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The TV series "Coach" stars veteran actor Craig T. Nelson in the role of Hayden Fox. Hayden Fox is the head football coach of the Minnesota State University football team. The team is chronically defeated, and much of the show's plot revolves around Hayden Fox trying to come up with a way to finally have a winning season. Fox is assisted by Luther who is played by Jerry Van Dyke and by Dauber played by Bill Fagerbakke. Shelley Fabares plays the part of Hayden's girlfriend, Christine Armstrong.

Through much of the series, Hayden and Christine attempt to have a child together. During the final years of the series, Hayden is given the job of coaching a professional football team in Florida. His old assistant coaches join him in his new position.

1 Season, 200 Episodes
February 28, 1989
Comedy, Drama
Cast: Craig T. Nelson, Jerry Van Dyke, Bill Fagerbakke, Shelley Fabares
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Coach Full Episode Guide

  • Hayden, Luther and Dauber are back at Minnesota State where they see familiar faces and reminisce about their early years as college coaches.This episode ends the three part series finale, each of which partially acts as a clip episode showing retrospectives of the series past highlights.

  • Hayden reflects on the highs and lows of his coaching career with his closest friends, Luther and Dauber.

  • With other teams eager to lure Hayden away, Doris offers her star coach $17 million to remain with the Breakers for 10 more years.

  • Skeptical of their sketchy new neighbors, Hayden and Christine find themselves wrapped up in a covert surveillance operation.

  • When Doris promotes Luther, Hayden is short one defensive coordinator, a job he thinks would be perfect for the legendary linebacker Dick Butkus.

  • A mother boasts that her little girl, who's only a few days older than Tim, can already walk and talk. The claim sparks Hayden's competitive streak.

  • In the wake of the Breakers's successful season, Doris rewards the coaching staff with free sessions with her psychic.

  • When asked how baby Tim got his name, Hayden recalls the convoluted story of how a mix-up with a hospital employee led to a baby-naming contest.

  • The gang goes to Las Vegas, where Luther sinks his life savings into Elvis memorabilia.

  • The boys' annual fishing trip is sabotaged by Luther's bad planning and a hungry alligator.

  • Eager to investigate a business opportunity in Colorado, Doris arranges a ski trip for Valentine's Day. The coaching staff is invited to tag along.

  • When the Breakers fire his former gardener, Kenny, Hayden feels so terrible that he writes a glowing recommendation for his hapless former employee.

  • When the Burleighs give Tim a Princess Tiffany doll, Luther fears the toy could damage the child's upbringing.

  • Dauber reconsiders his place in the universe -- literally -- after he thinks he's had a close encounter with a group of aliens.

  • On their way to face the Buffalo Bills in a wild-card game, Luther's love of chicken wings saddles the Breakers with a severe case of food poisoning.

  • Defying all expectations, the Breakers finally make the playoffs. But the big news also means that Hayden will have to spend Christmas in Cleveland.

  • When Luther and Doris decide to marry, Howard smells publicity and pushes the couple to stage their wedding during a Breakers half-time show.

  • Hayden and Christine must select a guardian for Tim in the event of their death, but they get scared when the Burleighs show too much enthusiasm.

  • Hayden desperately wants to have a romantic evening with Christine, but Christine is terrified to leave the baby with a stranger.

  • Doris returns from her trip to Brazil with a gift for the whole team: She has found a young, sexy new player to join the Breakers.

  • Hayden is excited when he's offered the chance to write a memoir. But soon he learns the subject of the book is "living with losing."

  • As Christine and Hayden experience the joys of parenthood, they also experience lack of sleep.

  • Christine and Hayden's adoption of the baby becomes complicated when Julie's father enters the picture.

  • Hayden is under pressure when the Breakers have the first pick in the NFL draft.

  • Doris prepares to visit a few of her wealthy friends on a hunting trip. When Luther claims that he's a great hunter, Doris decides to bring him along.

  • The Breakers hold a fantasy camp, and Hayden agrees to coach a team but comes to regret his decision when dealing with the players prove to be a pain.

  • Angry about burning himself at Hayden's barbecue, Luther decides to take drastic measures by filing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against his friend.

  • Nobody knows where Luther's pet monkey has been, so when it bites Hayden's finger, everyone fears the worst and the staff goes into quarantine.

  • Hayden gives Dauber some advice on buying a new car, but Dauber doesn't listen. Soon Dauber realizes that he can't keep up with the high payments.

  • Doris has an offer to move the Breakers to Los Angeles. But Hayden is determined to keep the Breakers where they are.

  • Christine consults a specialist when Hayden's energy and sex drive come to a halt.

  • Tim Conway guest stars as Hayden's incompetent gardener, who can't seem to keep any plants alive.

  • Hayden and Christine's plans for adopting Julie's unborn baby take an unexpected hit when the father of the child comes back into the picture.

  • Hayden struggles to decide which players should be cut from the Breakers's roster. But Christine invites a player he's about to cut over for dinner.

  • Hayden tries to focus on the upcoming game, but Doris has other things on her mind. She thinks re-signing a sexy player should be the team's priority.

  • Howard is fired from his job at Minnesota State and looks to Hayden for help.

  • Howard and Shirley Burleigh visit Christine and Hayden for a weekend.

  • Hayden tries to dissuade Luther from seeing Doris.

  • Luther gets a new faithful companion when his beloved dog dies.

  • Tipped off that a roadside attraction called Turtle World is a great investment, Luther convinces Hayden to help him buy the place.

  • After each Breakers game, Doris's TV station broadcasts game highlights. But when Doris fires the show's annoying host, she must find a replacement.

  • The Breakers are the underdogs in every game. But if Hayden can recruit his star quarterback from Minnesota State, the team might be able to improve.

  • Hayden and Christine try to convince a pregnant teenager who wants to give her baby up for adoption that they would make great parents. Meanwhile, Luther and Dauber look for a way to bring the entire coaching staff together.

  • Interested in starting a family, Hayden and Christine look into the possibility of adoption, only to discover that their ages might be a problem. Meanwhile, the arrival of a new secretary creates distractions for Luther and Dauber.

  • After moving into a senior retirement community, Luther finds himself the center of attention with three women interested in being his girlfriend.

  • Before the start of the new football season, Hayden embarrasses himself and the organization by accidentally offending the city of Orlando. Now, to make up for his big mistake, he must guide the Breakers to victory on opening day.

  • Before the start of the new football season, Hayden embarrasses himself and the organization by accidentally offending the city of Orlando. Now, to make up for his big mistake, he must guide the Breakers to victory on opening day.

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