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20/20 is an investigative news magazine show that has been on the air since 1978 until its cancellation in 2021. The show placed itself as a pioneer in the industry, an institution in television journalism. It has won numerous awards, including a remarkable 19 Emmy Awards for its informative and in-depth stories that have shaped and changed our society.

Every Friday night, the anchors, David Muir, Amy Robach, and Elizabeth Vargas, would present a new episode on ABC that would showcase in-depth reporting on some of the most pressing issues in business, politics, health, and society. They would interview eyewitnesses and people at the forefront of the situation to bring new perspectives to light. They would also have special segments on notable people, like celebrities from the world of entertainment and sports, or pioneers in science, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Some of the most memorable episodes of 20/20 included interviews with convicted murderers, infamous celebrities like O.J. Simpson, Dennis Rodman, and Michael Jackson, and the everyday people thrust into the spotlight. The show would cover topics like crime, political scandals, civil liberties, wrongful convictions, and medical breakthroughs. It always aimed to provide balanced reporting on both sides of the story to let viewers make their decision.

One of the show's most significant strengths is its ability to report on complex issues and humanize them, so viewers sit up and take notice. For instance, they would show the devastating aftermath of natural disasters, like Hurricane Katrina, with interviews from the victims, the rescuers, and the government officials. Viewers would get an inside look into how the event was handled and how to prevent future disasters.

Furthermore, the show would often employ cutting-edge investigative technology to get to the bottom of a situation. They would use hidden cameras and undercover operations to show the reality of life behind closed doors, like in the case of abusive nursing homes and corrupt businesses.

In every episode, the 20/20 team would present their research with a clear explanation of the facts, letting viewers make up their minds. They would also highlight the human side of every story, capturing their subjects' voices and feelings, providing a gripping narrative to complete the report.

The show's longevity and popularity are proof that people want and need reliable, in-depth reporting on the issues that affect them. With its complete detail and unbiased analysis, 20/20 was in a class of its own.

In conclusion, 20/20 was a groundbreaking news show that gained a dedicated following for its detailed reporting and analysis of current events. The anchors, David Muir, Amy Robach, and Elizabeth Vargas, were passionate about their work, and it showed through their expert-level reporting of some of the world's most pressing issues. Watch 20/20 Online regularly to keep abreast of the latest news and events with quality investigative journalism. In its absence, they will always remain a significant part of the pioneer that transformed the television journalism industry.

20/20 is a series that is currently running and has 47 seasons (646 episodes). The series first aired on January 15, 2010.

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The Unkindest Cut
19. The Unkindest Cut
May 17, 2024
In 2016, Fabio "Big Daddy" Sementilli was a beloved and sought-after hairstylist with a client roster that included Jennifer Lopez, Russell Crowe, Jackie Chan, Jennifer Love Hewitt and more. When Sementilli was discovered lying lifeless on his family's pool deck with multiple stab wounds to his neck and back, his family, friends and the hair-care industry were devastated. Initially, police suspected he had been a victim of a burglary gone wrong — until DNA found in his car led them to an unlikely suspect, who had attended Sementelli's memorial service sporting an injury.
Forever 17
18. Forever 17
May 10, 2024
The last time anyone heard from Tracie Hawlett and J.B. Beasley, two teenagers on the verge of their senior year in high school, was on a sweltering July night in 1999. Tracie called her mother from a payphone to say they were on the way home from celebrating J.B.'s birthday — but the two never made it home. The girls' bodies were discovered in the trunk of J.B.'s car, less than a mile from the payphone, with gunshot wounds to their heads. Despite exhaustive efforts, including attempts to identify unknown male DNA found on one of the girls, the involvement of multiple agencies, national TV appeals, and even attempts at hypnosis of eyewitnesses, the case eventually went cold. In 2019, the use of genetic genealogy led to a breakthrough, resulting in a shocking arrest. Could they have finally found the killer?
The Hungryland Homicide
17. The Hungryland Homicide
May 3, 2024
When Tricia Todd, a young mother who recently relocated to Hobe Sound, Florida, failed to pick up her 2-year-old daughter from the babysitter, her family was instantly worried. Police conducted an extensive search, questioning a pastor who twice met Tricia during her evening walks on the beach, a local ventriloquist whom she was infatuated with, and her ex-husband Steven Williams. But when those leads seemed to go nowhere, authorities were left wondering— who would want a young mother dead?
Prisoner in Russia: The Brittney Griner Interview
16. Prisoner in Russia: The Brittney Griner Interview
May 1, 2024
Griner Emotionally Discusses Her Arrest, the Harrowing Details of Her Time in Prison, Plus the Backlash She Experienced Returning Home and Much More.
'Til Death Do Us Part
15. 'Til Death Do Us Part
April 19, 2024
It seemed like life in the small town of Selmer, Tennessee, revolved around the well-known and beloved church pastor Matthew Winkler. Matthew, along with his wife Mary and their three daughters, were seen as a perfect family — until parishioners discovered their pastor's body in the family's home, and Mary and the daughters were nowhere to be found.
How'd you rather die?
14. How'd you rather die?
April 12, 2024
When 16-year-old Skylar Neese disappeared, authorities initially suspected she was a runaway. The only lead police had was a mysterious security surveillance video showing Skylar getting into the back seat of an unknown vehicle shortly after midnight. After months of searching, the tight-knit West Virginia community was shocked when Skylar's two best friends confessed to luring Skylar out of her family's apartment, stabbing her to death, and hiding her body under branches in the woods.
Am I Next?
13. Am I Next?
April 5, 2024
When a young couple is found dead, police learn they were involved in an online feud and uncover a deadly catfishing scheme.
Ruby Franke: From Momfluencer to Felon
12. Ruby Franke: From Momfluencer to Felon
March 22, 2024
Ruby Franke, a popular YouTuber, sees her world implodes after her emaciated son escapes.
Highway Hunter
11. Highway Hunter
March 15, 2024
In the spring and summer of 1997, four young women vanish in quick succession. Two of them go missing just off Texas Interstate 45, and the other two disappear just a few hours north. Could a serial killer be roaming the highways between Texas and Oklahoma? ABC News correspondent John Quiñones takes viewers inside the decades-long cold case investigation and four families' quest for answers. The report features exclusive footage of a hypnosis session with a fifth survivor that helped lead police to the killer and behind-the-scenes details into the killer's confession. The two-hour episode includes powerful new interviews with the family members of the victims, including Gay Smither, Laura Smither's mother; Jan Bynum, Kelli Cox's mother; Alexis Bynum, Kelli Cox's daughter; Kathy Dobry, Tiffany Johnston's mother; and C.H. and Suzy Cain, Jessica Cain's parents. It also features interviews with members of law enforcement who helped solve the cases after two decades.
Into the Darkness
10. Into the Darkness
March 8, 2024
When 17-year-old Brittanee Drexel stopped answering text messages mid-conversation during a spring break trip in April 2009, her friends and family instantly knew something was seriously wrong. Drexel — who was last seen on video camera footage leaving a hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — had seemingly vanished into thin air, creating a heartbreaking mystery that would haunt her friends and family for more than a decade. Now, "20/20" gives viewers an exclusive inside look at how a new FBI team assigned to the case finally brought justice to Brittanee with the arrest of convicted sex offender Raymond Moody and brings viewers inside the dramatic courtroom confrontation between Brittanee's mom and her daughter's killer for the first time.
Killer on Campus
9. Killer on Campus
March 1, 2024
A Florida university campus is on edge when a student disappears. Police say love, lies and obsession led to murder.
A Killer Renovation
8. A Killer Renovation
February 23, 2024
When Shanti Cooper-Tronnes, a beloved mom and successful businesswoman, is found dead in the Florida home she shared with her husband, David Tronnes, police suspected it was a robbery gone wrong. Why else would her $15,000 diamond ring be missing? When investigators dismiss that theory, they turn their attention to a home renovation that the couple had undertaken, which was to be profiled on the A&E show "Zombie House Flipping."
Love Honor Betray
7. Love Honor Betray
February 16, 2024
Sgt. Tyrone Hassel III had beat the odds. Growing up in what was considered a "tough neighborhood," Tyrone was an honors student who excelled at sports and won a college scholarship to study engineering. He later joined the Army, where he quickly rose through the ranks and would start a family alongside his wife, Army Specialist Kemia Hassel. When he was gunned down while visiting his family for the holidays, police wondered – who would want Sgt. Tyrone Hassel dead?
Sealed With a Kill
6. Sealed With a Kill
February 9, 2024
When Erik Maund, a prominent, wealthy auto executive from Texas, had an affair with an escort, Holly Williams, on a trip to Nashville, he might have thought there would be no consequences. But when Holly's partner, Bill Lanway, attempted to extort Maund for $25,000 and threatened to expose his affair with Williams to his family, a deadly murder-for-hire plot ended in tragedy. On March 12, 2020, Williams and Lanway were shot to death, and their bodies were left in an abandoned car in Nashville.
The Murderer in the Minivan
5. The Murderer in the Minivan
February 2, 2024
Three women -- one missing, one murdered, one kidnapped -- and the clues leading to a killer.
Gypsy Rose the Next Act
4. Gypsy Rose the Next Act
January 26, 2024
For over a decade, Gypsy-Rose Blanchard lived in a wheelchair and allegedly suffered from multiple medical issues, including leukemia, seizures and muscular dystrophy. Known in her community as a local hero, Gypsy and her mother, Dee Dee, spoke at conferences, met celebrities, and even received a home from Habitat for Humanity. However, everything changed in 2015, when police discovered Dee Dee stabbed to death in her home and named Gypsy and her secret boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, as the main suspects. In a case that reverberated across the nation, experts revealed that this was likely a case of Munchausen by proxy, a form of abuse, usually by a parent to their child, in which a guardian exaggerates or induces illness in a child often motivated by a desire for attention and sympathy — Gypsy was a healthy young woman.
There is A Monster in Me
3. There is A Monster in Me
January 19, 2024
In 1987, when authorities found Susan Woods naked and murdered in her home in Stephenville, Texas, the tight-knit community was quick to place the blame on Michael Woods, her estranged husband. But when fingerprints at the scene did not match Michael's, the case ground to a halt. Twenty years later, a different detective took a fresh look at the evidence and was able to find a match for the fingerprints: Scott Hatley, a local man with a violent history. However, the details of the gruesome murder and Scott's motives remained a mystery until 2022, when Scott's writings about his life and crimes found in a trailer next to his dead body shed new light on the case.
2. Missing
January 12, 2024
On a November afternoon in 2003, Dru Sjodin, a senior at the University of North Dakota, was finishing some Christmas shopping when she vanished from the parking lot of her local mall. When authorities arrived at the scene, they discovered a chilling piece of evidence — the sheath of a handheld knife.
Three Shots in the Dark
1. Three Shots in the Dark
January 5, 2024
When a pro athlete is murdered, police embark on an international chase for the killer.
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