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Kojak is a television drama series that aired from 1973 to 1978. It is a police procedural show set in New York City and stars Telly Savalas as the titular character, Theo Kojak, a police detective in the NYPD. The show is famous for its iconic opening sequence featuring Savalas' shaved head and the popular catchphrase, "Who loves ya, baby?".

The show was created by Abby Mann, who also wrote the screenplay for the 1961 movie, Judgment at Nuremberg. The series was produced by Universal Studios and aired on CBS.

The series follows Kojak, a tough-talking, streetwise detective with a heart of gold. He is known for his unconventional methods, his sharp wit, and his love of lollipops. Kojak's colleagues include Captain Frank McNeil (Dan Frazer), detectives Bobby Crocker (Kevin Dobson) and Stavros (George Savalas), and later, Officer Winston Blake (Andre Braugher).

Throughout the series, Kojak and his team investigate a range of crimes, including murder, drug trafficking, and organized crime. Kojak is a master of interrogation and often uses his street smarts to get to the bottom of a case. He is also known for his strong moral compass and his commitment to justice, often putting his own life on the line to catch a criminal.

One of the highlights of the series is the chemistry between Telly Savalas and his co-stars. The actors all bring their unique personalities to their roles, and the banter between Kojak and his colleagues is one of the show's most enjoyable aspects. The addition of Andre Braugher as Officer Winston Blake in later seasons added a fresh dynamic to the show.

Another standout feature of Kojak is its gritty portrayal of New York City in the 1970s. The show captures the city's seedy underbelly, its corrupt officials, and its tough-as-nails citizens. The show's use of location shooting adds to its authenticity, and the depiction of the city's streets, alleys, and neighborhoods creates a vivid sense of place.

The show also features a number of notable guest stars, including Sylvester Stallone, who appeared in an early episode as a thuggish criminal, and Sally Kirkland, who played Kojak's love interest in several episodes.

While Kojak is known for its tough, streetwise style, the show also had a softer side. Many episodes explore Kojak's personal life, including his relationship with his long-suffering girlfriend, nurse Ingrid (played by Julie Gregg). We see Kojak as a lonely, vulnerable figure, struggling to balance his personal and professional lives.

Overall, Kojak is a classic police procedural series that stands the test of time. The show's strong writing, excellent cast, and gritty portrayal of New York City make it a must-see for fans of the genre. Telly Savalas' iconic performance as Theo Kojak is a testament to his talent as an actor, and the show remains a beloved part of television history.

Kojak is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (125 episodes). The series first aired on October 24, 1973.

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In Full Command
22. In Full Command
March 18, 1978
After being rejected for a promotion, a disgruntled inspector sees a current case as a way to boost his career.
60 Miles to Hell
21. 60 Miles to Hell
March 11, 1978
Crocker is taken hostage while trying to transport a prisoner back to New York.
Photos Must Credit Joe Paxton
20. Photos Must Credit Joe Paxton
March 4, 1978
A photographer (Tige Andrews) becomes the prime suspect in a jewel theft and the phony kidnapping of a former actress (Antoinette Bower) whom he photographs.
May the Horse Be With You
19. May the Horse Be With You
February 25, 1978
A retired police officer is injured after attempting to prevent the theft of a race horse that he illegally housed in the NYPD stables.
The Halls of Terror
18. The Halls of Terror
February 18, 1978
Kojak and the detectives go undercover in a local hospital in order to investigate a string of murders that have been occurring while the victims were on duty.
No License to Kill
17. No License to Kill
February 11, 1978
Kojak offers to help a jealous police officer search for a professional hit man.
The Captain's Brother's Wife
16. The Captain's Brother's Wife
February 4, 1978
Kojak tries to protect Captain McNeil's widowed sister-in-law from big-time gamblers.
Chain of Custody
15. Chain of Custody
January 28, 1978
Kojak is suspended after reacting to an incompetent district attorney who failed to convict a known killer.
14. Mouse
January 21, 1978
Kojak encounters a case in which a highly respected surgeon may be performing unnecessary procedures in order to use the money to pay off gambling debts.
Justice for All
13. Justice for All
January 7, 1978
While Kojak is contemplating leaving the police department to become a law firm's investigator, a series of recent drug-related deaths begins to overshadow his decision.
I Could Kill My Wife's Lawyer
12. I Could Kill My Wife's Lawyer
December 24, 1977
A detective (Joey Aresco) believes that his wife's divorce lawyer (David Ladd) hired an arsonist to destroy his boat.
Case Without a File
11. Case Without a File
December 17, 1977
Kojak poses as a murdered private investigator in order to find out why the man was killed.
The Summer of '69 (2)
10. The Summer of '69 (2)
December 10, 1977
Kojak is framed when he gets too close to discovering the truth in a serial murder investigation.
The Summer of '69 (1)
9. The Summer of '69 (1)
December 4, 1977
Kojak must reopen a case in which the prime suspect accused of murdering three women was gunned down in a shootout with him. Now, eight years later, the murders have started again, and it appears that Kojak may have killed the wrong man.
Tears for All Who Loved Her
8. Tears for All Who Loved Her
November 20, 1977
Crocker falls for a woman while investigating the death of her mobster husband.
Letters of Death
7. Letters of Death
November 13, 1977
Anonymous messages begin turning up informing a model that someone close to her is in danger of being murdered.
Caper on a Quiet Street
6. Caper on a Quiet Street
November 6, 1977
A woman is Kojak's only link to finding $6 million, but her boyfriend (Armand Assante) has other plans.
Once More from Birdland
5. Once More from Birdland
October 30, 1977
A singer (Andrea Marcovicci) is determined to prove her wrongfully imprisoned father innocent after he has spent 14 years in prison.
Cry for the Kids
4. Cry for the Kids
October 23, 1977
A teenager accidentally kills a gangster's hired hand while robbing him, only to have a rival gangster hire him to take out the competition in order to gain control over the neighborhood.
Laid Off
3. Laid Off
October 16, 1977
A laid-off police officer with two jobs and a sick wife takes a bribe under pressure from a loan shark.
A Strange Kind of Love
2. A Strange Kind of Love
October 9, 1977
A psychotic killer thinks that a television talk show host is subliminally brainwashing him to murder.
The Queen of Hearts is Wild
1. The Queen of Hearts is Wild
October 2, 1977
The girlfriend of a local gangster who hates Kojak is the only witness in the murder of a police officer.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 24, 1973
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (8,828)