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20/20 is a popular television series that focuses on non-fiction topics ranging from human interest to politics. The series began in 1976 and has been running ever since. Its popularity is evidenced by its astounding ratings. Its ratings are down a little over the past two years, but are still over five million.

The show has had a total of eight presenters. Perhaps the most well known of these eight presenters was Barbara Walters. She was the presenter of 20/20 when the show covered an interview of the President of the United States Bill Clinton's former mistress Monica Lewinsky. That episode had ratings of 70 million. Following Barbara Walters was the also immensely popular Diane Sawyer, who was the show's anchor from 1998-2000. Correspondents have included names like Carl Sagan and Geraldo Rivera.

20/20 focuses on investigative journalism. They cover some of the most pressing topics in the world. However, they have also branched out into entertainment topics and popular culture topics, as have most news series. 20/20 also picks up obscure topics and brings them to the forefront of news. Examples include underreported medical conditions and unknown living conditions in various parts of the world -- including the United States.

Most 20/20 episodes include in-depth news stories. However, 20/20 also does even more in-depth special one and two-hour episodes. These traverse a wide range of topics from transgenderism to crime stories. The series is still currently running and is headed by Elizabeth Vargas and Chris Cuomo. This year (2012) marks the show's 34th season.

20/20 is a series that is currently running and has 43 seasons (512 episodes). The series first aired on January 15, 2010.

Where do I stream 20/20 online? 20/20 is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch 20/20 on demand at Disney+, Amazon, Hulu, ABC online.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on ABC
43 Seasons, 512 Episodes
January 15, 2010
Documentary & Biography, News
Cast: David Muir, Elizabeth Vargas, Amy Robach
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20/20 Full Episode Guide

  • A woman maintains her innocence.

  • A man who claims to have killed his wife while sleepwalking opens up about the incident, his children and his life in prison.

  • New insight into the murder of JonBenet Ramsey; the video diaries of legendary detective Lou Smit, who was brought out of retirement to investigate the murder of the child beauty queen.

  • A killer appears on a dating show.

  • Rodney Reed attempts to clear his name and overturn his conviction for a 1996 murder.

  • A woman's threatening messages to an ex.

  • On the heels of Boeing 737 MAX's recent clearance to fly again, "20/20" reports on the aircraft's controversial flight control software and how it mistakenly sent planes into deadly nosedives.

  • An investigative 20/20 by ABC News and Louisville's Courier Journal takes a deep dive into the evidence in the Breonna Taylor case and searches for answers from the night that claimed her life.

  • The disappearance of Susan Powell.

  • A killer terrorizes idyllic California neighborhoods in the 1970s and 1980s.

  • John Lennon's close friends and colleagues provide insight into his life and lasting legacy; radio reporters talk about the last interview John Lennon did with them the day he died.

  • Developments from the campaign trail.

  • Melanie McGuire insists she's innocent in husband's 2004 killing. Her trial captured the nation's attention after fishermen found her husband's legs in a suitcase.

  • Voters ask Donald Trump questions.

  • The life and legacy of actor Chadwick Boseman.

  • The historic 1963 March on Washington.

  • The historic 1963 March on Washington.

  • An investigation into why the United States was unprepared for COVID-19, how government and administration officials failed and missed the warning signs, and what the country needs to do to reopen.

  • Remembering the television pioneer, his life and his legacy as the legendary host of the Live morning franchise for 28 years.

  • In 2017, authorities reopen the investigation into the 1983 murder of a young Black man in Georgia.

  • Julius Jones, who was convicted in the shooting death of an Oklahoma businessman at 19 years old, tells his version of events, claiming he is innocent, from death row.

  • New details regarding the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, a longtime companion of the disgraced financier, and hear from the women who survived his crimes.

  • A man nearly gets away with murder.

  • The sting operation to catch a south Florida woman in a murder-for-hire plot is filmed for a reality-TV series; interviews with the woman's lawyer, and the would-be victim, her ex-husband.

  • Marni Yang's petition for a new trial.

  • Healthcare workers fight COVID-19.

  • Decades after two barrels containing the bodies of a woman and three children were discovered in New Hampshire's Bear Brook State Park, a podcast renews interest in the cold case and helps lead to authorities solving it.

  • Communities across US take drastic measures to slow spread of coronavirus; How prepared are we to test for the novel coronavirus; The 'new normal' of the coronavirus

  • The night a marijuana dispensary owner was kidnapped, tortured and maimed; Cortney Shegerian is the bait in a police plan to arrest Hossein Nayeri; Hossein Nayeri appeals to the jury in his own trial.

  • The extraordinary chain of events that led to a COVID-19 global health crisis.

  • The stars of the hit show look back at the best pitches, the biggest fights, and of course, the greatest money makers and those making the greatest impact with their businesses.

  • Details surrounding the Jodi Arias murder case, including excerpts from Arias' personal journal and victim Travis Alexander's blog, and new interviews with Alexander's friends and family.

  • A look at the elaborate plan Edward Shin hatched to cover up the murder of his business partner Christopher Smith.

  • A couple preparing to sell their yacht to move closer to family - when they vanished forever. Investigators found that complete strangers to the couple were responsible.

  • The story of Pamela and Gregg Smart, Gregg's death, and the trial that convicted his wife of accomplice to first-degree murder, among other charges. Close to three decades later, Pamela maintains her innocence.

  • An examination of the scandals that rocked Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's "PTL" empire, including the theme park Heritage USA.

  • A look at Lou Pearlman, former manager of *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and O-Town, and his past that includes ponzi schemes and swindling investors and banks out of hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • Thirty years after she learned she was switched at birth, Kimberly Mays reveals details about her tough childhood and her struggle with her identity.

  • Beth Holloway takes her first extensive trip back to Aruba in nearly ten years after her daughter, Natalee Holloway, disappeared while on vacation there almost 15 years ago.

  • A suspect's girlfriend goes under cover.

  • Buttafuoco family members reflect.

  • Payton Leutner recovers from an attack.

  • The life and death of Dorothy Stratten.

  • A divorced law professor is found shot.

  • Sole Survivor; Daughter of Kansas woman who went missing found alive 15 years later; John Robinson, the conman; John Robinson goes to trial for three murders in Kansas

  • Performers Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn open up about the infamous career-ending tiger attack that happened 16 years ago, their storied career and the legacy of their Las Vegas residency.

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