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Beelzebub is an action figure in a Japanese manga tv series. He is the son of a demon king and is destined to be raised by a young, human teenager. While sleeping next to a river he saves a man floating in the river. The human is given a young child to take care of by this being that he saved.

A blood contract is created between the two where the young foster father agrees to raise the green-haired baby together with the child's maid Hilda. If the teenager allows the child to be distanced from him by more than fifteen meters he will die. This is an award winning story where the foster father is himself a juvenile delinquent in his life.

This is a charming and addictive story that has many followers waiting for the next installation. The story is suitable across all age groups and humor is always welcome relief from the seriousness of many stories. This anime is not kitschy and progresses at a comfortable pace depicting the misadventures and misunderstandings that happen along the way.

It has the right combination of romance and action with interesting fight scenes as well. It is helpful to have some insights of the Japanese school system to understand the toughness required to successfully work one's way through it.

The characters are endearing so that the viewer will connect with them very easily after the first few episodes. The drawings are expertly crafted so that it is enjoyable to watch. The soundtrack is suitable for the story and is not distracting. Viewers who enjoy this genre of work will be pleasantly surprised by the unique approach that the writers have created.

There are many episodes to watch so that the viewer has plenty of opportunities to get involved in the storyline. The suspense is always there so that the viewer will always want to move to the next episode.

Beelzebub is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (60 episodes). The series first aired on January 9, 2011.

Beelzebub is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Beelzebub on demand atAmazon Prime, The Roku Channel online.

Sundays at 7:00 am on YTV
1 Season, 60 Episodes
January 9, 2011
Action & Adventure Anime Comedy
Cast: Shizuka Itô, Katsuyuki Konishi, Takahiro Mizushima, Miyuki Sawashiro
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Beelzebub Full Episode Guide

  • Oga Tatsumi has disappeared. After the battle with Behemoth's 34 Pillars Division, the rest of the gang wonders what's become of him and Baby Beel. Could this be the end?

  • Can the Ishiyama gang take back their school from Behemoth's 34 Pillars Division? Aoi tests out her new Demon powers, but Lord En doesn't play fair! Meanwhile, Oga and Hilda are met face to face with the leader of the Division...

  • he Ishiyama gang hears rumors that Ishiyama's school building is almost done being rebuilt, but when they go to check it out, they find it's turned into Akumano Academy! Plus, who is this old man that's come in search of Oga?!

  • First, Koma-chan realizes that if Oga and Beel can switch bodies using Super Milk Time, he could switch bodies with Aoi-chan by making her eat his favorite manju! Second, the Oga family heads to a fancy onsen after Hilda wins a free trip.

  • Everyone is acting strange around Hilda. Could this be a plot by Oga and friends to conquer the Demon World? Also, Kanzaki calls out Himekawa for a man to man meeting. They clash in a fierce battle... of dumb ideas.

  • There's a new transfer student in the Special Class, and he's beautiful with silky smooth hair... Wait, it's just Himekawa. But what happened to his signature pompadour? Next, the Great Demon Lord pays the Oga household a visit, and Oga's dad has to entertain him while Hilda prepares a fitting welcome. Can he get through this without causing an interdimensional incident?

  • Black Baby Beel disappears from the teacher's office, and the only clue they have is that some super-hot boy with beautiful hair was seen running off with it. Meanwhile, Himekawa is skipping school and... buying baby care supplies?

  • The Great Demon Lord wants Beel to appear on "My Very First Conquest", and instructs Hilda to film it, but can Baby Beel even make it past the first corner where angry dogs await?! Also, Furuichi falls in love. Is it finally time for him to find happiness?

  • All the gang is trapped in school as a fierce snowstorm blows outside... One by one, they are beaten up, in exactly the situation of a legendary counting song, 100 Delinquents... Who is the evil bastard that's behind all this?

  • Aoi is still flustered from her encounter with Hilda and Baby Beel in Oga's body, and the other Red Tails are worried about her. In order to get her to rejoin the Red Tails, they gather at her family's shrine for a meeting, but a rival gang from West Kanto shows up to take them down!

  • It's time to start the Pudding-Pudding Exercises!

  • It's a New Year's special where the entire cast of Beelzebub acts out everyone's favorite ancient Chinese fable, Journey to the West! See the gang as Son Goku, Sanzou the monk, and everyone else in their quest to reach Tenjiku and obtain the sacred sutra! Or maybe just to eat takoyaki! Whatever!

  • Behemoth's Pillar Division has come in force, and the only thing that can stop them is the newly trained Oga! But the technique he's learned is so powerful, it risks the life of the user itself! It's a life or death gambit!

  • Oga and Beel begin their training with Saotome, but it seems more like exercising than exorcising. Meanwhile, Furuichi and the Ishiyama gang continue their game with Lord En, but something seems off... It seems they're up again an opponent who plays dirty. But two can play at that game...

  • Furuichi and Lamia have a single lead to find Lord En: He's totally hooked on online games! So the whole Ishiyama gang heads over to Himekawa's private gaming rooms to find Lord En online and figure out where he is. Finding him isn't hard, but getting him to tell where he is will take besting him in a gaming showdown!

  • Oga is at Mapputatsu for training with Aoi's grandpa! And his first task is to split a stone with his bare hands?! Meanwhile, Furuichi and the gang continue their search for Lord En, but he doesn't seem to be anywhere... Will there be any progress made this episode at all?!

  • Oga and Kunieda head off to Mapputatsu to train with Kunieda's grandpa, while Lamia recruits Furuichi to find Lord En himself. Furuichi ends up running into Kanzaki and the rest of the usual Ishiyama bunch, and decides to make this a problem for the whole school!

  • Lord En might be more interested in destroying his opponents at video games than destroying humanity, but his personal army, Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division, has other plans... So when one of the Pillars shows up and tries to make a blood contract with Kunieda, it's up to Oga and Hilda to rescue her.

  • Lord En has been sent to the Human World by the Great Demon Lord to destroy humanity instead of Baby Beel, but before that he wants to experience all this world has to offer! Can Ishiyama Land survive a guest whose tears mean being bathed in a sea of fire?

  • Lord En, Baby Beel's older brother, has been sent to the human world to take over Beel's mission of destroying humanity. But he seems more interested in the latest games...

  • The volleyball game might be over, but with Kiriya invading the gym and taking all the students hostage, the festival isn't over yet! How can Oga settle old scores and save the students if fighting will just get him expelled again?

  • It's finally the day of the Saint Ishiyama School Festival and the big volleyball match! But the match doesn't happen until the afternoon, so Furuichi decides to enjoy the school festival atmosphere, specifically the Maid Cafe that Azusa and her class are running. Unfortunately things get a bit out of hand...

  • Oga gets tired of volleyball practice and stumbles upon Miki practicing his special move in a dojo. Miki and Oga decided to "spar" with each other, and Miki asks Oga why he betrayed him in the past... Finally, the truth behind Miki's thirst for beating Oga will be revealed!

  • The sport for Ishiyama's showdown with the 6 Holy Knights has been decided... It's volleyball! Kunieda is all ready to start practice when a mysterious transfer student arrives... Actually, it's Hilda, who for some reason has decided to get involved... But can she find a way to actually get the guys motivated to practice?

  • The top of Ishiyama duke it out with the 6 Holy Knights on the roof! Miki explains how he looked up to Oga back in middle school, and now wants to prove that he's surpassed him with his powerful punching, but before they can settle things the final 2 of the 6 Holy Knights show up, and call off the battle. The next day, Oga and the gang are all set to be expelled!

  • Oga and Furuichi go off in search of the rest of the 6 Holy Nights, but meanwhile Shiroyama is being picked on by some of St. Ishiyama's students, who know he can't fight back or risk getting expelled. It doesn't take long for the 6 Holy Knights to call out all of Ishiyama to the roof for a real showdown!

  • Raising Baby Beel isn't getting any easier, and Oga is determined once again to find someone to dump him off on. Oga thinks maybe it takes more than brawn to attract Baby Beel, and starts to search for someone with brains, too! At the same time, rumors of a secret school group made of elite athletes whose job it is to enforce the school's moral code start going around, and members of Ishiyama's special class stop showing up to school... Who exactly are these 6 Holy Knights?

  • Sadohara thinks that by making the Ishiyama students do their own physical examinations that they're sure to cause trouble, which would be enough to get them all expelled! But when Furuichi and Oga end up hiding under a desk while the girls get changed, they've got trouble of a whole other kind...

  • Angelica is visiting the Human World for her birthday, and Furuichi is all excited for his big sleepover! But Angelica brought an unexpected gift with her from the Demon World... Yes, they're back! It's a Yople Alien! Knowing the grave danger this poses the city, nay, the world, Angelica does the only thing you can do in this situation: Recruit a 5 member squad of pseudo magical girls and partner with a muscled Moyashi-man to defeat the Blue Ears and save the day!

  • Oga gains his own follower in Kazuya, who will do anything to become strong like Oga. Oga, increasingly annoyed at Kazuya tailing him everywhere, finally decides to train him. Meanwhile, Aoi is jealous of how easily Azusa, Kazuya's childhood friend, can act cute and girly in front of a guy, and invites her for a little chat to the shrine where she lives.

  • Oga and Furuichi head off to school to start the new term... except Ishiyama High is still completely destroyed thanks to a certain someone. So instead, all the students from Ishiyama are split up and sent off to different high schools temporarily. Furuichi is all excited since they're heading to St. Ishiyama Academy, the most prestigious school in the area, but when they get there the reality of exactly how they are treated becomes apparent...

  • In search of Alaindelon's daughter so they can get back home, Oga and the gang head to a city of criminal Demon Beast poachers to rescue her. But before they get the chance, a giant monster appears to take revenge on the poachers for the harm they've done to Vlad's Haunt. And the only one who can stand toe-to-toe with it is... Baby Beel?!

  • Their work done, Doctor Furcas and Lamia head back to the Demon World, but Oga, Beel, and Furuichi accidentally hitch along for the ride! With Alaindelon out of commission after exceeding his maximum interdimensional transfer weight limit, the gang has no choice but to search for his daughter, but they have to make it through Vlad's Haunt in one piece first!

  • Baby Beel and Oga head deep into the mountains to help train Beel to get over his fear of bugs, where they run into Aoi and Kota. Aoi is all nervous because it seems like a date, until her master martial artist grandpa shows up! Worried about his granddaughter, he takes the initiative and attacks Oga!

  • Oga is all raring to go finally beat Tojo this time, and Kanzaki and Himekawa try and join forces with him. Then, delinquents come to attack the three! Making it through the forces, Oga finally arrives for his showdown with Tojo...

  • With a single blow from Tojo, Oga learns the difference in their strength and dejectedly returns home. Waiting for him there are a former court physician and his assistant from the Demon World. Oga is thrown into his own mysterious mental subconscious in order to grow as the parent of a Demon Lord.

  • Baby Beel comes down with a fever, and Oga's link to him and his never-ending shocking comes to an end. Hilda and Baby Beel disappear, and when Oga goes looking for them he finds Baby Beel stuck on Tojo's back! The battle with the top of the Ishiyama TKKH is here!

  • The Great Demon Lord decides to send Baby Beel some summer homework on a whim. The gang helps Baby Beel do the homework as best they can, but if they mess up how to use the items in the kit, all of humanity is doomed! Will they actually be able to turn it in on time and in one piece?

  • Oga hears about the legendary Tojo, the final and strongest member of Ishiyama's TKKH, from Furuichi. And right away, he goes for a showdown! Well, if he knew where Tojo was. Thanks to Himekawa's digging, Oga, Hilda, and the rest head to the beach where Tojo is supposed to be working part-time...

  • Kanzaki is thinking hard about why he's unable to be a match for Oga, and tries to perfect a new special move, when Shiroyama realizes the crucial difference... Oga has a baby on his back! Shiroyama and Natsume help Kanzaki go through intense "BoB" training!

  • It's the Ability Assessment tests for Ishiyama High, the den of delinquents. Oga tries studying for the test, for once. Baby Beel and Hilda have gotten used to various customs in the Human World and report on Baby Beel's growth to the Great Demon Lord.

  • A cat follows Oga home one day. Baby Beel challenges the cat for Oga's attention. Once the showdown is over, they are surrounded by stray cats, and Baby Beel stands tall to defend! This is the start of a friendship between 1 baby and 1 kitty.

  • Hilda hears about Kunieda Aoi from Oga and wants to find out more. She goes in search of her to test her skills. At the same time, there's someone with a half-baked scheme against Oga using Aoi's protective attitude.

  • The Crimson Queen of the Ishiyama TKKH, who holds the deep confidence of all the women, has returned from subjugating all the Ladies of North Kanto! Hearing the rumors, Furuichi drags Oga along in trying to get a glimpse of her. Before long the Queen appears! She tries to bring the iron hammer down on Oga, who in her absence has defeated two members of Ichiyama's TKKH, and even destroyed half the school, but when she sees Oga appear in front of her...!?

  • The Park Debut... It is when you first join the community of mothers who bring their young children to the park. That day, Oga took Baby Beel to the park for his nerve-wracking debut... But the rumored BoB Brawler only manages to freak out the local mothers. During this debaucle, Oga meets fellow high schooler Kunieda Aoi and her much younger brother Kota, where he suddenly asks her to "do it" with him?!

  • A - Hilda brought back a bunch of toys from the Demon World for Baby Beel. When Oga and Hilda were assemble one, a horrible accident occurs!B - The Zebul Spell expands when one does evil. So won't it contract if you act like an angel? ...thinks Oga, who uses a Play Doctor toy with Beel as the doctor to try and heal patients. It's time to play Demon World Doctor!

  • When Oga wakes up one morning, he's floating in a great pool of water... However it is actually Baby Beel's pee, as it is "urination season" right now in the Demon World. Oga is concerned about the entire city being inundated and humanity's imminent destruction, so he takes Baby Beel to the drug store to buy some disposable diapers. While he's there, a bunch of bank robbers a take Oga, Baby Beel, Hilda and Furuichi (who were chasing after him) as hostages.

  • Oga loses the powdered milk that Hilda prepared for him, and instead buys a bunch of "Yogurty" from a vending machine for Beel. But it turns out that's the favorite drink of one of Ishiyama's Big Four, the "Ishiyama Tohoshinki"; the third year Kanzaki Hajime. Oga hears about how horrible and ruthless a guy Kanzaki is, and runs into the third year classroom to try and dump Baby Beel off on him. When he sees Kanzaki's evil looking face, Oga thinks that this just might be his chance!

  • Oga has been chosen to be the parent of Beelzebub, the son of the Great Demon Lord. However Oga's suffering since every time Baby Beel cries he lets out a severe electric shock. Plus, according to Baby Beel's demon maidservant Hildegarde (Hilda), if Baby Beel moves farther than 15 meters away from his human parent Oga, the electric shock will reach lethal levels. Oga shuffles to school with Baby Beel clinging to his back, having no other choice, and begins to search for someone even stronger than him that Baby Beel will take a liking to, in order to get this monkey off his back, literally!

  • Oga Tatsumi is a crazy-strong, ruthless high school delinquent who's nicknamed the "Rampaging Ogre". One day, while dunking some punk, he rescues a big guy who comes ~floating~ down the river. When he does, the big guy splits in half and out pops a bouncing baby boy! But this baby is actually Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV (Baby Beel), the son of the Great Demon Lord, and he came from the Demon World in order to destroy humanity!