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This animated series presents the classic Looney Tunes characters - Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, Sylvester the Cat, and the rest of the gang - as the faculty of Acme Looniversity. The central characters of the series are the school's young pupils, and they get up to the usual Looney Tunes hijinks. The series was a collaboration between Warner Bros. Animation and Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, and its pilot episode aired on CBS in 1990. The first two seasons of the series aired in syndication, and the final season aired on Fox Kids in 1992. Two specials featuring the characters were produced in 1994.

Tiny Toon Adventures is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (98 episodes). The series first aired on January 5, 1990.

Where do I stream Tiny Toon Adventures online? Tiny Toon Adventures is available for streaming on Warner Bros., both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Tiny Toon Adventures on demand at Amazon, Hulu, iTunes online.

Warner Bros.
3 Seasons, 98 Episodes
January 5, 1990
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Charlie Adler, Tress MacNeille, Joe Alaskey, Frank Welker
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Tiny Toon Adventures Full Episode Guide

  • Buster thinks that he has failed in putting together a stellar Christmas show for Acme Looniversity that he wishes that he was never born. A rabbit named Harvey (really Bugs in disguise) shows Buster what life would be life if he was never created.

  • Little Dog Lost: Byron runs away from Elmyra and finds a home with a nice and wealthy woman who treats him nicely.

  • This episode pays homage to the many acts that Saturday Night Live did on its long-running show. Blard Simpleton (a take on Bart Simpson) is the guest star host.

  • Minister Golf: Baby Plucky is back again. This time, his dad is teaching him how to play miniature golf, and gets hurt by balls in the process. I think this is where Plucky starts cheating and conniving to get his way.

  • It's Music Day and each episode is filled with musical stories. Loon Lake: Shirley is becoming a big success in her ballet class, but the older loons are jealous of her and want to sabotage her dance skills. Babs helps her out by teaching the older loons a lesson in acting on jealousy.

  • The Duff Family is back, without the maid. This time, Elmyra's grandmother comes for a visit and also leaves to go on a vacation. At the same time she leaves, Elmyra has six hamsters named after the Brady Bunch and one dies (Jan Brady). Elmyra is sad because her hamster died, but the way she told people, many think that her grandmother had died. Misunderstanding ensues until the grandmother comes back home.

  • Buster and Babs do a countdown of their favorite music videos, done toon style.

  • That annoying lady from the Adults Against Funny Cartoons comes by and takes Acme Acres away from its cartoon heritage and makes it educational and a boring place to live. Bustre and Babs go to Washington to see if President Bush (in his last act of presidency before Clinton takes over) can help them out.

  • Buster has a chance to direct his own episode, but he is distracted by his fellow co-stars. Fit to Be Stewed: Buster and Babs come across a Carrot Cake house with a witch named Sandy that lives inside. Buster watches in horror as Babs is turned into a real rabbit. So he has to defeat the Witch in order to bring his friend back. In fact, she remains a real rabbit until the end of the show.

  • Buster and Babs put their jobs on the line in order to get three classic black-and-white stars a chance to have their own show.

  • Buster is the Cryptkeeper in this Tales of the Crypt-inspired episode.

  • Plucky Duck gets his own show on FOX, and it begins with this episode. Plucky cames back at Batduck and trying to get Tim Burton to give him the role in the new Batman movie that he thinks he deserves.

  • Remember the Flea-o Family? Well, they return in this episode and still living on Furrball. This time, they are working for an evil tick boss who wants to marry Itchy an work all the other insects to death.

  • Buster and Calamity explore the reasons why many TTA characters are the way they are. Whirlwind Romance: Dizzy is lonely and sad, until he comes across a girl whirlwind whom he think is a devil. She then disappears as quickly as she came and then Dizzy meets the beautiful sexy ladies that he always displays.

  • Buster and Babs are chased by two foxes while presenting three cartoons. My Brilliant Revenge: Hamton relaxes in his home watching his favorite show when Plucky breaks the sound barrier with his god-awful bagpipes. Hamton then destroys Plucky's pipes, and he and Hamton are about to duke it out in the wrestling ring. Hamton then apologizes for his behavior, and Plucky accepts but forgetting that he had a big boombox strapped to Hamton's chair so that it would blare off bagpipe music at a certain time. Plucky gets there too late, but saves Hamton when the music starts blasting.

  • It's a whole new year in Acme Looniversity and Buster and Babs guide us through their new class schedules. Just-Us League of Super Toons: Batduck and Decoy are back again, but now they fight for a chance to be in a super hero league.

  • Babs tires of the day-to-day cartoon structure of Tiny Toon Adventures and decides to leave it for an all-new show called ""thirteensomething"", but then realizes that she was much more happier when she was with Buster, Plucky and the gang.

  • At last, we see Elmyra's family in this episode. Elmyra's dad creates a formula that will put a rival oil company out of business, and the boss sends two henchmen to steal his formula. Elmyra thinks that she'll end up with her own show and unknowingly gets kidnapped by the henchman, who will use her to get to her father's formula. Her brother knows what's going on and tries to tell the family what happened, but no one believes him. Meanwhile, at the factory where Elmyra is being held, Elmyra is giving the henchmen all sorts of scum when she thinks that she is hosting a show. They crack up and turn themselves in to the police, and Elmyra gets her chance to be on TV- in the news anyway.

  • This light-hearted spoof of the classic movie "Sunset Boulevard" focuses on Montana Max, now a screenwriter thief, who comes across a washed-up star named Elmyra Desmond. Elmyra wants him to submit a script of her comeback cartoon to Cooper DeVille, but Plucky wants to get a hold of it, too.

  • Plucky Duck stars as Pluck Hyerdahl and Hamton Pig stars as his sidekick Koom-Bye-Yah in a saga in whick Plucky tries to find the way of his 1970's prehistoric ancestry. There's also a behind-the-scenes look hosted by Buster Bunny on the making of this story.

  • Buster hosts a goofy send-up of the popular dating show Love Connection as he matches people with dates from hell. And speaking of bad dates.... My Dinner with Elmyra: Max has to take Elmyra out on a date and everyone rags on him about the whole affair. Max spends the whole time trying to avoid Elmyra, but she gives him a steamy kiss that he will never forget! Max concludes, ""I think I'm in love!""

  • Today's substitute teacher is Henny Youngman, the comedian who just bores everyone in the class out, except Hamton. Stand-Up and Deliver: Babs is practicing for a comedy talent show that she has entered. While there, a young comedian named Red Robin steals the show and Babs freezes on stage. Red helps her out at the end.

  • Three girls from Virginia wrote this great Tiny Toons episode that featured Buster and Babs having a ball in Hawaii, with Bug's credit card and Buster's fear of flying.

  • Buster and Babs are sick, and they watch cable TV spoofs to help get better. This episode is filled with spoofs of The Cosby Show, Hollywood Squares, and many popular movies and shows of the day. Basically, an improved version of episode 64.

  • Orson Whale hosts this episode of Tiny Toon Adventures and laces each caroon with a bit of educational trivia. Once Upon a Star: Elmyra wishes that her Barbette doll would come to life. Elmyra soon regrets it when the doll starts acting spoiled and simple-minded.

  • The magic of toys is the theme for today's episode. Happy Birthday, Hamton: Buster, Babs, and Plucky go shopping for presents for Hamton's birthday. The presents they pick out are so good they decide to keep them for themselves and give Hamton their old toys. As Hamton receives his new (old) gifts, Buster, Plucky and Babs each have their own fond memories attached to the toys. They rush back to get the presents that they bought and trade with Hamton. Of course, after they leave and the party's over, Hamton lets us in on a little secret: ""Just between you and me, it isn't really my birthday!""

  • Hamton's parents go on a second honeymoon and leave Hamton in charge of the house. Of course, the minute he gets the word out, Plucky announces the one word that will really get him in trouble: PARRRRRTYY!! Hamton tries to stop the party from going out of control, but it does when a neighbor repeatedly asks him to keep it down. This neighbor is a certified genius who knows everyone's painful spots just by a touch of a finger. Since that didn't work, he sets up a rocket and destroys Hamton's house. Hamton is left with only a big hole in the ground where his house used to be and Plucky tells him to lie to his parents about what happened. When Hamton's parents show up, Hamton spills his guts and his parents get ready to punish him. UNTIL Ed McMahon shows up saying that he won the sweepstakes and a new and improved house! What an unexpected turn of events and Hamton is relieved that his prayers have been answered.

  • Gogo Dodo teaches us about the evils of peer pressure and immoral crimes in this episode. Why Dizzy Can't Read: Dizzy is asked to read a lesson in school and he gets mad because he can't do it. Buster and Babs finds out the reason to Dizzy's illiteracy: He watches a lot of TV. The bunnies get Dizzy to see that reading is good for him and it opens a lot of doors for him. This proves evident when Dizzy is reading to little children.

  • The Tiny Toons visit three places on their field trip. When You're Hot...: While Visiting the fire station, Pete Puma accidentally sets off a rocket in a demonstration and Acme Looniversity burns. It's up to the Tiny Toons to save their beloved school from becoming ashes.

  • The Tiny Toons put together a telethon, but only manages to raise 7 cents the whole episode. It's All Relative: Bab's grandmother comes to visit and wants Babs to do the funny thing that she used to do. Babs goes through a whole lot of impressions of popular people and cartoons until she says ""I'm Falling and I can't get up"", which is the funny thing that they had wanted the whole time.

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