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In this political drama series, a low-level Cabinet member suddenly finds himself the President of the United States when most of the administration is killed in a terrorist attack. What happens when someone unqualified for the job is promoted to the presidency? This fictional series explores that fantastical possibility.

2 Seasons, 43 Episodes
September 21, 2016
Drama, Horror & Suspense
Cast: Kiefer Sutherland, Adan Canto, Italia Ricci, Kal Penn
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Designated Survivor Full Episode Guide

  • As President Kirkman continues to deal with the turmoil surrounding the hacker and congressional investigation, a natural disaster threatens the lives of two White House staffers. Meanwhile, Kirkman's closest allies are surprised when the president makes an announcement no one saw coming.

  • President Kirkman negotiates with a foreign government to release an American held overseas, while attorney Ethan West continues his investigation.

  • Attorney Ethan West calls on President Kirkman's closest advisors and staff as he begins his investigation.

  • As more content from President Kirkman's confidential therapy sessions continues to leak out, Vice President Darby meets secretly with the entire Cabinet, resulting in attorney Ethan West looking into the president's past

  • Following the deadly bomb explosion inside a D.C. metro station, President Kirkman declares war on Kunami. When the emir of that country sends his ambassador to negotiate, FBI Agent Hannah Wells learns the emir is hiding something that could have deadly consequences.

  • President Kirkman and his staff have credible intelligence that a dirty bomb is on U.S. soil, thrusting the president into a high-stakes effort to find the bomb and stop it from detonating. Meanwhile, at the White House, Emily approaches Chuck to help her with something that has damaging and illegal consequences.

  • As tensions between East and West Hanchu escalate, President Kirkman travels to Camp David to broker a peace treaty with the leaders of those countries; while back in Washington, D.C., Seth and Emily take a hard look at their relationship and decide how, and if, they will move forward as a couple.

  • When a blackout threatens to shut down the government and causes chaos in the streets of Washington, D.C., President Kirkman joins forces with Mayor Ellenor Darby, but the partnership doesn't end there.

  • When a video of the president visiting prison leaks to the media, his team works to minimize the fallout; while a surprise White House demonstration has deeper ties to the president than anyone first realizes.

  • When a missile intended to bring water to stranded astronauts in space is hacked, President Kirkman must work with Russia and enlists the help of Dr. Andrea Frost to help save lives and find out who is behind the hack. Meanwhile, Hannah finds herself working with Damian again.

  • It's Christmas Day and President Kirkman is alerted to a group of religious extremists who refuse to evacuate when a forest fire threatens to engulf their cabin. Deploying Emily and Aaron to help diffuse the situation, Kirkman must act quickly to save multiple lives at stake. Meanwhile, the First Lady finally gives her testimony to the FBI director, while what happens next changes the lives of the Kirkman family forever.

  • After sorting through thousands of letters all requesting something of president, the White House staff are assigned three, with Emily, Seth, Aaron, Llyor and Kendra joining forces to get answers and possibly save a life. Meanwhile, Hannah and Damian continue to chase down leads to exonerate the first lady, but in the end, Hannah learns the truth may be closer than she thinks.

  • While on a secret mission to Afghanistan, President Kirkman meets with two infamous warlords and must determine whom he can trust to hand over territories to the United States, while Seth has a run-in with Washington D.C. police that puts his job, reputation and future in the White House on the line.

  • When a Turkish activist ignites protests in the U.S., Turkey's president demands his extradition while the first family unknowingly finds themselves in the center of a battle that could threaten Leo's future.

  • When a U.S. Navy ship containing secret surveillance becomes stranded in enemy waters, President Kirkman must negotiate the crew and ship's release. If captured, the technology on board would create a massive threat to national security. Meanwhile. Chief of Staff Emily Rhodes reconnects with someone from her childhood.

  • When a senator appears on the national news and misrepresents a private conversation with the president, Kirkman must win back the American people's trust, while MI-6 Agent Damian Rennett joins forces with FBI Agent Hannah Wells to help solve an international murder.

  • Tensions rise between America and Mexico when a Mexican citizen is shot during a border dispute regarding Mexican trade imports; and Kirkman and his staff must work quickly to resolve the situation and create a new trade deal.

  • President Kirkman is faced with a viral pandemic that threatens to kill countless Americans while FBI Agent Hannah Wells and M16 Agent Damian Rennett discover evidence that could change the lives of members of the first family forever.

  • FBI Agent Hannah Wells finally closes in on Patrick Lloyd, but when the president decides to take action during the White House Correspondents Dinner, members of the Homeland Security Council threaten to derail their plans.

  • Now, one year into office, Kirkman is a Commander-in-Chief determined to rebuild the Capitol and capture the terrorists behind the catastrophic attack on the United States. When Ukrainian nationalists hijack a Russian Air flight, the president is faced with a hostage situation in which his diplomatic skills are put to the test.

  • Hannah Wells must stop the conspiracy from carrying out a final attack while President Kirkman authorizes a nationwide manhunt for the mastermind behind it all.

  • President Kirkman's first international summit is derailed when journalist Abe Leonard publishes an explosive article. Meanwhile, Hannah Wells uncovers the conspiracy's next target.

  • As President Kirkman considers candidates for Vice President, Kimble Hookstraten is knee-deep in scandal. Agent Wells and Jason Atwood return from North Dakota with a critical new lead while journalist Abe Leonard's investigation takes an unexpected turn.

  • As President Kirkman struggles to organize a new Supreme Court, FBI Agent Hannah Wells goes undercover and discovers much more than she bargained for. Seth Wright has to contend with journalist Abe Leonard, who returns from the Middle East with an explosive story.

  • President Kirkman forms an unlikely alliance in an effort to pass his first bill. Agent Ritter is briefed by Agent Wells about a rising threat to the nation.

  • As President Kirkman releases an agenda to reorganize his presidency, Alex makes a controversial public statement that jeopardizes it. Meanwhile, FBI agent Hannah Wells unknowingly finds herself in the center of a dangerous trap as she is about to get to the bottom of things.

  • Upheaval in an African country forces President Kirkman to depend on an unlikely source, as Hannah's investigation into the Capitol bombing takes an unexpected turn.

  • An investigative journalist stuns the White House when he reveals classified information during a press briefing. Seth struggles to clean up the pieces of the leaked story. Hannah makes a connection between MacLeish and the conspiracy.

  • Circles must tighten when a new discovery within the conspiracy surfaces. Meanwhile, things become tense between Aaron and Emily as suspicions loom in the White House. A new lead places Agent Wells closer than before to the truth.

  • Follwing the shooting on the Capitol steps, the nation is reeling while Emily struggles with the knowledge of the possibility of a traitor in the White House. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Hannah Wells grapples with her decision to reveal what she knows about the conspiracy behind the Capitol bombing.

  • President Kirkman is suspicious of the possibility of a traitor in the White House when he discovers shocking information connected to the Capitol Bombing. Confiding in Emily, Kirkman puts her in charge of quietly investigating.

  • When classified government documents are leaked online, President Kirkman embarks on a quest to find the party responsible.

  • On the eve of the country voting to elect a new House of Representatives, an unexpected development forces Kirkman to consider cancelling the elections entirely. Meanwhile, news has leaked about Majid Nassar’s death, and Kirkman has to handle the fallout.

  • President Kirkman is forced into a hostage exchange involving the CIA and the Russian government. Meanwhile, Agent Hannah Wells and Deputy Director Atwood's investigation into the Capitol bombing uncovers information that threatens Atwood and his family.

  • When shots are fired at The White House during a Governor's Summit, President Kirkman's plans at electing a new Congress are disrupted. Agent Hannah Wells continues investigating the Capitol bombing and makes an unexpected discovery.

  • Realizing his attempts at diplomacy with Algeria have failed, President Kirkman takes a stand when he chooses to send Navy SEALs on a mission. Meanwhile, as the investigation into the Capitol bombing continues, Agent Hannah Wells discovers more secrets than answers.

  • Kirkman identifies who is behind the attack and contemplates the prospect of war as well as the domestic troubles. Kirkman taps Emily to monitor the domestic situation, while Alex may be in way over her head when she seeks help from Hookstraten.

  • President Kirkman and his staff are desperate to keep a high-level security breach of the White House under wraps just as he's about to give his first television interview. Meanwhile, the FBI continues to investigate the Capitol bombing, and Agent Hannah Wells begins to theorize who was really behind the attack.

  • Despite chaos and confusion, President Kirkman assumes his role as Commander-in-Chief. Facing dangerous new challenges and adversaries, Kirkman is challenged to hold a country together that is on the brink of destruction.

  • In the series premiere, Tom Kirkman, a lower-level cabinet member, is suddenly appointed President of the United States following an attack during the State of the Union.

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