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The science fiction television show Galactica 1980 a spin off from the cancelled show Battlestar Galactica only lasted for ten episodes. Due to the fact that so many people began to complain and write in about the cancellation of Battlestar Galactica ABC began to rethink cancelling the show. That is when they came up with Galactica 1980.

ABC was unable to get some of the key actors back, some were not available because they were filming something else, and some were just not sure about their future with the show. But ABC moved on with the show anyway. The time period for this series is 1980 and the Galactica reach Earth only to find a technology that does not live up to what they had expected. Earth was no match for the Cylons as they had hoped. They realize that Earth would need their help to survive.

The Galactica is forced to send out undercover teams to help members of the scientific community advance Earth's technology. They become involved in time travel, going back to Hitler's Germany to stop a rebel Galactician, Commander Xavier from trying to change the future with the help of a TV Journalist. They eventually find a way to help Earth's scientists and outwit the Cylons in their time. At some point they send out a group of children called the Super Scouts their mission is to become one with the Earth people. They find some difficulty with Earth's gravity and physiology giving them the need to adjust how they live.

The fate of several characters from the Battlestar Galactica series is explained during the course of the Galactica 1980 series. Apollo is dead at this point and Starbuck is stranded on a desert planet.

Galactica 1980 is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on January 27, 1980.

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1 Season, 10 Episodes
January 27, 1980
Science Fiction
Cast: Lorne Greene, Kent McCord, Barry Van Dyke, Richard Lynch, Bill McKinney
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Galactica 1980 Full Episode Guide

  • Dr. Zee tells Adama about a dream where he sees Starbuck, crashed on a distant planet, befriending an injured Cylon Centurion and a mysterious alien woman who gives birth to a baby boy.

  • Troy and Dillon form a partnership with an immigrant farmer to produce crops to feed the Galactica refugees after the Cylons destroy the fleet's agroships.

  • Still chasing the humanoid Cylon, Troy and Dillon track him to a radio station, where he tries to send a signal to his Basestar.

  • The Cylon Empire has built a new type of Cylon, a humanoid android; and when one of them survives a crash near New York City, Troy and Dillon must hunt the Cylon down.

  • While Troy and Dillon try to stop the renegade Xavier from altering Earth's history, the children from Galactica find themselves at a baseball camp for underprivileged children.

  • Troy, Dillon and the children all become involved in efforts to stop a chemical company from polluting a town's water supply.

  • When the Cylons launch a surprise attack on the fleet, Adama sends Troy and Dillon to take the children to Earth for their own safety.

  • Xavier goes back in time to change Earth's technology before Galactica arrived.

  • Troy and Dillon (with reporter Jamie along for the ride) are sent on a mission back through time to stop Xavier from giving technology to Adolph Hitler.

  • Thirty years after its voyage began, the Galactica finally nears Earth. However, they are dismayed to learn that Earth's technology is no match for the Cylons. Adama sends representatives ahead to Earth to secretly speed up the planet's technological development.