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A courtroom in urban America is presided over by a judge with a wacky sense of humor. Played with finesse by Harry Anderson, the judge sits on some of the funniest shenanigans ever assembled. He offers judgments fitting the funny crimes for a laugh-a-minute half hour.

Judge Harry T. Stone is ably assisted by his bailiff, Bull, played by Richard Moll. Richard has the perfect poker face as he delivers lines that will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter. His sidekick is bailiff Roz Russell, played to perfection by Marsha Warfield.

On the other side of the bench was Assistant District Attorney Dan Fielding, a womanizer. Played with a fine sense of the absurd by John Laroquette, the ADA knew no bounds when it came to romancing the fair sex. Opposite him, the Public Defender stood her ground. Played by Markie Post, Christine Sullivan was the character searching for some sense of the law in all the funny lines.

There were many guest stars on the series, which ran from 1984 to 1992. John Astin played Judge Harry T. Stone's father, in a recurring role whose most famous line was "but I'm feeling much better!" Other recurring roles were played by Yakov Smirnoff as a friend of Judge Stone and Brent Spiner as a farmer whose family joins him in visiting Judge Stone. Other guest stars went on to fame in their own series, such as Fran Drescher, who played a bipolar author who becomes entangled with ADA Dan Fielding. Another guest whose career took off was Michael J. Fox, who played a runaway.

Night Court is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (196 episodes). The series first aired on January 4, 1984.

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TV Land
9 Seasons, 196 Episodes
January 4, 1984
Cast: Harry Anderson, Karen Austin, John Larroquette, Paula Kelly, Richard Moll
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Night Court Full Episode Guide

  • Christine (MARKIE POST) is elected to Congress. Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) has a nightmare in which the women in his life put him on trial. He resigns to follow Christine. Bull (RICHARD MOLL) is kidnapped by aliens. Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) rejects a faculty slot at Columbia. He's staying at Night Court.

  • As election day approaches, Christine (MARKIE POST) prepares to lose. Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) meets his girlfriend's parents and learns he once dated her mother. As Christine prepares her concession speech, she jumps ahead at the polls!

  • Roz (MARSHA WARFIELD) exaggerated her beauty to her pen pal. Now that he's visiting town, Roz asks Lisette (JOLEEN LUTZ) to meet him for her. Mac's (CHARLES ROBINSON) commercial for Christine (MARKIE POST) airs with subliminal pornographic messages.

  • Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) hopes that Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) will become a full-time teacher and recommend Dan to succeed him as judge. But Harry's students all fail the final. They like Harry too much to leave his class. Bull (RICHARD MOLL) is excited about his mother's upcoming marriage to Art (MIKE FINNERAN).

  • Christine (MARKIE POST) goes to her opponent's office to put an end to their vicious campaign tactics. They get along well, but after Christine leaves, her opponent dies of a heart attack. Meanwhile, Mac's (CHARLIE ROBINSON) film of Bull's (RICHARD MOLL) wedding becomes a cult classic, and Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) gets tired of sex.

  • Political professionals ask Christine (MARKIE POST) to run for Congress against a longtime incumbent. Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) hears a case involving a sex clinic -- where Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) later applies to work as a sexual surrogate.

  • While Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) tries to redecorate his chambers on a tight budget, Lisette (JOLEEN LUTZ) cons Roz (MARSHA WARFIELD) and Christine (MARKIE POST) into a poker game, where she wins almost every hand.

  • Desperate for the money to buy a new house, Mac (CHARLIE ROBINSON) considers an offer to be the model for a new line of men's underwear.

  • Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) helps a defendant who lost his house due to a municipal blunder and has, in revenge, bought most of Manhattan's landmarks. Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) makes the most of being beauty contest judge.

  • Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) is faculty adviser to a community college's humor magazine. When he helps them select Mel Torme (HIMSELF) as their "Man of the Year," Harry doesn't know the editors always subject the "Man of the Year" to humiliating practical jokes.

  • When a department store Santa is put in jail on assault charges, he escapes and holds Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) hostage at gunpoint.

  • Bull's (RICHARD MOLL) plans for a perfect wedding day are complicated when the bride, Wanda Flinn (CATHY McAULEY), argues with her mother-in-law, Hank Shannon (PADDI EDWARDS).

  • Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) teaches a civics class at a community college but can't get his class of bizarre misfits to take an interest in the subject.

  • Christine (MARKIE POST) is disillusioned about the legal profession when her mentor, Professor Peter Collingswood (GEORGE COE), confesses that he gave her good grades in law school for her short skirts instead of her work.

  • When Dan's (JOHN LARROQUETTE) elaborate plans for Bull's (RICHARD MOLL) bachelor party literally go up in smoke, the Night Court guys spend a hilarious night in a sleazy motel room where Bull is kidnapped by a crazy pizza delivery man.

  • To everyone's surprise, Bull (RICHARD MOLL) rejects Wanda's (CATHY McAULEY) marriage proposal because he hasn't yet accomplished his one great goal in life: to perform a miracle!

  • Roz's (MARSHA WARFIELD) ex-husband Eugene (ROGER E. MOSLEY) makes a surprise visit to the courthouse.

  • Dan Fielding (JOHN LARROQUETTE) is again trying cases in court, but most of his cases don't involve humans.

  • Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE), dressed as the "Phantom of the Opera," kidnaps Christine (MARKIE POST).

  • Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) goes into hiding and reemerges as the "Phantom of the Courthouse."

  • Worried that Christine (MARKIE POST) may fall in love once again with her ex-husband, Tony (RAY ABRUZZO), jealous Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) tries to sabotage their reunion.

  • As Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) and Christine (MARKIE POST) begin socializing outside of the courtroom, her ex-husband, Tony (RAY ABRUZZO), returns and wants to begin their relationship all over again.

  • When Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) is voted one of "The Ten Most Interesting Men In New York" by a popular magazine, the sudden attention of being a celebrity causes problems in his friendships with the night court staff.

  • When Mac (CHARLIE ROBINSON) is offered a new job as personal clerk to a State Supreme Court Justice (LARRY DOBKIN), Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) suspects that it may be an election campaign trick to bring out minority voters.

  • When Christine (MARKIE POST) brings Roz (MARSHA WARFIELD) to one of her support group therapy meetings, Roz immediately takes aim at the silly psychological methods of the therapist (BRUCE JARCHOW).

  • Dan feels guilty for misusing funds from the Phil Foundation and starts suffering from insomnial; Bull wins a cereal sweepstakes.

  • Despondent over the loss of his girlfriend, Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) is taken on a surprising journey through time by his guardian angel, Herb (MEL TORME).

  • Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) concludes that his girlfriend Margaret's (MARY CADORETTE) suggestion that they have a serious talk must mean she intends to propose marriage.

  • Following through on his mother's advice, Bull (RICHARD MOLL) enlists the help of a matchmaker (CATHY McAULEY) to find him a wife.

  • Bull (RICHARD MOLL) hopes his mother, Henrietta "Hank" Shannon (PADDI EDWARDS), will retire from the sea, but she has different plans.

  • When Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) learns his assistant Phil (WILL UTAY) is rich, he begins working on a plan to become his best friend.

  • It takes all the restraint Roz (MARSHA WARFIELD) can manage when she is put in charge of an obnoxious child actor (BILLY COHEN) filming a television show in the courthouse.

  • Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) decides to teach a rude nightclub comic (LOUIS MUSTILLO) a lesson about the lasting effect of his cheap jokes and bigotry.

  • A local street artist (BILL CALVERT) becomes obsessed with Christine (MARKIE POST) and declares his love for her by painting a wall-sized mural of her completely naked.

  • Harry comes face to face with the school bully who used to beat him up on a regular basis and who wants to do it again.

  • Dan's (JOHN LARROQUETTE) plan to romance Harry's (HARRY ANDERSON) girlfriend Margaret (MARY CADORETTE) fails when he takes her for a night at the opera.

  • Judge Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) and the entire night court staff are forced to preside over day court. The light of day reveals surprising personality changes in almost everyone.

  • Quarantined in the courtroom because an unknown chemical has been spilled, the Judge (HARRY ANDERSON) and his cohorts remember other fateful days from their pasts.

  • Quarantined in the courtroom because of a possible toxic spill by a crazy defendant, the group recalls fateful moments from their pasts.

  • Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) doesn't believe a defendant who claims he is the "Spirit of Death" (STEPHEN ROOT) until some eerie circumstances around the courthouse convince him he might be telling the truth.

  • When Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) eagerly agrees to be auctioned off for a date at a charity banquet, he forgets that women of all ages will be bidding on him.

  • Unable to get a date, Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) reluctantly allows obnoxious Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) to remake him in his own image.

  • After a one-night fling with Dan's (JOHN LARROQUETTE) sister (SUSAN DIOL), Bull (RICHARD MOLL) feels it's his duty to ask for her hand in marriage.

  • Bull (RICHARD MOLL) agrees to be a tour guide for Dan's (JOHN LARROQUETTE) sister Donna (SUSAN DIOL), showing her many of New York's sights, including the inside of a hotel room.

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