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Taking heed of the current enthusiasm over action shows, Project MC2 brings the theme of strong girls to the table. It is aimed at the Disney and Nickelodeon crowd. The show features four young girls who are also geniuses in their respective fields. The team consists of chemist Adrienne, computer wizard Bryden, creative expert Camryn, and their leader McKeyla, who is one of the top secret agents at NOV8. Pronounced innovate, this group consists of the smartest women in the world and is headed by the mysterious Quail, played by Danica McKellar of Wonder Years fame.

Friday 3:00 AM et/pt on Netflix
5 Seasons, 21 Episodes
August 7, 2015
Cast: Mika Abdalla, Ysa Penarejo, Victoria Vida, Genneya Walton
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Project MC2 Full Episode Guide

  • The girls finally learn who's responsible for stealing the prototype. But is it too late to stop the evil mastermind's plot?

  • Devon uses art to help Bryden and Adrienne work through their differences. McKeyla has a difficult talk with Kyle about their relationship.

  • McKeyla homes in on a surprising new suspect: Camryn's dad! Meanwhile, Ember and Cam wonder if fellow camper Gordon is up to something.

  • The girls try stop an intruder from stealing a prototype from Space Inc. When things go awry, McKeyla begins to doubt her sleuthing skills.

  • The girls visit NOV8's amazing headquarters, where the Quail gives them a new mission involving an old friend. But something strange is afoot.

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