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The television series entitled Mona the Vampire is about the adventures of Mona and her friends. The main female character in the series is a young lady known as Mona who has a strong, clear and very creative mindset. She thinks there exist mysterious creatures in her town of origin so she plans to go and rescue the town from their influence. She however has another identity where she is known as Mona the Vampire whereby she possesses characteristics of a vampire. She has two very good friends Princess Giant and Zapman with whom she resolves all mysteries that come their way.

Mona has a cat known as Fang who has the ability to break magical charms. As a result, Fang also assists Mona and her friends carry out their mission. Fang is also Mona's buddy as the two are always together especially as Fang is her accessory in her vivid imaginations and also her confidante. Fang goes everywhere with her and is just as eager as Mona whenever they have to go for an adventure.

Mona has very supportive and caring parents known as Mr and Mrs Parker. Mrs Parker is a very strict moralist while her father Mr Parker is however more lenient and understands Mona's vivid ways of thinking.

Charley is Mona's closest friend and ally since he is also interested in adventures. He is very clever but struggles with the fear aspect as he easily gets scared of everything around him. His other identity Zapman is brave, courageous and fears no evil or danger. Charley is very good in the sciences but deals more with reality unlike Mona so whenever he needs to understand something mysterious, he asks for Mon's help.

Lily is Mona's closest female friend, she used to have a very calm and reserved personality but started changing when she discovered her other personality as Princess Giant. Princess Giant is brave, courageous and strong.

Mona the Vampire is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (65 episodes). The series first aired on September 13, 1999.

Where do I stream Mona the Vampire online? Mona the Vampire is available for streaming on YTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mona the Vampire on demand at Vudu, Google Play, Hoopla, Apple TV, Tubi TV online.

4 Seasons, 65 Episodes
September 13, 1999
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Emma Taylor-Isherwood
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Mona the Vampire Full Episode Guide

  • Mona, Charley and Lily become alarmed when there?s a local garter snake population explosion at the same time the hairstylist Penelope is staging a play about the Ancient Greek Snake Monster Medusa on the stage of the local theatre. / When the new weatherman Jonathan Jupiter is able to flawlessly predict the weather Mona and pals start to wonder if he isn't controlling the latest terrible storms via the flying saucer he insists is just a weather balloon.

  • The aging but still phantasmagoric Rockin? Reptiles are on a reunion tour that just might transform the kids? strange dressing and strange talking mothers into eerie reptiles. / After suffering through a few weeks without one sighting of a ghost Mona and company are given cause to suspect that a vacuum cleaner salesman is sucking away ghosts in a super duper new vacuum cleaner.

  • When Mona's parents accidentally sell her Book of the Slimy at their garage sale Mona has to get it back before her old arch rivals the Cyborg Phantasm, the Living Scarecrow, the Polyester Powersuit and other nefarious villains are released back into the world. / Can a lovelorn vampire lady and a lonely-hearted werewolf find true love? Mona and her friends better see that they do before the full moon rises or else havoc will reign.

  • While some are saying the Seville Theatre is just old and falling apart Mona knows that it?s being haunted by a ghost that escaped from the big screen./ When Mona, Charley, and Lily go on a school ski trip they encounter a series of mysterious snowy incidents and Mona concludes there?s only one rational explanation, the mythological Yeti has made the ski hill its home.

  • While working in a fast food restaurant for Career's Week, the kids uncover an alien plot to enslave the whole town through an extra-special secret sauce. / When the old school bus is brought back into action George gets a very rough ride from the ghost inhabiting it.

  • Charley?s opportunity to make a little babysitting money turns into a close encounter with a family of aliens and their identical triplet sons. If Mona the Vampire, Zapman and Princess Giant can't get a grip on the situation the earth may never be the same. / Zapman decides to strike out on his own after Mona embarrasses him in the schoolyard. But it looks like it?s going to take all three of our heroes working as a team to defeat a prank happy Coyote god who's on the loose in town.

  • When a local toy factory makes every kid a new best friend - new life size super-toy robots - it's up to Mona the Vampire, Zapman and Princess Giant to stop a diabolical world take over attempt. / After the local beauty salon gets the town to adopt a Wig Day festival Mona becomes aware that the hideous wigs harbour aliens that control the brains of anyone who wears them.

  • Mona and her pals have their hands full when Neptune, the god of the seas, discovers the long lost missing continent of Atlantis right under their town and wants to restore it to its former glory. / The unseasonable early appearance of shadflies from the swamp behind Mr. McCaughllin?s house arouses Mona?s suspicion and leads to a full fledged effort to stop an inter-terrestrial invasion.

  • Lily's obsession with a favourite cartoon sucks her right into the t.v., literally. It's up to Zapman, Fang and Mona the Vampire to save her as they enter a stretch and squash cartoon world where anything can happen. / The town's Medieval Days turn out to be a real blast from the past when Mona discovers an old suit of armour with a ghostly inhabitant.

  • Mona and her pals meet their monster movie hero and discover that he REALLY lives the part. / Mrs. Bryerson's wedding to the local lawn bowling champ is in jeopardy when a jealous guest brings to life the mischievous miniature bride and groom cake-toppers.

  • After Mr. Hyde restores an old antique ice cream sign of a giant-sized Freddy Frosty that was found in the town dump Mona, Charley and Lily start to worry that Freddy is responsible for the great volumes of fast food that has mysteriously gone missing. / Charley's sudden interest in being a musician lands him in a rock band with some rather unsavory vampire brats and a big time music producer with a rather nightmarish agenda.

  • A black hole is threatening to swallow up Mona?s town. It?s already swallowed Bob the Astronomer and if Mona doesn't do something fast she may be next. / Mona decides the new wax museum curator is the perfect subject for her "careers" report until her research leads her to discover that his exhibits are just a little too lifelike.

  • The new drama coach seems to have an unhealthy obsession with trolls. You could even say she?s being held captive by them. It?s up to Mona the Vampire to free her before the whole town gets banished to trolldom. / Charley is thrilled when he finds a real asteroid, but it turns out to bring him more chills than thrills when an alien magician tries to use it for the biggest disappearing act ever.

  • It's a good thing that Mona and her friends are on hand to reveal that his opponent is getting a little help from the ghost of the seventeenth hole. / Charley?s super microwave invention turns out to be a window on the future, a very grim future where George rules the town. Things get even worse when grown-up George hitches a ride on the super microwave and turns up at school.

  • After a baby with special charms causes adults in the town to turn into babies, it?s up to Mona to break the spell. / Mona battles a creature made of trash that terrorizes the town during a garbage strike.

  • When Arizona Smith, a klutzy archaeologist, excavates some local caves to find the mayor a bona fide tourist attraction he unburies more than just a few relics. Mona the Vampire, Zapman and Princess Giant must take the bull by the horns and intercept a mysterious mythological beast that runs roughshod over their town. / On the 100 year anniversary of a mysterious train robbery, Mona, Charley and Lily discover the ornery ghost of Caboose Malloy and reopen the old case to find the real thief.

  • Mona and friends try to get all the mothers in town to realize that television's absolutely perfect Ms. Marvellous' cooking and beauty tips are a recipe for disaster. / The annual spelling bee promises to be a stinging success when the local honey producer becomes its main sponsor. He will do anything, even cause a bee invasion, to ensure that his son, a less than stellar speller, will win the competition.

  • Two elderly sisters move into an old mansion in town and befriend Mona?s parents. Mona figures out that the sisters are really witches who recently escaped from a crypt in the cemetery. / Charley gets trapped inside the mansion of a famous mystery writer who lives alone with her creepy butler.

  • A) Heavy and horrid rains fall on town and everybody wants to get a suntan at the new center. The owner of the center is the Sun goddess and she wants everyone to workship her. Luckily the Moon goddess and her friends are always ready to save the day.B) In a very hot day the kids investigate a mysterious disappearence, someone or something is drinking all the water.

  • A) Objects disappear and strange things happen in Mona's town, why? Because it is part of the Columbus Triangle!B) The new soccer coach, has big feets and is really furry... no wonder why, he's a Sasquatch!

  • Mona?s father takes on a new job and wears a strange old suit that seems to alter his personality for the worst. / When valuables go missing in the house, Mona discovers a family of trolls living in her basement.

  • A) Dr. Java's coffee is causing strange reactions on people and even animals. Meanwhile Mr. Hyde remembers his brother and wish they could work together again.B) The new librarian, Mrs. Dewey, is a real ogre, literally, and is giving Mona a really hard time.