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This crime drama miniseries focuses on Maya Cobbina, a British lawyer conducting a long-term legal fight to prove the innocence of US death row inmate Rudy Joneson. Her work on the case proves that she is more than qualified to become the Director of Public Prosecutions, but her husband's secret past may compromise her new job. Maya discovers that her husband, who is a former undercover officer, has been lying to her for years and he may not be the man she thought. As she decides to dive deeper into his past to uncover the truth, he works harder to keep his former identity a secret from his family and the public.

Undercover is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (60 episodes). The series first aired on November 17, 2016.

Where do I stream Undercover online? Undercover is available for streaming on BBC One, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Undercover on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on BBC One
5 Seasons, 60 Episodes
November 17, 2016
Drama Mini-Series
Cast: Sophie Okonedo, Adrian Lester, Daniel Ezra, Shannon Hayes
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Undercover Full Episode Guide

  • 12

  • Popov lets Errol go and leaves him to decide which side to take. In times when Ivo feels untouchable, Dorothea decides to clear her conscience and gives all the evidence of his crimes to the Prosecution. Popov ensures her safety as a protected witness. Ivo is ruined. Dorothea and Errol decide to flee but police and Popov ambush them.

  • Shaken by Martin's death, Popov returns to the police and takes the investigation of his murder. In his meetings with Errol, he begins to suspect that he is the killer and forces him to admit it. At the end, Errol's guilty conscience makes him surrender. Popov puts him handcuffs and calls the police

  • Errol gets his flash drive back before Ivo can open it and see the files it contents. Nia realizes that the prescription of the crime committed by Ivo has expired, and she can no longer manipulate him with it. She becomes his property. She is forced to break with Errol in order to protect him.

  • Errol loses his confidence in Martin and begins to simulate activity and to send him to the wrong track. Martin realizes that Errol is lying to him, and, furious, arrests him in front of Ivo

  • After Ivo saves Errol's life, risking his own, Errol hesitates which are the good and which are the bad. Ivo fascinates him with his "sincere gangster" philosophy. Martin completely loses Erol's confidence after sacrificing the life of one of his closest subordinates in the police department.

  • Ivo trusts Errol more and more. He assignes him to assist the liquid drug transportation to the factory. Errol reports to Martin about the drugs supply and they both persuade the police to take an action at the third shipment.However, driven by ambition, Martin rushes and puts Errol's life in danger.

  • Ivo and Sasho open their garments factory with great success. Martin decides to attack it but, despite Errol's warnings, he pushes on and the mission severely fails. Errol breaks his principles and has sex with Nia, Ivo is in front of the door, about to catch them.

  • Nia helps Ivo prove to the Italians that he is "Il Cane" and this way forces him to work together. He begins raising funds through extortion of petty mobsters, Errol actively participates in all shares and wins Ivo's liking. This embitters Ronnie and he makes a trap to Errol to make it fails to Ivo. Martin warns Errol and he managed to escape.

  • Errol goes on his first assignment given by Ivo and brings him one of Dzharo's people. The man gives Ivo invaluable information on an Italian drug trafficking corridor run by Dzharo under the nickname Il Cane. Ivo risks and introduces himself as Il Cane. However, Nia who attends the meeting with the Italians too, knows the truth about Ivo.

  • Errol gets a new mission - to infiltrate himself in Ivo's gang. Ivo, however, has imposed severe loyalty tests and the task seems impossible. Errol helps him seize a lost shipment of drugs and thinks he has earned his confidence, but after the action Ivo commissions Raphael to kill him.

  • Martin knows Dzharo's murder will leave Popov in the clear. Ivo has new plans to take over more business.

  • Dzharo is wanted by both the police and the Turkish mafia. The Turkish mafia kidnap his daughter to lure him in.

  • An extensive police operation demolishes the Turkish mafia in Bulgaria. Faruk calls for Popov's death.

  • Dzharo initiates a huge heroin smuggling. Ivo's conviction depends on a prostitute's testimony. Popov learns the final clue to defeat the Turkish drug scheme.

  • Revenge is sought for the casino hit.The Hook comes face to face with one of his family's murderers.

  • Popov has a new lead on a money laundering scheme. Chaos erupts outside of a casino.

  • Ivo and the Hook have a falling-out. Martin must reestablish his loyalty to the police, so he seeks help from the inside.

  • The Lizard takes down Ivo's drug lab, which results in a massive a mob war. Martin and the Hook aren't convinced of The Lizard's newfound power.

  • A huge heroin shipment is executed via refugees and corrupt customs officers. Martin shares intel with the Hook on his family's murderers.

  • Ivo plans an attack on Dzharo at the beach. Dzharo's daughter organizes a meeting with him, but has unexpected guests. A car chase breaks out at the resort.

  • Dzharo plots for a massive drug transport through the ports. Ivo and the Hook come to disrupt his plan but trouble awaits them.

  • Martin is back to join Popov's new crew in the Organized Crime Unit. Ivo still runs the streets evading trouble through his front business. The Turkish mob strikes the Hook's family, which makes him hungry for revenge

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