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The Bob Newhart Show centers around the character of Bob Hartley, who is a psychologist working in Chicago. The show is a comedy with several recurring characters as Bob's patients. Bob has a wife named Emily and a next door neighbor named Howard. The Hartleys live in a Chicago high-rise, with Howard often dropping in to pick up his mail. Howard works as an airline navigator, so he is frequently out of town. Bob and Emily also have parents who drop in from time to time and cause disruption in the daily routine they have.

Bob works in a building with some other medical personnel, one of which is his best friend Jerry. Jerry is an orthodontist who frequently meets with Bob in his office or out at the central reception area. Jerry often relays funny stories about the different kids he works on. Another character in the show is Bob's receptionist, Carol. Carol is quick-witted and often exchanges humorous banter with both Bob and Jerry. She also deals with the array of characters Bob sees as patients.

One of the patients who visits Bob on a regular basis is a man named Elliot. Elliot has a negative outlook on life and is generally pessimistic about anything and everything. Bob does his best to try to get Elliot to see the bright side of life, but Elliot remains true to his negative nature. Two other patients who often visit Bob for counseling are a military veteran named Emil and a sweet older lady named Lillian. A recurring comedic routine within the show is played by Bob and a telephone. Bob Newhart's trademark stand-up comedy often involved humorous telephone conservations which were one-sided. These phone conversations are incorporated into the series through the work Bob does.

The character of Bob Hartley is somewhat timid in comparison to his strong-willed wife and equally strong work colleagues. It is his quiet demeanor and timid stutter which lightens up the mood for the subject the show revolves around. While Bob counsels people who have mental problems, the show always stays on the light side.

The Bob Newhart Show is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (142 episodes). The series first aired on September 16, 1972.

Where do I stream The Bob Newhart Show online? The Bob Newhart Show is available for streaming on FOX, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Bob Newhart Show on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Apple TV online.

6 Seasons, 142 Episodes
September 16, 1972
Cast: Bob Newhart, Suzanne Pleshette, Marcia Wallace, Peter Bonerz, Bill Daily
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The Bob Newhart Show Full Episode Guide

  • Bob gives up his psychological practice in Chicago to become a professor at a small college in Oregon.

  • On the eve of being announced "Secretary of the Year," Carol informs Bob that she's leaving his employ.

  • Bob's friends close ranks to "protect" Emily Hartley when a handsome old flame pays her a very warm visit.

  • Paul Billingham-known to his radio fans as Ralph Alfalfa, the Happy Farmer-comes to Bob because of his stuttering problem. On radio, he practiced several unseen rhythmic devices to mask his problem, but a new television opportunity threatens to expose his problem with disastrous results.

  • Bob's paranoid, perennial patient, Mr. Carlin, involves Emily in his scheme to impress his former schoolmates-especially a girl who never gave him the time of day.

  • Bob advises a patient named Mr. Plager to realize his human potential by writing a play based on his own experiences. But when Plager writes, directs, and produces an actual World War I drama whose characters bear a startling resemblance to the rest of Bob's patients, the warfare really begins.

  • Bob counsels a quintet of jovial ex-convicts to help them find honest employment.

  • Emily Hartley discovers a new low in male chauvinism when Bob's father arranges a fishing trip to his cabin and assigns her woman's work while the men brave the great out-of-doors.

  • The Hartleys embark on a seagoing vacation to put work behind them. But Bob can't resist playing psychologist when he undertakes to counsel a married couple.

  • Bob finds himself with unhappy and hostile patients who refuse to attend his Christmas party when they are mistakenly informed of a rate increase at the height of the Yuletide season. One patient is moved to hire a pie-throwing service.

  • Bob and Emily celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary with a dream flight into the fantasy of being married to different partners.

  • Emily's protective instincts are aroused when 70-year-old Grace DuBois, an odd but friendly recluse, is threatened with being sent to a rest home for elderly people who can't cope with reality.

  • At first, Bob is thrilled when a nontalkative patient named Mr. Twillmer finally opens up after being told that anything he might say will be held in the strictest confidence. His joy is short-lived when Twillmer confesses to grand larceny.

  • Bob interviews a variety of psychologists to take over his patients while he's out of town. It's soon apparent that they are very much in need of help themselves. When Bob's former teacher, Professor Dreebe, offers his services, it seems the perfect answer.

  • It's no laughing matter for Howard when his 12 year old son Howie announces he's leaving home to become a comedian.

  • Bob's impulsive decision to leave town for a week is received with disastrous emotions by his patients, who seemingly can't make it without him.

  • Bob deals with the amusing problems of an improbable paternity suit and a phone paging service that never pages him.

  • Bob is puzzled when his henpecked patient, Mr. Petersen, asserts himself with far-reaching consequences.

  • Jerry is terrified of losing his new dream girl.

  • Bob's attempt at treating convicts who are about to be released has him climbing the walls.

  • Bob's well-ordered life turns topsy-turvy when he and Emily move to a new Chicago residence.

  • Hot baby news is the order of the day when Carol, Bob's receptionist, announces that she's expecting a baby. Then, Emily drops her bombshell-and Bob nearly comes unglued at the prospect of becoming a father.

  • Bob offers sound psychological advice to his wife and his therapy group on how to handle anger. Then he proceeds to blow up himself.

  • A despondent friend accepts Bob's suggestion and turns the psychologist's reception area into a mini-Polynesian village.

  • Bob is held hostage in his office by a friendly bank robber.

  • Bob's memory is taxed to the limit when he forgets that April 15 is the Federal income tax deadline-and also the date of the Hartleys' seventh wedding anniversary.

  • Bob strikes out against a friend's fear of falling, but succumbs to the same phobia himself when he is subjected to a harrowing elevator experience.

  • Bob thinks that Veronica Kidd, a student trainee, has fallen in love with him.

  • Bob succumbs to the pressures of living in a big city and desperately seeks employment of a small rural college.

  • Bob runs into marital problems when he brings his therapy group home for a wild role-playing encounter.

  • Bob's invitation to lecture at a prestigious sex seminar results in distress when the audience shows up nude.

  • Bob watches in amazement as one of his patients supports a blossoming romance with a tissue of lies.

  • Bob takes on the role of Christmas peacemaker when he attempts to reconcile his parents.

  • Bob undergoes a shock when his mother announces that she has separated from his father after 47 years of marriage.

  • Jerry, retired orthodontist and orphan, takes off on a world tour to search for his long-lost parents.

  • Bob defends the work ethic when Jerry comes into a pile of money and promptly retires from the dental profession.

  • Bob and his friend "The Peeper" take a trip down Memory Lane and wind up in the slammer.

  • Bob turns amateur detective when he believes that his expensive tape recorder has been stolen.

  • Bob and his friends host an orphan contingent for a wildly improbable camping-out experience.

  • Both Bob's receptionist and a Buddha figure with a clock in its navel give the psychologist a hard time.

  • The Hartley apartment becomes a hot and cold battleground when the good doctor declares psychological warfare on his landlord.

  • The Hartleys take a vacation. In their absence, Howard undergoes a crash psychological program that changes his entire personality.

  • Bob's therapy group has an unexpected visitor when a friendly homosexual joins in the sessions.

  • The Hartleys miss their friend's gala Fourth of July Bicentennial party celebration when they become trapped in a storage locker.

  • Bob receives a telegram saying that his old college chum, "The Peeper," is coming to Chicago and bringing a surprise. The surprise turns out to be a brand-new bride.

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