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"Miss Marple" is one of the most beloved characters from the mystery books by Agatha Christie. She is sweet and a humble octogenarion who is often involved in a murder mystery. The BBC series was on the air in the United Kingdom from 1984 to 1992 and was released in the United States courtesy of PBS Television. In a nutshell, Miss Marple is a woman who lives in the village of St. Mary Mead in England and is an amateur detective. On her travels across the English countryside she encouters many mysteries and unsavory characters with murder on their minds.

When Marple stumbles onto a murder, she must use her instincts and high intelligence to find out who has perpetrated the murder, taking time to review the clues in her mind as she investigates a murder in each episode. Often enough, she encounters people who are not what they seem to be in reality, giving her the chance to figure out who is capable of commiting murder and who is not. Marple is careful, because investigating murder can be a dangerous undertaking for someone of her age. On one case she travels to the sunny Carribean Island of Barbados, only to find that three murders have occured during her stay.

Another episode involves an older Hollywood actress who is a target of a murder plot. However, when another woman is killed instead of the actress, Miss Marple must sort out the details of the truth of the tragedy that are not printed in the local gossip rags. Only when Marple discovers that the actress has fabricated the whole attempted murder scheme by poisoning her own drink and giving it to an admirer. It only shows that Marple can sort out any sordid scheme and malignent plot that is concocted. Next to Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple is one of the time honored characters created by Christie.

With the advent of DVD and BluRay distrubution, this series can be enjoyed at home by all members of the family. Sit back, press play and enjoy the show.

Miss Marple is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on December 25, 1989.

Where do I stream Miss Marple online? Miss Marple is available for streaming on BBC One, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Miss Marple on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

2 Seasons, 17 Episodes
December 25, 1989
Crime, Drama
Cast: Joan Hickson, Margaret Tyzack, Helen Cherry, Anna Cropper
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Miss Marple Full Episode Guide

  • Miss Marple resolves to clear her friend's son's name, and in turn finds that love can inspire murder as much as hate.

  • Miss Marple receives a letter from a deceased friend, leading her to try to clear the name of her friend's son.

  • Miss Jane Marple pays a visit to her friend Carrie-Louise Serrocold, whose rambling country manor also serves as a home for wayward boys.

  • A couple's new dream home becomes a nightmare when the young wife sees a vision of a strangled woman in the hall. Was she murdered or is she yet to be killed?

  • A friend asks Miss Marple to investigate a crime. Instead of giving any clues, he books her on a coach tour of historic homes. Murder is on the itinerary.

  • When the hated Colonel Protheroe is found murdered in the sleepy village of St Mary Mead, Miss Marple is puzzled why so many people want to confess.

  • There is something rather too perfect about Bertram's Hotel, Miss Marple decides during a stay there in London. Even the murder seems rehearsed.

  • A City financier is found dead having been poisoned, and when Miss Marple hears the news, she is sure she knows why.

  • A nasty case of poison-pen letters brings Miss Marple to the East Anglian village of Lymston.

  • Inquisitive Jane Marple comes to the aid of her friend Elspeth in this riveting mystery. En route to visiting the sleuth, Elspeth sees the strangling death of a woman aboard a train -- but the police can't find a corpse.

  • Who is the strange young blonde lying strangled in the library of Gossington Hall? Fortunately for the Bantrys, Miss Marple is their neighbor.

  • An old nursery rhyme comes true in a grotesque double murder. Only Miss Marple sees the connection and that the next victim will be an old acquaintance - unless she can uncover the murderer in time.

  • In this twisty whodunit, Miss Jane Marple employs her considerable sleuthing skills to solve a murder at the home of actress Marina Gregg.

  • Everyone in Chipping Cleghorn is intrigued by the advertisement predicting a murder at Little Paddocks. But when the lights go out at the appointed hour, no one thinks it's a joke any more.

  • Even on holiday in Barbados, Jane Marple can't stop sleuthing. When fellow guest Major Palgrave reveals that he's carrying a killer's picture and is later found dead, she wonders whether Palgrave's tale was true.