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  • TV-14
  • 2014
  • 1 Season
  • 7.5  (55,996)

Constantine is a television series produced by NBC that aired from 2014-2015. The show is based on the DC Comics' character John Constantine, a demon hunter and occult detective. The lead actor in the show is Matt Ryan, who plays John Constantine, alongside Angelica Celaya, Harold Perrineau, and Charles Halford. The show is set in modern-day America but has a supernatural and horror-based storyline.

The series follows Constantine who is a British exorcist with the ability to see demons and ghosts. He is on a mission to save the world from the Devil and his demon minions. He is aided by Zed played by Angelica Celaya, a psychic artist who is also able to see into the supernatural realm but focuses on visions of the future. The two start off on a bumpy road with Zed trying to figure Constantine out and Constantine being reluctant to have someone else join his quest. However, they soon discover that they make a great team.

One of the standout characters in the series is Chas played by Charles Halford, Constantine's oldest friend who has a supernatural ability of his own. He is able to come back to life after death which certainly comes in handy when fighting demons. The love-hate relationship between Constantine and Chas is one of the highlights of the show. They have a bond that goes way back, but their bickering also displays their genuine affection for each other.

Harold Perrineau joins the cast playing an angel named Manny who has a complicated relationship with Constantine. Manny is tasked with keeping an eye on him after Constantine failed to protect a girl from demon possession. Constantine has a deep dislike for Manny, which is only intensified when Manny does not give him any information on his own past. Manny's presence in the show is one of the most critical components of the mystical aspect.

The show features a unique blend of supernatural horror and the occult mixed in with a healthy dose of mystery and action. The writing is sharp, and the show seamlessly weaves together standalone episodes with a larger story arc that builds up over the season. The interactions between characters are intriguing and peppered with humor, which adds to the watchability of the show.

One of the unique elements of the series is its approach to horror. The show has a way of making the audience feel uneasy without relying on the usual jump scares and gore that dominate the horror genre. The horror elements in the show come from the power of suggestion and the mood created by the setting and cinematography. The show takes the viewer on a mysterious journey through supernatural occurrences and human interactions with the stuff of nightmares.

The show is not without its flaws, however. While the writing and dialogue between characters is engaging, some of the special effects used in the show can fall flat at times. The graphics used to depict demon possession can sometimes verge on being corny, which can sometimes detract from the otherwise immersive storyline. Additionally, while the series does its best to stay true to the comics, there are some noticeable deviations from the canon.

In conclusion, Constantine is a unique and intriguing television show for anyone interested in supernatural and horror elements woven into an engaging storyline. The characters are well-crafted, and the humor adds an extra depth to the program. While the special effects may not always be up to par, the show's strength lies in its writing, which is sharp and witty. NBC's decision to end the series after one season left many fans disappointed, but the show is still highly recommended for anyone looking for a unique take on the horror and supernatural genres.

Constantine is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on May 11, 2014.

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Waiting for the Man
13. Waiting for the Man
February 13, 2015
John and Zed are back in New Orleans to investigate the case of a missing girl. Papa Midnite initiates the first steps in his plot for revenge on John. Meanwhile, the truth behind the Rising Darkness comes to light.
Angels and Ministers of Grace
12. Angels and Ministers of Grace
February 6, 2015
John recruits Manny to go with him to a local hospital to investigate a mysterious attack. Meanwhile, a health scare leads Zed to question the source of her visions.
A Whole World Out There
11. A Whole World Out There
January 30, 2015
Manny sends John to help an old friend, Ritchie Simpson, at Ivy University where a group of students discovered an alternate dimension with a maniacal killer.
Quid Pro Quo
10. Quid Pro Quo
January 23, 2015
Constantine must defeat the evil that has descended on the people of Brooklyn when thousands of them slip into a mysterious coma, including Chas' daughter.
The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2
9. The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2
January 16, 2015
An old flame sends John to battle an ancient evil goddess that brings him closer to the source of the Rising Darkness.
The Saint of the Last Resorts
8. The Saint of the Last Resorts
December 12, 2014
John and Chas make their way to Mexico City and get closer to the source of The Rising Darkness.
Blessed Are the Damned
7. Blessed Are the Damned
December 5, 2014
While in art class, Zed has a bizarre vision of snakes that lead her and John to a small town where a preacher is able to heal his congregation.
Rage of Caliban
6. Rage of Caliban
November 28, 2014
A young boy is possessed by a spirit and Constantine tries to convince the parents that their son is not what he seems.
Danse Vaudou
5. Danse Vaudou
November 21, 2014
In New Orleans, Constantine's unusual knowledge of a string of crimes gives him unwanted attention with Detective Jim Corrigan. Meanwhile, he makes an unholy alliance with Papa Midnite when a voodoo ritual to help people communicate with their dead loved ones turns deadly.
A Feast of Friends
4. A Feast of Friends
November 14, 2014
When Constantine's old friend Gary Lester incidentally unleashes a powerful demon in Atlanta, John must decide what he is willing to sacrifice in his battle with the underworld.
The Devil's Vinyl
3. The Devil's Vinyl
November 7, 2014
John and Zed confront an evil force to save a woman and her family.
The Darkness Beneath
2. The Darkness Beneath
October 31, 2014
Deep in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania, John is the only hope for a small mining community's defense against an ancient Welsh spirit. In the event of protecting these isolated innocents, John aligns himself with a mysterious young woman named Zed.
Non Est Asylum
1. Non Est Asylum
October 24, 2014
In the series premiere, Constantine, seasoned demon hunter and master of the occult, is thrust back into battling the worst hell has to offer in an effort to save the daughter of an old friend - and because there's a small chance of saving his own damned soul.
Constantine Official Trailer
0. Constantine Official Trailer
May 11, 2014
Get a look at the new series Constantine coming to NBC Fridays this fall.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 11, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (55,996)