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Bob's Burgers is an animated sitcom targeted towards an adult viewing audience and broadcast by Fox. The series depicts the Belcher family and their daily experiences with running the hamburger restaurant, Bob's Burgers, named after its owner Bob Belcher. The Belchers, dad Bob and mom Linda, and their three children Tina, Gene, and Louise all work together avidly to keep the restaurant afloat and offer their customers what they perceive to be one of a kind menu options. As the oldest children, Tina and Gene are expected to help out around the restaurant. Even the youngest sibling Louise, who likely shows the most excitement over working for her dad, is often seen lending a hand in the family restaurant.

As a restaurateur, Bob is very creative in developing new menu items that are displayed daily on his outside menu board. However, his business management, cleanliness, and customer service skills may leave much to be desired. In many episodes, Bob's Burgers is depicted as an unorganized, unsanitary burger joint with greasy counters and unhealthy food options. Unfortunately, the restaurant's location is not optimal for maximum customer attraction either: Bob's next door shop neighbor and friend Mort owns It's Your Funeral Home and Crematorium. On the flip side, a seaside attraction amusement park called the Wonder Wharf is located right down the street from Bob's restaurant.

Bob's Burgers also has a hefty rival, Bob's arch nemesis Jimmy Pesto, who owns a Pizzeria right across the street and loves stealing Bob's potential customers. Unfortunately for Bob, his daughter Tina depicted as a quiet, yet romantic thirteen year old is smitten by Jimmy's oldest son Jimmy Jr. To make matters worse, Bob's youngest daughter Louise is friends with Jimmy's twin sons Andy and Olly, who are likely just as energetic as she is. Bob's middle child Gene, a quirky boy who plans on becoming musician when he grows up, is the known prankster of the show and enjoys the occasional practical joke.

While his business is not always running smoothly, Bob does have the support of his family to help him achieve his dream, because he makes them believe that his unique burgers will bring them enormous success.

Although the show is depicted as a lively and colorful cartoon, its crude humor and suggestive language make it inappropriate for a child audience. Past episodes have been based on adult and taboo topics such as cannibalistic food choices, necrophilia, and zombies.

Sunday 8:30 PM et/pt on FOX
7 Seasons, 129 Episodes
January 9, 2011
Animation & Cartoons, Comedy
Cast: Kristen Schaal, Louise Belcher, 20th Television
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Bob's Burgers Full Episode Guide

  • When Bob finds out that the nearby wilderness equipment store is having a going out of business sale, he decides to finally realize his dream of becoming an outdoorsman. In true Bob fashion, he encounters a snafu that leaves him stuck in the store overnight to fend for himself. Meanwhile, Linda and the kids spend the night watching the rehearsal for Aunt Gayle's one-woman show

  • When the forecast calls for rain on the day of the Bog to Beach parade, Teddy convinces Bob to enter the float contest with the promise of an easy win. As the parade goes awry, Bob realizes he might need an attitude adjustment.

  • Linda comes down with a nasty cold just in time for the Mother's Day show at Wagstaff. When Bob's outdated camcorder malfunctions, the kids perform a reimagined version of the pageant for Linda back at home. Will the kids' creative liberties be enough to make Linda feel the Mother's Day love?

  • Gene goes with Bob on the final rock-and-roll laser show at the planetarium and Linda and the gals go out for dinner at a crazy restaurant.

  • When Linda wins a competition to spend a dream vacation at the home where her favorite t.v. show is filmed, things don't turn out quite as planned. Also, Teddy's back issues leave him stuck on the floor, while he tends the children.

  • The annual Easter egg hunt consistently brings out the competitive personalities of Bob and Linda, but this time, the game goes wrong.

  • When Tina is recruited by the debate team, she finds unexpected success and an even more unexpected relationship. Meanwhile, Louise and Gene convince their parents to help fund a stop-motion movie focusing on a surprising subject matter.

  • When Tina finds out that the aquarium might close, the Belcher kids invent a plan to keep it running. Meanwhile, Bob figures out that he could adopt some of Linda's customer service skills.

  • Linda jumps at the chance to chaperone Tina’s weekend away at a heroine conference, but Tina’s new friend could put Linda’s perfect weekend in jeopardy. Meanwhile, the younger Belchers have plans for their weekend alone with Bob. What could possibly go wrong?

  • When Gene finds out that the formula for his favorite chocolate has been altered, he works with the leader of the company trying to remedy the situation. Meanwhile, Bob gets caught up in one of Teddy's less-than-stellar ideas.

  • Louise is placed in a sticky situation when she has to defend one of her biggest enemies at Wagstaff during a mock-trial.

  • When Gayle's cat, Mr. Business, secures pet agent Ian Amberson, Bob finds out that Linda may have been helping to fund the cat's career. Ever the skeptic, Bob is prepared to shut it down, but learns that Mr. Business could be on the verge of his big break.

  • With Valentine's Day drawing near, Tina, Gene and Louise each discover themselves caught up in love-caused chaos.

  • Tina sprains her ankle and goes to school by the way of a telepresence robot.

  • As the Belchers get ready for Christmas, Bob gets a surprise call from Mr. Fischoeder asking him to bring food to a bash at his home. When Bob shows up, he finds out that he has gotten involved in an intense gingerbread house building contest with Mr. Fischoeder's rowdy group of friends. Meanwhile, Linda and Teddy attempt to prompt some Christmas cheer in the neighbors as they take the children caroling.

  • When Mr. Frond's yearly play threatens to spoil the half day before Thanksgiving, Gene and Louise determine they need to sabotage it in order to preserve their long weekend.

  • When Tina has a problem that puts her in detention, Bob and Linda don't have a nanny for their other children, forcing them to let Gene and Louise stay at home alone. With the home to themselves, the younger Belchers discover themselves in a sticky situation, while Bob and Linda get into shocking trouble with their accountant.

  • After a tip from Jimmy Pesto, Bob obtains a new meat provider who states to save clients cash on each order. The Belchers soon discover that the situation is too good to be true.

  • With Halloween quickly drawing near, Tina reveals her brilliant plan that will finally win her first place in the yearly costume contest. When Tammy swipes her idea, Tina is must seek the help of Mr. Ambrose, who points her to alternate and other-worldly methods of winning. Meanwhile, Bob is on a quest to find out who is taking his perfectly crafted pumpkins.

  • Teddy organizes a day trip on his newly refurbished boat in an effort to impress his ex-wife, Denise. Meanwhile, Tina attempts to show that she is responsible enough for a cell phone by taking care of Bob's prized eraser from the restaurant. Can both Teddy and Tina prove themselves?

  • When the youngest Belcher comes down with an epic case of the flu, Linda has a mishap as she tries to deliver Louise's favorite toy to her daughter’s bedside. After Louise vows that she will never forgive her family for their mistake, she falls into a wild fever dream filled with familiar faces, zany musical numbers and a crazy adventure.

  • In the last episode of Season 6, the children choose a bad time to wage their goop war after Bob finds out a journalist will be arriving to do a story on the restaurant, and the entire town ends up getting involved.

  • Tina’s ideas of love and romance are tested when she volunteers at a nursing home to earn her next Thunder Girls badge.

  • After finally getting to go to horse camp, it becomes apparent to Tina that she has to let go of her imaginary pony, Jericho. Elsewhere, Linda puts together a restaurant camp to get even with Gene and Louise.

  • When Louise hears that Boo Boo is leaving Boyz 4 Now, she enters a contest that could give Tina the chance to meet him. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda learn an interesting piece of history regarding the restaurant, which leads to tension between Bob and Jimmy Pesto.

  • When Bob’s friend, Warren, comes to town, he makes an offer to invest in the restaurant. Bob is thrilled that it finally could get a much-needed makeover, until he learns that Warren has some strong interior design choices in mind. Meanwhile, Warren’s visit means one of the kids must give up their bedroom.

  • When Dottie Minerva develops a bad case of mono, Tina gets her break as soloist of the Hormone-iums. But as she prepares for the big assembly, Tina figures out that her role in the play could spoil her social status. Meanwhile, Linda strikes gold with a business idea that she thinks could make the Belchers wealthy.

  • When Bob’s longtime friend, Critter, finds himself in jail for unpaid parking tickets, the Belchers decide to do what they can to help him out. Meanwhile, Linda takes on a babysitting job that becomes more work than she signed up for.

  • After Gene overhears news about a mystical creature that resides nearby, he takes the Belcher children and their pals on a voyage to find it. In the meantime, Linda's competitive attitude comes out during downtime at the restaurant.

  • When there is a bounce house disaster at Regular Sized Rudy's birthday bash, the Belcher kids come up with a plan to save the day. Meanwhile, Bob faces an unexpected guest at the restaurant and must come to terms with a longstanding fear.

  • A panic erupts at Wagstaff due to a lice infestation, and Tina is in the middle of it when she volunteers to help Nurse Liz. Also, Bob updates the restaurant to bring in customers, but it backfires.

  • After a family vote rules against buying a new couch during TV Night, Louise takes matters into her own hands. The Belchers take sides as they are forced to decide whether memories are enough to keep their family sofa. Will they take the Sofa Queen’s advice and learn to love a new couch?

  • Following an accident where Bob slips on the sidewalk, he must take legal action to pay for his surgery. Bob ends up under the care of Jairo, who commits to heal him without a doctor. Also, the kids invent a fake law firm to settle their personal disagreements.

  • Gene and Courtney may be saved when they are requested to be the new hosts of the morning announcements, but their romantic past may get in the way. Also, when Tina tries to play Cupid, everything goes wrong after she offers to be in charge of the Valentine's Day carnation fundraiser.

  • Bob hosts a dinner party for his new friend and Gayle takes this opportunity to have her family meet her new romance. It turns out that Louise has an ongoing feud with Gayle's boyfriend and her niece wants to break them apart.

  • A grouchy mall Santa Claus warns the kids he will put them on the Naughty List. Gene, Tina and Louise conclude they will put together a musical debut to make it to the Nice List.

  • Linda sends Bob to fetch Gayle when she gets hurt, so that she won't have to skip the Thanksgiving fun. An unpredictable snowstorm gets in the way of him traveling home on time to get the turkey ready. Bob is forced to let Linda prepare the turkey and pass the time getting know his sister-in-law better.

  • While the Belchers are getting ready for Halloween, Louise tells the family the she's never been frightened by anything. The family decides to spend some time at a scary haunted house.

  • Bob discovers new hair loss problems. Linda remembers Bob's mustache an falling in love with him years ago. The kids have a different story to tell about their parents meeting each other.

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