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The television show Conviction is an American drama that has had a few successful seasons. It is a continuation of the Law & Order series, Trial by Jury. The main character in the Law & Order series, Cabot, gets a legal job as the Chief ADA. In addition to Cabot, there were other characters from the Law & Order show that started acting in Conviction. Conviction was produced because writers wanted a more interesting show that would capture people's attention more. The old Law & Order series and the Conviction show helped start the trend of legal drama films.

Conviction will explore the details of the characters' personal lives and background stories. Fans of the Law & Order TV series will easily connect with the characters of the Conviction show.

Conviction is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on March 3, 2006.

Where do I stream Conviction online? Conviction is available for streaming on UMS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Conviction on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Sling, Google Play, iTunes online.

1 Season, 20 Episodes
March 3, 2006
Cast: Eric Balfour, Jordan Bridges, Milena Govich, Stephanie March
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Conviction Full Episode Guide

  • About to win two million dollars playing poker, William, known as "The Killer", is been thrown out of a window. In the Parisian palace where the poker tournament was held, Elisabeth Brochene and Emilie Jeanson have no doubts concerning this crime: one of the finalists must be the murderer.

  • A young man is killed by a lion in Europe's biggest animal sanctuary. Given where the attack took place and the way the metal doors were opened, Elisabeth Broch

  • A bike races into a springboard in a mall. It takes on more and more speed when suddenly, a large black truck stands in its way. The biker is thrown high into the air and crashes heavily into the ground. He is just stunned and is trying his best to regain his senses when the truck backs up and runs over him.

  • Lieutenant Jeanson (No

  • A young student from the suburbs is poisoned and collapses during an oral examination. On the scene, our Deputy Prosecutor and the Lieutenant learn that the victim came from the parallel stream, namely, admission quotas established by the school to allow students from diverse neighborhoods to integrate the school.

  • A disturbing burglar wearing a rat mask hits the shop of a dealer in precious stones. A few days later, a man is found dead at his home. Prosecutor Elisabeth Brochene and Lieutenant Emilie Jeanson will have a hard time solving a mystery that thickens when they discover that the heart of this case is a famous stolen diamond, The Big Blue, which disappeared 10 years ago.

  • The two murder suspects take over the courthouse, holding several members of the DA's office hostage as they try to negotiate a way out.

  • The DAs are under mounting pressure when a congressman's daughter is murdered. Now they must race to indict the suspect -- the bouncer at the club where she was last seen.

  • Potter takes over a drug case from Rossi, and though it is an easy win, he manages to screw it up badly. For Desmond's latest case, he's forced to deal with an Upper West Side couple and a fortune teller. Meanwhile, Cabot has a lavish engagement party and Finn and Peluso have an "almost" date.

  • A well-known female attorney is accused of murdering her husband and opts to represent herself as she goes up against Steele.

  • Peluso runs into a "wall of blue" as he prosecutes a cop-shooter. Finn and Potter are called into Cabot's office where she informs them that they will be taking acting classes to improve on their court appearance.

  • Potter takes on a case that seems to be an easy win, but it becomes more complex when a priest demands that all charges be dropped. Rossi works on a rape case; Desmond gets together with a group of high-powered black men to network; and Finn works on a lawsuit.

  • Potter is mugged when he tries to make contact with a witness to his latest case. Peluso finds out that his girlfriend cheated on him right before they plan to move in together. Rossi is able to strike a deal in a case involving a model who claims to have been raped by a business executive. Steele works on a case dealing with a suspicious suicide.

  • Peluso is pressued by his girlfriend that he recently got back together with. When Christina is low on case work, she is sent to help out a mean prosecutor. Meanwhile, Cabot debates hiring an image consultant; Potter fills in for Desmond on a case that has tragic consequences; and Rossi is put in the middle of a family problem while prosecuting a deaf girl's boyfriend for stabbing the girl's father.

  • Against orders, Potter refuses to settle on a case, but ends up winning. Desmond keeps up his undefeated streak and later has a one-night-stand with a woman who works for the courthouse. Meanwhile, Steele cancels his date with Rossi and ends up hooking up with Cabot.

  • Nick goes on a ride-along with two cops, which lands Potter in a meeting with Internal Affairs. Rossi prosecutes a wife beater, but the case hits close to home when she learns that her mother is leaving her father due to abuse.

  • At a birthday party, Potter witnesses his friend take out cocaine. Potter leaves the party immediately, but when his friend is later arrested, he asks Potter for help. Potter turns the case over to Desmond, but fails to tell him the whole story about the night. Meanwhile, Cabot goes on an anti-drug campaign and Peluso prosecutes a grandmother for heroine possession.

  • Deputy DA Steele prosecutes Evan, a 14-year-old who murdered his older brother with a baseball bat, as an adult. But the teen's father takes a stance in court that could cost his son dearly. Meanwhile, ADA Peluso looks into a case in which a high school athlete, Rashard, was arrested for a hate crime against a gay man who was blackmailing him. investigates a promising high school athlete Rashard arrested for a hate crime against a gay man who was blackmailing him. Rossi tries to convince a prostitute to testify in her own rape trial.Elsewhere, a jealous Steele checks up on Rossi's romantic life; Finn preps for a blind date; and Peluso tries to help out a loan shark to whom he's in debt.

  • Nick Potter joins the New York District Attorney's Office after leaving a private firm. Alexandra Cabot leads the firm and is in the middle of prosecuting a drug dealers. The Assistant D.A.s are stunned to find out that one of their own has been gunned down and one them might be the one who caused it.

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'Conviction' Won't Get a Second Season on ABC

No network has officially cancelled any of its new shows yet this season, but this week, one drama on a broadcast network got news that is almost as bad as a cancellation.