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Just when you think you have seen Scooby Doo in every possible light, you're introduced to Scooby Doo Mystery, Inc. The beloved team is back in all new roles like you've never seen them before adding new depth and dimension to old favorite characters. Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. takes place in a town called Crystal cove which markets itself as the "Most Hauntedest Place on Earth". The town thrives on mystery and its mayor is constantly chiding the team for solving the mysteries that occur because he feels it will hurt the town's reputation. As always, Scooby is joined by the rest of the team we have come to know and love. Shaggy Rogers is Scooby's best friend and loves to eat. Fred Jones Jr. is the son of the mayor and obsessed with setting traps to catch bad guys. Velma Dinkley is the brains of the operation, but she has a soft spot for Shaggy that causes her to question her role on the team. Finally, Daphne Blake rounds out the group, but she has an unrequited crush on Fred that he is completely oblivious to. In addition to the day to day business of solving mysteries, the team uncovers some disturbing information about another group of sleuths just like them from Crystal Cove's past, who disappeared suddenly and receive chilling warnings that these events have happened before. With mysteries surrounding them and a greater unsolved mystery buried in the town's past, it falls to Mystery Inc to protect the town and solve the biggest mystery of all: What happened to the original Mystery Inc.?

Using a more linked story structure, each episode not only stands alone as an individual mystery but the viewer receives subtle hints about the bigger mystery surrounding the town. The interpersonal relationships also add intrigue to the plot as romantic interests come together and fall apart, putting the group at risk of failing in their task to solve the riddles of the town.

Monday 7:00 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
July 12, 2010
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Frank Welker, Mindy Cohn, Grey Griffin, Matthew Lillard
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Scooby Doo Mystery, Inc. Full Episode Guide

  • When a herd of mutated cattle threatens Crystal Cove, the gang learns it's all part of a plot by Prof. Pericles to get back the Planispheric disc.

  • The Mystery Inc. crew looks into the sheriff's claims that aliens are stealing Crystal Cove's high-tech devices to rebuild their spaceship.

  • t's the end of the world when the Evil Entity is freed and heads to the surface to consume everyone around him and gain strength.

  • Traveling through the underground caverns, our heroes trail Pericles and company. They soon discover why they've been collecting all four keys on their final journey down to face the Evil Entity.

  • When the gang returns, they find the entire town of Crystal Cove enslaved by Professor Pericles and excavating beneath the city for the cursed treasure.

  • Searching for the Heart of the Jaguar, the gang heads south of the border to search the ancient Mayan ruins that hold the burial chamber of the Hunters of Secrets (the original Mayan Mystery Inc. group).

  • Fred is thrust into the future where the town of Crystal Cove is a wasteland and everyone is gone except for a very old Daphne.

  • A mysterious and rather dashing and good looking villain called the Dandy Highwayman has been taking the money and the hearts of some of Crystal Cove's women, by sweet-talking them into coming with him.

  • When a Gluten Demon begins consuming all the bread, pasta and tasty treats in Crystal Cove, Shaggy and Scooby must out-eat the demon before it's too late.

  • A famous Ska band has risen from the grave and their haunted music threatens to make everyone in town dance themselves to death - unless Shaggy and Scooby can stop them.

  • When the gang investigates the history of Crystal Cove, the mummy of a Franciscan Friar comes to finish what it started.

  • When Dynomutt and Blue Falcon arrive in Crystal Cove, they team up with our Mystery Inc. gang to solve the mystery of a horribleDragon-man Robot that's terrorizing the city. But, the Dragon is searching for something...and manages to kidnap Blue Falcon andScooby...thinking that Scooby is Dynomutt!It's soon discovered the Dragon is working for Dr. Zin - Dr. Quest's nemesis. And Zin is searching for the ultimate power sourcethat Blue Falcon had many years ago. The gang teams up with Dynomutt and flies the Falcon Car to Dr. Zin's evil volcano lair wherean epic battle ensues.The power source is revealed to be actually inside's what powers him and keeps him alive. But, it also turns out thatthe Dragon-man Robot isn't a robot at all. It's Dr. Zin's evil daughter trapped inside the suit and he's trying to save her.

  • The strange appearance of an evil goat man named Krampus has the Mystery Inc. gang in a race to find all the pieces of thePlanispheric Disc.

  • The Mayor enlists the Mystery Inc. gang to investigate the mystery of the Scarebear - a mutant bear that's terrorizing the town ofDestroido.

  • When Cassidy is attacked by deep-sea robots, the gang teams up to help her unravel the mystery of who is sending them and why. This is going to call for a little deap-sea adventure!

  • Snowed in by an avalanche, the Mystery Inc. gang find themselves trapped in a creepy library by a rival Mystery Solving gang afterthe Planispheric Disc as well.

  • When a crazed ghostly puritan judge named Hebediah Grimm starts terrorizing Crystal Cove and judging its youth, the Mystery Inc.gang gets involved... perhaps a little too deep.Ethan and Gary seem to be reaping the benefits of these strange attacks as they are rescuing and then dating some of the prettiestgirls in school! This makes them prime suspects but both have ironclad alibis...both have been seen fighting against Hebediah!With their leads quickly running out, the gang turn to Fred's real parents, Brad and Judy, for help. These expert trap makers areoverjoyed for a little time with Fred, and together, they all concoct a trap that nabs BOTH Hebediah Grimms! As it turns out, Ethanand Gary were both alternating as Hebediah Grimm in a real scream of a mystery. And, their motives? Girls. There were trying toget dates with girls! Only in Crystal Cove...

  • Climbing Mount Diabla out in the desert, two hikers are attacked by Lilith, a dark-winged Angel of Destruction. Back at CrystalCove hospital, the gang talks to the climbers and sets out to solve this mystery. They travel to Scorpion Wells at the base ofMount Diabla to find a small trailer-town of very suspicious, and unfriendly characters. Lilith attacks - driving the gang out oftown. Unfazed, the Mystery Inc. gang climbs Mount Diabla to discover a crazed old-lady miner named Boron who claims Lilith is onthe ship with her. Her ship.

  • World-renowned modern artist Randy Warsaw is Crystal Cove's greatest art treasure. But, when Warsaw's greatest work of art, "Junk,"comes to life and tries to destroy Warsaw, Mayor Nettles asks the gang to investigate. Each member of Mystery Inc. is soon swept upin this crazy, beautiful art world...except for Daphne, who is labeled as boring by Warsaw and duly ignored. Velma becomes Warsaw'smuse. Fred becomes Warsaw's living mannequin. Scooby is the new lead singer in the emo arthouse band. Shaggy is put to workcarving food sculptures with his teeth. Everyone is happy.

  • The gang figures out the mystery and sets a trap for the Hodag. The Hodag is revealed as none other than a trained monkey that steals for his master, Fussbuster! Fussbuster wanted the 500-year-old Spanish cheese that Shepherd had in the curio wagon. The gang traps both Fussbuster and Roberto and in the end, the 500-year-old Spanish cheese reveals its dark secret - Planispheric Disc Piece #4! With the gang in possession of two pieces of the mysterious Planispheric Disc, a worried Professor Pericles approaches the members of the Old Mystery Inc. gang, searching for both new and old alliances.

  • "As the gang gets deeper into the mystery of the Dreamweaver, they uncover the fact that Sheriff Stone and the three other citizens were avid practitioners of a fantasy role-playing game called "Crypts & Creatures" when they were young. The Dreamweaver was a monster created by then Crypt-Master Bronson Stone! Using their skills, Mystery Inc. cracks the mystery and realizes it's an inside job. One of Stone's old C&C-mates is actually the Dreamweaver - out for revenge because his beloved level 99 Elf Mage was destroyed all those years ago! As a surprise at the end, Fred's real parents (Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves) return and introduce themselves to Fred and the gang!"

  • "Velma and Hotdog Water are working for Mr. E in trying to "acquire" an item from a museum exhibit in Moscow. But, when they fail, Mr. E just buys the exhibit and has it shipped to Crystal Cove. The exhibit - an evil Russian witch by the name of Baba Yaga and her chicken-legged house - comes to life. The gang adds Hotdog Water as the "new Daphne" and hunt Baba Yaga in Crystal Cove's Haunted Forest of Doom...only to end up being the hunted. As it turns out, the chicken-legged house contains a few secrets: namely the mysterious Planispheric Disc Piece #3 and, a stash of priceless Faberge eggs. The gang solves the mystery by exposing that the Russian curator had disguised himself as Baba Yaga in order to smuggle stolen Faberge eggs into Crystal Cove. And now that the mystery's solved, our gang finds themselves in possession of Planispheric Disc Piece #3!"

  • Close to cracking the case of what happened to the original Mystery Incorporated kids, the gang finds "The Obliteratrix" standing in their way. Now, up against this vicious undead assassin who's vowed to destroy them, the gang's only chance to solve the mystery and stay alive, and seek help from an old friend... H.P. Hatecraft.

  • Scooby and the gang help Mayor Jones, who is being attacked by a poltergeist in his own home. Even though a Voodoo Priestess attempts to rid the Mayor's home of evil spirits, the gang discovers the poltergeist is seeking revenge!

  • After the Mayor purchases a haunted temple off the Internet, Crystal Cove's only theme park - Creepy Spooky Terror Land - is besieged by a Manticore, an ancient beast with the body of a dragon, the face of a man and the tail of a scorpion.

  • Velma is feeling like a fifth wheel. Fred has Daphne, and Shaggy has Scooby. Who does she have? So, when a mysterious "Mer-woman" named Amy contacts Velma on her blog, she decides that maybe this will be her special friend. Amy tells her that "Fish Freaks" have been attacking boats in Crystal Cove harbor.

  • Shaggy and Scooby win a dinner date with their hero, Vincent Van Ghoul. What they don't realize is that they are unwitting participants in Van Ghoul's new reality television show where he has dinner with people, then scares them out of their wits - and it's all caught on camera. But when a real monster known as Nightfright locks the three up in Van Ghoul's home and terrorizes them, it is up to Fred, Daphne, and Velma to solve the mystery and rescue their friends.

  • Shaggy and Scooby win a dinner date with their hero, Vincent Van Ghoul. What they don't realize is that they are unwitting participants in Van Ghoul's new reality television show where he has dinner with people, then scares them out of their wits - and it's all caught on camera. But when a real monster known as Nightfright locks the three up in Van Ghoul's home and terrorizes them, it is up to Fred, Daphne, and Velma to solve the mystery and rescue their friends.

  • While investigating the disappearance of the original Mystery Inc. gang that disappeared, the gang discovers that they were last seen going in to the abandoned mansion once owned by THE DARROW FAMILY, the very family that founded Crystal Cove. But once inside the mansion, they find themselves trapped by a crazy old man - DANNY DARROW, the youngest member of the Darrow family - who has been living there for decades. He's booby-trapped the whole house to make sure that no one tries to steal "his treasure". It's up to Fred to try and outwit his traps, because if he doesn't... the gang will never leave that mansion again.

  • Love has come to Crystal Cove. Love in the form of an evil woman by the name of APHRODITE. Although she appears beautiful to those under her spell, in reality she is horribly ugly with no real interest in love. What she wants is the destruction of Crystal Cove itself. Mystery Inc. is helpless to stop her, because her love spell has twisted the minds of FRED, DAPHEN, VELMA, and SHAGGY, making them fall madly in love with each other. Only Scooby isn't affected. He's left on his own to solve this mystery. Fortunately he gets some help from an odd ally... the gang's old nemesis PROFESSOR PERICLES. But is Pericles really there to help, or does he have other plans for Scooby Doo?

  • A rowdy ORC BIKER GANG has decided to roll through Crystal Cove and no one is very happy about it. Especially Fred, who freaks out when Daphne gets a crush on their leader ODNARB while he and Daphne are out on their first date. Daphne is convinced that the Orc's are misunderstood, but Fred and the rest of the gang think different. When valuable military equipment begins disappearing from around town, all fingers point to the Orc's. It's up to Daphne to prove their innocence. Unfortunately, Fred and the rest of the gang is there every step of the way to prove her wrong.

  • The Mystery Inc. gang has been invited to compete in the annual TEEN MYSTERY SOLVER'S CONVENTION. A weekend affair where mystery solving teams from around the country compete to solve a mystery. But when the mystery turns out to be the DISAPPEARANCE OF THE TEAMS THEMSELVES, it is up to the sidekicks of each team - led by Scooby Doo - to find out why their friends have been taken. It's a mystery they need to solve by the end of the weekend... or they'll never see their friends again.

  • Bugs are taking over Crystal Cove and attacking some of its most prominent citizens. With Mystery Inc. back together as a team, they begin to investigate and discover that all of the attacks have been on employees of a company called DESTROIDO that makes Shaggy and Scooby's favorite snack food-- GRANDMA MOONBEAMS NATURE SLIVERS. Somebody, or something wants the company shut down. But when the gang gets too close to the truth, they become the bug's newest target. Of course, the timing couldn't be worse, because this just happens to be the moment Fred has decided to make his move on Daphne and finally ask her out. That ain't gonna happen, though, if there are a bunch of bugs trying to kill them.

  • With Mystery Inc. broken up, the gang decides to check out life after High School and spend a weekend at DARROW COLLEGE. But things don't go as planned when a creature called CHAR GAR GOTHAKON begins terrorizing the campus. Turns out this beast is a fictional character come to life. A creation of the author H.P. HATECRAFT who is a professor at the school. Although one of the other professors, HARLAN ELLISON, claims Hatecraft is a fraud, the creature is definitely real. And when it attacks and carries off Hatecraft to his doom, the gang realizes it has to come together once again to solve this mystery and save Hatecraft's life.

  • There's a vampire loose in the town, terrorizing the residents and stealing an odd assortment of loot. When the gang does some sniffing around, they discover an unlikely suspect... Daphne's MOTHER. Things are already strained within Mystery Inc., and with this latest blow, the gang is truly torn in half. Girls on one side, boys on the other. Although they solve the mystery in the end, and prove it wasn't Daphne's mother, the rift in Mystery Inc. is now complete. They are a team no more.

  • A monster called the Fright Hound starts attacking Crystal Cove and people believe Scooby-Doo is behind it. Could be Scooby the one attacking the city or is someone setting him up?

  • When two giant monsters start to attack Crystal Cove, Mayor Jones asks Fred and the gang to help him and the sheriff capture them. Meanwhile, Shaggy has to choose between his relationship with Velma and his friendship with Scooby.

  • The gang attends the Royal Knights Faire in Crystal Cove, but so does an unexpected guest. A scary-looking gnome is paralyzing everyone wearing pirate costumes at the Faire.

  • Velma's favorite band THE HEX GIRLS is in town, and the gang has a front row seat. Unfortunately, so does an evil specter named THE PHANTOM who wants the Hex Girls out of the music business--permanently! Solution? Send Daphne undercover as CRUSH, the newest member of the band. But when she's nabbed by the Phantom, Fred goes in to freakout mode, finally realizing he actually has feelings for Daphne. Meanwhile, Scooby and Shaggy are having their own problems due to Shaggy spending too much time with Velma. His solution-- replace Shaggy with a puppet.

  • A hideous creature named QUE HORRIFICO is turning the children of Crystal Cove in to monsters. The adults in the town are in shock, reacting in the only way they know how... By abandoning their children and running away like cowards. Only Scooby and the gang stay behind to solve the mystery. Going undercover as a family - "Dad" Fred, "Mom" Daphne, "Grandma" Velma, "Son" Shaggy, and "Baby" Scooby - the gang rents a house in order to capture Que Horrifico. But when their plan backfires, and Que Horrifico uses his power over the monster children to cause them to attack the gang like it's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, it looks like all is lost. That is, until a cartoon character named BROCCOLI HEAD comes to their rescue. Yes, you heard me... BROCCOLI HEAD!

  • A mysterious GHOST TRUCKER is terrorizing Crystal Cove. Add to that all the doorknobs have begun to disappear from around town, someone has hidden a priceless diamond, and Fred's dad the Mayor is up for reelection against a guy named Avocados, and Scooby and the gang have their hands full. Oh, and did we mention that Daphne has been set up on a blind date with a pinhead named Rung Ladderton, who... wait for it-- sells LADDERS for a living.

  • A long time ago there was a town called GATORBURG, where gators flowed wild and free and people got rich. Now it's a ghost town. Gators are all dried up. But when Scooby and the gang receive an imitation GATORBURG PURSE, they decide to see for themselves if the gators really are gone. Forced to stay overnight when someone steals the engine to the Mystery Machine, they soon discover that gators have indeed returned... only these have comb-overs, walk on two legs-- and don't like visitors.

  • Crystal Cove may be the MOST HAUNTED TOWN IN THE WORLD, but that doesn't stop Scooby and the gang from trying to prove that most of its most famous tourist attractions were fakes much to the anger and dwindling profits of their parents.) But when a RADIOACTIVE BARREL is accidentally opened releasing a hideous SEWER BEAST that cocoons it's victims in frozen yogurt, their mystery solving skill are put to the test. After all, what could a sewer beast, a delicious edible dessert, underground caves, and shrimping boats made of balloons possibly have in common? I'll give you a little hint... the local bank.

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