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The New Woody Woodpecker Show is an animated series based on the classic cartoon created in 1940 by Walter Lantz. The show features slapstick humor that was the hallmark of the cartoons of this era. Woody frequently finds himself at odds with his arch nemesis Wally the Walrus, a dim witted Swedish walrus with anger management issues. In many episodes, Woody and Wally find themselves in small conflicts that get extremely out of hand. For example, Woody and Wally both own hot dog stands, and the competition escalates into a World War One style battle, complete with tanks and tear gas.

Chilly Willy and Smedley the Dog are back as well. These two arctic dwelling characters clash in much the same ways as Woody and Wally, but the conflicts typically don't become as fierce. Chilly is a cute little penguin, and he is more of an annoyance for Smedley than an actual enemy.

4 Seasons, 53 Episodes
May 8, 1999
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Billy West
Woody Woodpecker New

Woody Woodpecker New Full Episode Guide

  • Love is in the air. / Hogwash is sick to death of Chilly. / Buzz and Tweaky try to beat Woody in a motocross competition.

  • Buzz and Tweaky are no match for Woody. / Smedley gets snowed by Chilly. / Woody and Winnie spend the night in a haunted castle.

  • Buzz wants to sell Woody to a scientist. / Chilly disrupts Smedley's treasure hunt. / Can Woody and Ms. Meany survive the game show "Extreme Island"?

  • Woody wants to nap, but Ms. Meany makes him baby-sit. / Chilly pollutes Hogwash's vacation. / Buzz and Tweaky plan to win the big water race.

  • Woody finds a woodpecker frozen in ice. / When a model arrives in Antarctica, Chilly cramps her style. / Woody and his nephews hit the amusement park.

  • Woody and his pals go camping. / Chilly interferes with Hogwash's plans to spruce up his hot tub. / Woody busts Buzz and Tweaky for cheating at pool.

  • Woody falls for Buzz and Tweaky's culinary con. / Smedley hunts for the newest hockey sensation. / Woody is swamped with wrong information.

  • Woody encounters a playful primate. / Chilly makes Hogwash look inferior. / Ms. Meany makes Woody clean the house.

  • Woody and Wally are convinced Ms. Meany is a robot. / Chilly steals Sgt. Hogwash's furnace fuel. / Buzz and Tweaky give Woody the runaround.

  • Woody clones himself. / Chilly is cold toward Smedley. / Woody, Wally and Meany think back to their hippie days at the commune.

  • Woody helps Ms. Meany with her karate test. / Chilly crashes Bear's party. / Woody must match wits with a junkyard dog.

  • A judge sentences Woody and Ms. Meany to therapy. / Smedley discovers that Chilly is a stowaway on his plane. / Woody helps Wally stop his hiccups.

  • Woody, Wally and Meany fight over who really saved Christmas the year Santa was kidnapped.

  • Woody and Wally are trapped together in a storm. / Winnie opens her new restaurant. / Woody goes under police protection.

  • Woody and Wally glue themselves together. / Chilly helps Smedley with his fish-freezing dilemma. / Woody tries to get ailing Ms. Meany off his back.

  • Woody and Wally perform some synchronized swimming. / Chilly sleeps through boot camp. / Woody sabotages the pizza delivery guy.

  • Woody coaches Wally through Ms. Meany's advances. / Smedley attempts to find Chilly's soul mate. / Ms. Meany forces Woody to be her date.

  • Woody tries to fool Mother Nature. / Wally plays dirty in the neighborhood Soap Box Derby. / Woody gets the star treatment on a visit to Tinseltown.

  • A high-society fake weasels his way into Ms. Meany's heart. / Buzz and Tweaky are sentenced to put on a play. / Woody and Lefty the Trout team up.

  • Woody goes off the deep end. / Sgt. Hogwash is charged with training Chilly to be a spy. / Woody wins $1,000 at the fair.

  • Woody attends the Golden Meatball Awards Banquet. / Chilly must escape chef Rufus la Dufus. / Dooley will do anything to get in line before Woody.

  • A bolt of lightning gives Woody superpowers. / Winnie is skating on thin ice with Ms. Meany at her new job. / Woody lands a stressful coaching job.

  • Woody becomes frozen food in Wally's store. / Chilly irritates Smedley. / Woody matches brawn with Attila the Hen.