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Animations, slapstick, and brilliant humor come together beautiful to create and crazy, even loony, world of characters. From the carrot munching Bugs Bunny to his friends Daffy, Porky, and more, all ages can find something to love about these characters. Bugs Bunny and Friends is a Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on May 25, 1946.

Bugs Bunny and Friends is available for streaming on the Warner Bros. website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bugs Bunny and Friends on demand at Google Play, iTunes online.

Warner Bros.
1 Season, 12 Episodes
May 25, 1946
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
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Bugs Bunny and Friends Full Episode Guide

  • When Bugs and Daffy's favorite pizza joint closes, Bugs reopens it - and gets in way over his head. Plus, take a fantastical, heavy-metal journey inside the mind of a wizard - er, Daffy Duck - in the Merrie Melodies video "The Wizard." And in "Go Fly a Coyote," the Coyote takes to the skies on a giant kite to catch the Road Runner.

  • Instead of relaxing during a spa vacation, Bugs and Daffy spend most of their time fighting over a Hollywood starlet.

  • Bugs saves a cute little bunny from Pete Puma and teaches him how to act in a cartoon -- by beating up the person trying to catch you.

  • Bugs becomes the star act of the circus. A jealous circus bear starts an ever-escalating stunt competition between the two.

  • Bugs runs against Yosemite Sam in this political comic farce. Bugs opting for "speak softly and carry a big stick" and Sam opting for "speak louder and carry a bigger stick."

  • A mad scientist sends a sexy Looney Tunes rabbit-robot to lure Bugs in as food for his monster. Bugs gets lured in by the robot and when he's face to face with the monster he freezes in a 'yipes!' position and then the long chase begins. Bugs becomes a bull-fighter. May 25, 1946

  • A little top-hatted performing penguin gets lost and falls into Bugs Bunny's hands. Bugs Bunny embarks on a challenging adventure to return the penguin to his home. A flood floats a sleeping Bugs and his mattress off his bed and out of his rabbithole, downriver to the castle of an evil scientist. In need of a brain for his mechanical monster, the scientist saves the sleeping Bugs from a waterfall -- for, perhaps, a worse fate. When he wakes up, Bugs is terrified when he discovers where he is, and he is anxious to find a way home.

  • Elmer's hunting for Bugs lands them both on stage at the Hollywood Bowl. They fight it out until they end up getting married in the final act. Elmer is hunting both Daffy and Bugs again. Bugs talks Elmer into going after Daffy, who ends up getting the worst of all the pranks.

  • Bugs makes a wrong turn and ends up in the Ozarks where he meets the end-barrels of two hillbillies. He dresses up and fools them into thinking he's a female hillbilly at a square dance. When he takes over the directions of the square dancing he directs the two into a bunch of violent routines. Bugs is playing instruments and distracting Giovanni Jones from practing for his concert. Giovanni breaks all the instruments Bugs has been playing so Bugs declares war.

  • Bugs helps out the exhausted Easter bunny by taking his place for the day. Elmer Fudd waits at his house ready to make 'wabbit' stew. While camping, Elmer Fudd runs into the menacing Bugs Bunny. June 28, 1947

  • While Bugs Bunny sleeps a circus comes to town and leaves a Lion's cage on top of his home. The lion investigates Bug's hole. Bothered by the lion's invasive curiosity, Bugs opts to "fix" the wise guy. Bugs Bunny gets a call from "Disassociated Press" asking for his life story. Bugs has flashbacks about his life growing up and the different steps in his acting career. June 29, 1946