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  • TV-Y7
  • 2011
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.0  (1,396)

Mr. Young is a Canadian comedy series that aired on YTV from 2011 to 2013. The show stars Brendan Meyer as Adam Young, a genius who graduates from university at the age of 14 and becomes a high school science teacher. The show follows Adam as he navigates the challenges of teaching, including dealing with his students, his colleagues, and his own immaturity.

Adam is not your typical high school teacher. He is young, inexperienced, and struggles to relate to his students. His awkwardness and lack of social skills often lead to hilarious situations. However, Adam's intelligence and passion for science allow him to connect with his students in a unique way. He is always coming up with creative ways to teach his classes and help his students understand the material.

The show features a cast of quirky characters, including Adam's best friend Derby (played by Emmanuel Jalbert), a troublemaking student named Slab (played by Gig Morton), and Adam's fellow teachers, including the strict principal Mr. Tater (played by Milo Shandel). Each episode tackles a new challenge, whether it's Adam trying to win the school's science fair or dealing with a difficult student who just won't cooperate.

Despite Adam's intelligence, the show doesn't take itself too seriously. It's filled with slapstick humor and cartoonish situations that will appeal to younger audiences. The characters are exaggerated and larger than life, which makes the show entertaining and easy to watch. However, there are still important lessons to be learned, such as the value of hard work and the importance of meaningful relationships.

The show's visuals are bright and bold, with a cartoon-like quality that matches the show's tone. The school setting provides a backdrop for a variety of different scenes and situations, from the science lab to the basketball court. The show doesn't shy away from exploring Adam's personal life, including his relationships with his friends and his ongoing struggle to fit in with his peers.

Overall, Mr. Young is a fun and lighthearted show that will keep audiences entertained. Brendan Meyer's performance as Adam is charming and relatable, and the show's supporting cast is equally enjoyable. The show's humor is silly and exaggerated, but there is still an underlying message about the importance of education and the value of hard work. Whether you're a young viewer or just young at heart, Mr. Young is a show that's worth checking out.

Mr. Young is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (80 episodes). The series first aired on March 1, 2011.

Mr. Young
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Mr. Finale Part 2
28. Mr. Finale Part 2
November 28, 2013
While Adam and Derby explore a hidden, underground temple in search of the fountain of youth, Tater helps Echo learn about monkey behaviour, and Ivy helps Slab prepare for his first ever cover model photo shoot. All roads lead to a confrontation with a local fancy hat factory owner, who has been keeping a secret from the villagers for generations. In the end, Adam gets the gang back to Finnegan, just in time for graduation.
Mr. Finale Part 1
27. Mr. Finale Part 1
January 1, 2013
Dang is called back to Vietnam to take over for Master Ki as guardian of his village. The gang heads to Vietnam to try and convince Dang to come back to Finnegan for graduation.
Mr. Spin-Off
26. Mr. Spin-Off
January 1, 2013
A Hollywood writer comes to Finnegan with the intention of making a TV show about Adam. But he is distracted by Echo, Derby, and Ivy, who all think they have better ideas for TV shows, starring themselves.
Mr. Interview
25. Mr. Interview
January 1, 2013
A TV news program comes to interview Adam about being the world's youngest high school teacher. To ensure the interview goes smoothly, Tater has dumped Echo, Derby, and Slab in a fake version of Finnegan High.
Mr. Budget
24. Mr. Budget
January 1, 2013
After Adam and Tater struggle to find budget cuts at Finnegan High, Cyclops Foods buys the school and turns it into a product-testing facility. A faulty product transforms Derby into an actual cyclops.
Mr. Court
23. Mr. Court
April 2, 2013
Ivy is put on trial when Mrs. Straupersson is found dead.
Mr. Kidd
22. Mr. Kidd
March 26, 2013
Adam is interviewed by a TV news program about being a kid science teacher, and Principal Tater goes to extreme lengths to ensure neither he, nor Finnegan, is made to look bad.
Mr. First Impression Part 1
21. Mr. First Impression Part 1
January 1, 2013
Convinced that a bad first impression is the reason Echo doesn't consider him "boyfriend" material, Adam borrows a time machine from his college professor, and travels to the past to meet Echo for the first time, again.
Mr. Sasquawk
20. Mr. Sasquawk
January 1, 2013
Upon discovering that the mythical giant chicken monster, Sasquawk, has been captured by legendary monster hunter, Malcolm Hastings, Adam frees her. But Sasquawk develops a crush on her rescuer.
Mr. Court
19. Mr. Court
January 1, 2013
When Adam and Echo find Mrs. Straupersson dead in the hallway, all fingers point to Ivy who has straw on her hands. The gang must give Ivy a fair trial, with Adam as the judge.
Mr. Love Letter
18. Mr. Love Letter
January 1, 2013
The Finnegan High time capsule is dug up twenty-five years prematurely and Adam panics when his love letter to Echo is discovered. Luckily, Adam's signature has been destroyed.
Mr. Double Date
17. Mr. Double Date
January 1, 2013
After a bad date, Echo decides she and Adam should set each other up on a double date. Now, Adam must find a guy who Echo won't fall for. Meanwhile, Echo realizes she might just be the perfect girl for Adam.
Mr. Kidd
16. Mr. Kidd
January 1, 2013
Adam must stop the new, teenaged science teacher, Mr. Kidd, from using Adam's own memory-erasing invention against him. If Adam fails, everyone's memories of him will be erased, and Adam will lose everything.
Mr. Slumber Party
15. Mr. Slumber Party
January 1, 2013
Ivy invites the cheerleaders over for a slumber party, and Adam panics that Echo may discover a shrine exposing his true feelings for her. He plans his own slumber party to prevent Echo from entering the basement and learning the truth.
Mr. Freshman
14. Mr. Freshman
January 1, 2013
Adam and his mentor, Professor Fenway, try to convince Ivy to sign up for college by telling her about Adam's first day at Great Northern University.
Mr. Memory
13. Mr. Memory
January 1, 2013
"Adam and Echo struggle to keep their romance secret from Principal Tater. But when Derby discovers the truth -- and almost gives away their secret -- Adam plans to erase Derby's memory."
Mr. Heart
12. Mr. Heart
January 1, 2013
It's Valentine's Day and Adam plans to go out with Echo... until she comes down with a nasty cold. Determined to save his night out, Adam creates a shrink ray, and shrinks himself and Derby to microscopic size.
Mr. Club
11. Mr. Club
January 1, 2013
Adam realizes he and Echo don't have anything in common, so he decides to join a few of her favourite school clubs. But when Adam finds out that Finnegan has a secret club that Echo is in, he'll do anything to join.
Mr. Tutor
10. Mr. Tutor
January 1, 2013
When Adam discovers Ivy has tickets to the sold-out music festival Echo wants to attend, he agrees to tutor Ivy in exchange for the tickets. Adam must now make Ivy a whiz in science, or lose his date with Echo.
Mr. Sci-Fi
9. Mr. Sci-Fi
January 1, 2013
When a sci-fi movie comes to shoot at Finnegan, Adam is hired as the science advisor. He makes the movie so realistic that his interstellar beacon prop contacts real aliens.
Mr. Pickles-in-Law
8. Mr. Pickles-in-Law
January 1, 2013
When a new girl arrives at Finnegan, Derby wins her heart. But when it's revealed she is the daughter of his sworn enemy -- TV Pitchman, Preston Pickles - he is forbidden from dating her.
Mr. Time
7. Mr. Time
January 1, 2013
While experimenting with a white hole, Adam accidentally causes time in his classroom to move incredibly fast. As he works to solve the dilemma, he and Derby age sixty years over the course of twenty-two minutes.
Mr. Elf
6. Mr. Elf
January 1, 2013
While returning a lost Rudolph to the North Pole, Adam unintentionally suggests Santa automate his workshop, which results in Santa firing the elves. The unemployed elves follow Adam back to Finnegan.
Mr. Hyde
5. Mr. Hyde
January 1, 2013
After freezing when Echo asks Adam to join her at the sci-fi convention, he creates a serum that will give him more confidence. Unfortunately it also turns him into a monster. Now Adam must wait for the effects to wear off.
Mr. Apartment
4. Mr. Apartment
January 1, 2013
Adam has trouble getting some peace and quiet at home, so he decides to rent an apartment of his own. But eventually Adam starts to wonder if home wasn't so bad after all.
Mr. Magic
3. Mr. Magic
January 1, 2013
Adam is thrilled when Echo asks him on a date to the Magic Mansion, but his hopes for a real date are crushed when he finds out she invited everyone at school along.
Mr. & Mrs. Roboto
2. Mr. & Mrs. Roboto
January 1, 2013
ARTHUR returns to Finnegan with his robot family and asks Adam to babysit his "grandkids." He agrees and tries to impress Echo with his parenting skills, but soon realizes that dealing with kids is not as easy as it looks.
Mr. Candy
1. Mr. Candy
January 1, 2013
Adam, Echo, Derby, and Slab wake up the morning after Hallowe'en, having eaten so much candy that they can't remember what happened the night before. When they discover Derby's wallet is missing.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 1, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    6.0  (1,396)