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  • TV-PG
  • 1984
  • 9 Seasons
  • 7.7  (17,635)

Night Court is a iconic American television sitcom that aired on NBC from 1984 to 1992. The show is set in a Manhattan courtroom, where the night shift covers cases that often bring in bizarre and eccentric defendants. The lead character, Judge Harry Stone, played by Harry Anderson, is a young and quirky judge who presides over the courtroom of a New York City Municipal Court. He is full of tricks, including magic tricks as his previous occupation, and wears colorful ties and jackets. Stone is known for his offbeat sense of humor and his unique way of dealing with the defendants that come through his courtroom. He is a beloved figure, often referred to as “one of the good guys”.

Karen Austin played the role of public defender, Liz Williams. She is a sharp and capable lawyer who shares a romantic interest with Judge Stone. Alongside her is jovial prosecutor, Dan Fielding, played by John Larroquette. Fielding is known for his many failed attempts at finding love, his love for expensive suits and desire for women. His character is a source of humor within the show, as he is often clad in silk shirts and exudes smarmy attitude with a hint of misogyny.

Other notable cast members included Paula Kelly as hardworking court clerk, Selma Diamond as the tough talking bailiff, Ellen Foley as the ADA who only appears at the start of season one, Charles Robinson as court reporter Mac, and Richard Moll as imposing but good-natured bailiff Bailiff Bull Shannon.

The show's plots focus more on the humorous aspects of court proceedings and story lines, with the occasional serious or dramatic moment to mix things up. The setting of a night court allows for a more "anything goes" atmosphere, with cases ranging from stolen pens to kidnapping.

The show was unique in its time for its portrayal of minorities and the LGBTQ community at a time when such representation was still rare. Florence Halop played the role of wise-cracking bailiff, Hildy, before passing away during the show's third season. She was replaced by Marsha Warfield, a Black comedian, as Bailiff Roz Russell. Warfield's portrayal of a Black female authority figure was a rarity at the time, and garnered critical acclaim.

Markie Post joins the show later on as Christine Sullivan, an incumbent assistant district attorney who eventually ends up a love interest for Judge Stone, complicating Fielding’s romantic interests.

Throughout its nine seasons, Night Court managed to create and sustain a singularly quirky and entertaining world that audiences were drawn to. It became known for its humor, witty one liners, and its quirky cast of characters.

The show was at its peak in the late 1980s, where it became one of the biggest hits on television, bringing in millions of viewers each week. Although its popularity eventually waned, and the show came to an end with its ninth season, its enduring legacy lives on.

Night Court is still celebrated today for its humor, unique characters, and its willingness to take on topics and themes that were often shied away from by other television shows of the time. It remains a beloved staple of 80's television and has left behind a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Night Court is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (199 episodes). The series first aired on January 4, 1984.

Night Court
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The 1992 Boat Show
22. The 1992 Boat Show
May 31, 1992
Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) sets up an interview with a newspaper society columnist, hoping to break into high society. However, when the columnist comes to court, Roz (MARSHA WARFIELD), not Dan, gets a favorable mention in the next day's newspaper. Lisette (JOLEEN LUTZ) tells Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) she's in love with him.
Opportunity Knock Knocks (2)
21. Opportunity Knock Knocks (2)
May 13, 1992
Christine (MARKIE POST) is elected to Congress. Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) has a nightmare in which the women in his life put him on trial. He resigns to follow Christine. Bull (RICHARD MOLL) is kidnapped by aliens. Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) rejects a faculty slot at Columbia. He's staying at Night Court.
Opportunity Knock Knocks (1)
20. Opportunity Knock Knocks (1)
May 13, 1992
As election day approaches, Christine (MARKIE POST) prepares to lose. Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) meets his girlfriend's parents and learns he once dated her mother. As Christine prepares her concession speech, she jumps ahead at the polls!
P.S. Do I Know You?
19. P.S. Do I Know You?
March 4, 1992
Roz (MARSHA WARFIELD) exaggerated her beauty to her pen pal. Now that he's visiting town, Roz asks Lisette (JOLEEN LUTZ) to meet him for her. Mac's (CHARLES ROBINSON) commercial for Christine (MARKIE POST) airs with subliminal pornographic messages.
To Sir With ... Ah, What the Heck ... Love
18. To Sir With ... Ah, What the Heck ... Love
February 26, 1992
Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) hopes that Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) will become a full-time teacher and recommend Dan to succeed him as judge. But Harry's students all fail the final. They like Harry too much to leave his class. Bull (RICHARD MOLL) is excited about his mother's upcoming marriage to Art (MIKE FINNERAN).
Party Girl (2)
17. Party Girl (2)
February 12, 1992
Christine (MARKIE POST) goes to her opponent's office to put an end to their vicious campaign tactics. They get along well, but after Christine leaves, her opponent dies of a heart attack. Meanwhile, Mac's (CHARLIE ROBINSON) film of Bull's (RICHARD MOLL) wedding becomes a cult classic, and Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) gets tired of sex.
Party Girl (1)
16. Party Girl (1)
February 12, 1992
Political professionals ask Christine (MARKIE POST) to run for Congress against a longtime incumbent. Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) hears a case involving a sex clinic -- where Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) later applies to work as a sexual surrogate.
Poker? I Hardly Know Her
15. Poker? I Hardly Know Her
February 5, 1992
While Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) tries to redecorate his chambers on a tight budget, Lisette (JOLEEN LUTZ) cons Roz (MARSHA WARFIELD) and Christine (MARKIE POST) into a poker game, where she wins almost every hand.
Undressed For Success
14. Undressed For Success
January 22, 1992
Desperate for the money to buy a new house, Mac (CHARLIE ROBINSON) considers an offer to be the model for a new line of men's underwear.
A New York Story
13. A New York Story
January 15, 1992
Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) helps a defendant who lost his house due to a municipal blunder and has, in revenge, bought most of Manhattan's landmarks. Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) makes the most of being beauty contest judge.
Shave and a Haircut
12. Shave and a Haircut
January 8, 1992
Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) is faculty adviser to a community college's humor magazine. When he helps them select Mel Torme (HIMSELF) as their "Man of the Year," Harry doesn't know the editors always subject the "Man of the Year" to humiliating practical jokes.
Santa on the Lamb
11. Santa on the Lamb
December 11, 1991
When a department store Santa is put in jail on assault charges, he escapes and holds Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) hostage at gunpoint.
Get Me to the Roof on Time
10. Get Me to the Roof on Time
November 20, 1991
Bull's (RICHARD MOLL) plans for a perfect wedding day are complicated when the bride, Wanda Flinn (CATHY McAULEY), argues with her mother-in-law, Hank Shannon (PADDI EDWARDS).
The System Works
9. The System Works
November 17, 1991
Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) teaches a civics class at a community college but can't get his class of bizarre misfits to take an interest in the subject.
Teacher's Pet
8. Teacher's Pet
November 13, 1991
Christine (MARKIE POST) is disillusioned about the legal profession when her mentor, Professor Peter Collingswood (GEORGE COE), confesses that he gave her good grades in law school for her short skirts instead of her work.
Looking for Mr. Shannon
7. Looking for Mr. Shannon
November 6, 1991
When Dan's (JOHN LARROQUETTE) elaborate plans for Bull's (RICHARD MOLL) bachelor party literally go up in smoke, the Night Court guys spend a hilarious night in a sleazy motel room where Bull is kidnapped by a crazy pizza delivery man.
Guess Who's Listening to Dinner?
6. Guess Who's Listening to Dinner?
October 30, 1991
When an FBI agent (ANDREW HILL NEWMAN) learns that Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) is dating the daughter (TERESA PARENTE) of a notorious crime boss (TONY JAY), he insists that Dan accept the family's dinner invitation while wearing a hidden microphone.
Pop Goes the Question
5. Pop Goes the Question
October 16, 1991
To everyone's surprise, Bull (RICHARD MOLL) rejects Wanda's (CATHY McAULEY) marriage proposal because he hasn't yet accomplished his one great goal in life: to perform a miracle!
Puppy Love
4. Puppy Love
October 9, 1991
Roz's (MARSHA WARFIELD) ex-husband Eugene (ROGER E. MOSLEY) makes a surprise visit to the courthouse.
My Life As a Dog Lawyer
3. My Life As a Dog Lawyer
October 2, 1991
Dan Fielding (JOHN LARROQUETTE) is again trying cases in court, but most of his cases don't involve humans.
A Guy Named Phantom (2)
2. A Guy Named Phantom (2)
September 25, 1991
Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE), dressed as the "Phantom of the Opera," kidnaps Christine (MARKIE POST).
A Guy Named Phantom (1)
1. A Guy Named Phantom (1)
September 18, 1991
Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) goes into hiding and reemerges as the "Phantom of the Courthouse."
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  • Premiere Date
    January 4, 1984
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (17,635)