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"Mr. Young" is the comedy sitcom about a genius, fourteen year old boy that gets a teaching position for a science class at a local middle school. Much to the shock of his students, to see a boy much like themselves teaching a class is something that is hard to accept. Many crazy antics ensue during the school year, with all sorts of weird experiments going haywire in the science lab. Plus, Mr. Young is learning first hand that trying to see at the level of his students is more difficult in practice than in theory. A certain member of the school's faculty can be a little quirky at times, much to the annoyance of Mr. Young and the students.

Each episode is filled with all sorts of hilarious hijinks that are sure to entertain the whole family. The unusual things that can occur at this school are very comical in a very light hearted way. Each student has a unique perspective on the daily life at school that creates insights on the overall plot of the program in trying to add some scientific value, because Mr. Young is the school's science teacher. Disney has created a new market regarding television programs for pre-teens and teenagers in the past ten years. Programs like Mr. Young have received approval from parents that are involved in the lives of their teens.

Teens can choose whether they would like to watch the show or not. Given Disney's reputation for wholesome entertainment that reinforces positive values, this program is sure to give the audience plenty of laughs at the craziest situations that the characters get into in each episode. Viewers can log onto the Internet to write comments on the program, giving their opinions online.

Mr. Young is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (46 episodes). The series first aired on March 1, 2011.

Mr. Young is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mr. Young on demand atNetflix, iTunes online.

Tuesday 6:30 PM et/pt on YTV
2 Seasons, 46 Episodes
March 1, 2011
Comedy Kids & Family
Cast: Brendan Meyer
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Mr. Young Full Episode Guide

  • After destroying Principal Tater's scooter, Adam, Echo, Derby, Ivy and Slab get called into his office for questioning, and each has their own version of what happened.

  • Santa falls from his sleigh onto school property, losing his memory, so Adam and the gang help deliver the toys in a quest to save Christmas.

  • After ruining Principal Tater's scooter, Adam, Echo, Derby, Ivy and Slab get called into his office and are questioned. They all have conflicting stories.

  • Adam's brain-mapping experiment doesn't go as planned, causing the gang's personalities to be switched.

  • Echo is taken prisoner by the evil Cocoa King; Tater and Ivy compete for a starring role on a soap opera.

  • Adam travels to exotic Sanduras for the summer; Derby and Slab travel by hot air balloon.

  • After Adam secretly tweaks Echo's science fair project, she wins first prize. With everyone thinking Echo is a genius, she is instantly graduated from Finnegan and offered a full scholarship to Great Northern University. Now Adam, with the help of Derby and Slab, must crash a frat party and convince Echo to come back to Finnegan.

  • When Adam learns that Echo loves goth-rocker Dark Demon, he tries to get the musician to play at Finnegan High.

  • Adam's robot, ARTHUR, returns to Finnegan High and attempts to overrun it with machines.

  • Adam and Principal Tater encourage Derby to run for president of the student council, but Derby is out of control in his quest to become superintendent.

  • A teenage girl, Brap, is accidentally transported from her home in the rainforest to Adam's classroom. She speaks no English, has superhuman strength, and believes she is an elephant! Impressed by her animal nature, Slab falls in love at first sight. But Brap only has eyes for Adam. While Echo and Adam try to help Brap fit in at Finnegan, Slab tries to win her affections. Then Ivy trains Brap to be like her and renames her Briannna (as she claimed it was with 3 n's) and teaches her to talk and teaches her that she is a homosapien.

  • The red carpet is rolled out for Finnegan's brightest stars to present their movies at the first annual Film Festival. With each student submitting a film, entries run the gamut from a sappy romantic comedy, to a 3D action thriller, to a Kung Fu extravaganza. May the best movie win!

  • Adam disguises himself as a student at Finnegan High so he can be Echo's partner on the quiz team.

  • Preston Pickles returns to Finnegan High as the new shop teacher, and Derby is convinced he's really there to get revenge after Derby ruined his career as an infomercial pitchman.

  • Adam is hired as the new host of a popular science-based TV show.

  • Set on teaching his students the importance of getting a good night's rest, Adam conducts a sleep deprivation experiment at Finnegan. He uses his students as the test subjects, and challenges them to stay awake for the entire night, while hanging out in his class. As the night wears on, the group endures everything from exhaustion to hallucinations, while the various effects of sleep deprivation set in.

  • In an effort to get Principal Tater off Adam's back, Adam and Echo play matchmaker and try to find him a date.

  • After Adam is accidentally doused with moth pheromones, he discovers he is suddenly more attractive to Echo. Adam is thrilled that Echo is finally interested in him, though Derby is convinced that it's the pheromones.

  • Santa falls from his sleigh onto school property and gets amnesia, so Adam and the gang help deliver the toys in a quest to save Christmas.

  • Adam's friends arrive at NASA, hoping to convince him to return to his teaching job at Finnegan High. Adam insists he's happy where he is...until he accidentally launches the whole gang into outer space.

  • Adam quits teaching and takes a job with NASA after being pranked by his students.

  • Adam gets a new student: Joseph, an eight-year-old genius. At first, Adam is thrilled to have a younger version of himself to mentor. But when he is shown up by Joseph he lets jealousy get the best of him.

  • The kids learn that a world-famous artist once taught at Finnegan High and embark on a hunt to track down his hidden artwork in hopes of striking it rich.

  • Adam quits teaching and takes a job with NASA after being pranked by his students.

  • Adam disguises himself and impersonates a substitute teacher; Tater finds the perfect replacement.

  • The school is hosting a special Halloween night screening of "Grave Betrayal," an adaptation of a popular book series featuring a war between mummies and zombies. Adam is thrilled when Echo, a die-hard zombie lover, asks him to sit with her.

  • Adam offers to watch Echo's hamster while she's away, but it dies under his care. Adam panics and tries to clone the creature, with disastrous results.

  • The students take a stab at composing Finnegan High's new school song.

  • Adam believes that a professor has been nominated for a Nobel Prize, based on research he stole from Adam. When he and Derby break in to the professor's office to search for proof, they discover he's blind.

  • When Adam's mom sells his prized "Mr. Marvelous" comic book to Slab, Adam dresses up as the superhero to convince the big lug to return the comic. But Adam's plans go out the window when a little kid thinks he's the real Mr. Marvelous.

  • When Adam hears about a computer matchmaking fundraiser at school, he scoffs, believing you can't find love by filling out a form. But his attitude quickly changes when he discovers Echo is taking part.

  • During an all night meteor viewing, Adam has to compete for his students' attention, when Tater unexpectedly shows up ready for a camp out.

  • As faculty advisor for the school play, Adam casts Echo in the lead role so he'll be able to spend more time with her. But it all goes wrong when he learns the play will be Romeo and Juliet.

  • Adam learns that Echo is a "Big Sister." Thinking he'll impress her, he pretends to be a Big Brother. So when Echo suggests they take their Little Brother and Sister to the school carnival together, Adam must rush to sign up for the program.

  • The school talent show is coming up, and Adam convinces Echo to sing. But when he overhears her rehearsing, he discovers her voice sounds like a jungle cat in distress...and she has no idea.

  • When Adam discovers that Slab is secretly taking ballet, he hopes to use the intel to blackmail him into behaving in class. But while they're spying on the dance class, Slab spots Adam and Derby and is delighted by their mutual love of ballet.

  • An experiment in Adam's science lab goes awry, resulting in a noxious smoke that turns out to be truth gas. Adam, Derby, Echo, Slab, and Ivy - all unable to lie - are quarantined in the lab until the effects wear off.

  • Echo would love to be a cheerleader, but cheerleading is banned at Finnegan High. Adam would love to see Echo in a short skirt, so he investigates the ban.

  • When Adam's old university study buddy comes to visit, Adam is excited to catch up and geek out like they used to. But when Derby realizes the "buddy" is actually a gorgeous, blonde 23-year-old girl, he convinces Adam she has a huge crush on him.

  • Adam's lesson on ice-cream making gets hairy when Derby mistakenly creates a cure for baldness. Derby's invention becomes an overnight sensation and the lure of making millions goes to his head... until he runs out of the product.

  • Adam learns that he and Echo are taking the same route home from school and is excited to walk with her. Unfortunately, he's put on detention duty.

  • Struggling to keep his class in line, Adam creates a sophisticated robotic student designed to discipline students. Unfortunately, it malfunctions and threatens to terminate Principal Tater.

  • It's 14-year-old Adam's first day as a teacher. All seems to be going well until the ape-like Slab steals Adam's master key and wreaks havoc throughout the school. Now Adam must outwit the big oaf, or his first day on the job could be his last.