airplane goes down.

  • The trauma team's Thanksgiving plans are put on hold when an airplane is forced down.

  • A boat crash causes chaos at a joyous occasion, bringing SF's finest into action.

  • Glenn's attempt to follow his heart puts his career and safety on the line.

  • A routine shift takes a dangerous turn when Nancy and Glenn find themselves on the other side of the trauma.

  • It's Halloween time in San Francisco and anything can happen. Tyler and Boone are on the scene when a Halloween party erupts in chaos. Meanwhile, Nancy and Glenn's shift takes an unusual turn. Elsewhere, a secret that can change a partnership is revealed .

  • Tyler and Boone are called following an explosion at a Chinese restaurant. Meanwhile, Nancy's training is put to the test, and Rabbit reacts to a bumpy flight.

  • Boone's marital problems come second when an arm man starts to shoot in a rampage at an office. This problem forces Rabbit and Nancy to work together for the first time in over a year, with a injured hostages. Meanwhile, Marisa learns that she's more similar to Rabbit than she thought.

  • Lives hang in the balance when a car crashes into a local street fair. Nancy is assigned to a new partner, while Rabbit teaches Marisa a lesson.

  • When an emergency occurs, the San Francisco City Hospital trauma team is the first on the scene no matter where the victims are. Flight medic Reuben "Rabbit" Palchuk, paramedics Cameron Boone and Nancy Carnahan, rookie pilot Marisa Benez, EMTs Tyler Briggs and Glenn Morris, and mentor Dr. Joe Saviano must fly into action when tragedy strikes close to home.

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