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  • 1983
  • 1 Season
  • 7.8  (16,927)

During the early 80s, one of the most iconic science fiction TV shows of all times was introduced to the world, V: The Original Mini Series. Produced by Warner Bros., V quickly captured the hearts of viewers around the globe with its enthralling plot and great performances by its star-studded cast.

The plot revolves around humans and their first contact with an alien race known as the Visitors. On the surface, the Visitors appear to be friendly and well-meaning, claiming to be on a mission of exploration and peace. However, as their true intent gradually unravels over the course of the series, it becomes clear that the Visitors are much more than they appear to be.

The show's protagonist, a photographer named Mike Donovan, is played by Marc Singer. Early on in the series, Donovan shows his unwillingness to believe in the good intentions of the Visitors, and quickly becomes a leading figure in the resistance movement against them. Alongside Donovan is Juliette 'J' Parrish, played by Faye Grant, who becomes his love interest despite having vastly different opinions on how to deal with the Visitors.

The Visitors are led by one of the most iconic villains of 80s TV, Diana, played by Jane Badler. An extraterrestrial beauty with a sharp tongue and an ingrained sense of superiority, Diana exudes power and charm, which makes her a formidable opponent. She is assisted by her equally conniving second-in-command, the reptilian alien, Phillip, played by Richard Herd.

Other notable characters include Willie, played by Robert Englund, best known for his iconic role in A Nightmare on Elm Street, who is a friendly alien that sympathizes with humans and becomes a key member of the resistance. Also, Bernard Musgrove, a businessman played by Michael Wright, who finds himself caught up in the Visitor's world and must make tough decisions to survive.

With its innovative story and top-notch visuals, V: The Original Mini Series was a massive hit, leading to the creation of several sequels and spin-offs. However, it is the original series from 1983 that remains a timeless classic, capturing the imagination and hearts of viewers around the globe.

The show's epic story of a battle between humans and an alien race, along with its message of the dangers of blind faith and unquestioning obedience, continues to resonate with audiences. At its core, V is an unforgettable science fiction masterpiece that combines sensational storytelling, strong performances, and thrilling action into a unforgettable series that remains a beloved classic to this day.

V: The Original Mini Series is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (5 episodes). The series first aired on May 1, 1983.

V: The Original Mini Series
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V: The Final Battle: Part 3
5. V: The Final Battle: Part 3
May 8, 1984
Donovan turns himself over to the aliens in order to save his son. Diana hears her colleagues are plotting against her. She tells her leader that only she can succeed because of a spy she has in the Resistance. Willie, a friendly alien, submits to tests so Julie can develop a biological weapon against the Visitors. The weapon, a red dust, is then used against the Visitors with much success
V: The Final Battle: Part 2
4. V: The Final Battle: Part 2
May 7, 1984
Donovan is reunited with his son and joins the international Resistance headed by Ham Tyler and Chris Farber. The first priority is freeing Julie who has been captured and is being held in the visitor mothership. Meanwhile, Robin who is pregnant by a Visitor goes into labor.
V: The Final Battle: Part 1
3. V: The Final Battle: Part 1
May 6, 1984
Four months have passed since the visitors first arrived on Earth. They manipulate world opinion in their favor and are determined to eradicate the resistance. Many humans now cooperate with the visitors. When Diana makes a public appearance, the Resistance finds a opportunity to expose the Visitors to the world.
V: Part 2
2. V: Part 2
May 2, 1983
Donovan becomes a fugitive when he tries to reveal to the world the truth about the visitors. The aliens kidnap his son. Donovan boards the mothership but fails to recover him. He is saved by one of the aliens, Martin and learns of the Visitor's plans to steal Earth's water and take Earth's people as slaves, soldiers, and food.
V: Part 1
1. V: Part 1
May 1, 1983
Visitors from another world arrive on earth and claim that they come in peace. People discover, however, that the Visitors may not be telling the truth.
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V: The Original Mini Series is available for streaming on the Warner Bros. website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch V: The Original Mini Series on demand at Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    May 1, 1983
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (16,927)