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ABC's late night news program, Nightline, continues to hold the number one time slot. Once resistant to change, the show's producers expertly balance media demands while still honoring the program's traditions. Built on the solid foundation of offering viewers a "mix of investigative journalism and interviews", the new Nightline had a daunting task ahead of them. Today news is available 24/7. How does a news program steeped in tradition keep up in today's news world? Nightline created balance by giving its viewers a multi-anchor, multi-subject format that engages the viewer through social media outlets. These changes still hold strong to its thirty-two year goal to keep America informed.

Nightline began as a special report program regarding The Iran Hostage Crisis in November 1979. The news program revolved around one subject. As the crisis wore on, the show began to count the days with its American viewers. At the end of the 144-day affair, Ted Koppel, a former ABC News State Department Correspondent, held the anchor position until he retired in 2005. Good ratings showed, America's interested for in depth, simple format of the 25-minute program. Attempts to change the format failed in its early days. After Ted Koppel retired in 2005, Nightline once again felt pressure to renew the show.

Program directors realized the need to expand the program. The anchor team of Bill Weir, Cynthia McFadden and Terry Moran cover all news subjects with expertise. Each anchor holds numerous awards in journalism and reporting. Bill Weir focuses on global issues. He followed stories in Iran and Iraq; The Japanese Tsunami of 2011 and Chilean Miner Tragedy. Cynthia McFadden's journalistic interest is on human rights and legal topics. Her resume includes familiar topics as the O.J. Simpson trials and The Bosnian War Crimes. Former White House Chief Correspondent, Terry Moran, is the show's political consultant out of Washington D.C. Moran interviews political figures and discusses topics relevant to viewer concerns. The well-rounded anchor team of Nightline, keeps America up to date with expert journalistic flair.

Nightline's choice to jump on the social network bandwagon opened up an interactive world between staff and viewers. Set up on both Twitter and Facebook in 2009, Nightline now has a million Twitter followers and over 80,000 Facebook likes. Both pages bubble with viewer comments. The social network popularity gives viewers a voice and interactive freedom. ABC's Nightline continues a rise in ratings, while holding the number one spot for its time slot. The show's anchor team and investigative reporting, continues the tradition of delivering a mix of investigative journalism and current updated news to its late night viewers.

Nightline is a series that is currently running and has 42 seasons (2967 episodes). The series first aired on April 29, 2010.

Where do I stream Nightline online? Nightline is available for streaming on ABC News, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Nightline on demand at Hulu, ABC online.

Weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT on ABC News
42 Seasons, 2967 Episodes
April 29, 2010
Documentary & Biography, News
Cast: Ted Koppel, Martin Bashir, Cynthia McFadden, Terry Moran, Bill Weir
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Nightline Full Episode Guide

  • Athletes, members of Congress, everyday Americans join fight against anti-Asian hate; Small businesses in California fighting to survive with restrictions, lack of support

  • Thousands of asylum-seekers have been waiting months to years at US-Mexico border; Man behind Fyre Festival speaks from prison

  • How Black residents in America's 1st city to fund reparations proved they were owed; John Legend on creating content that's unapologetically Black

  • Once ravaged, Black-owned businesses are making a comeback and hoping to build wealth; Experts discuss Johnson & Johnson vaccine rollout, what they're seeing on the ground

  • How did a plane's engine fall apart minutes into a flight from Denver?; Black Americans reconnect with ancestral history in Ghana, where slaves left Africa

  • Texans band together amid fallout from energy crisis; Facing stress from the pandemic, thousands re-examine relationship with alcohol

  • Tiger Woods suffers serious injuries after flipping car in accident; In first season with Black 'Bachelor,' controversy explodes following Instagram post

  • Marlene Torres, a single mother of two, took in siblings Juan, Raymond, Angel, and Beatriz after their father died from COVID-19. Juan Martinez, 19, is caring for four of his young siblings.

  • Margaret Rudin on the run after becoming prime suspect in husband's murder; Margaret Rudin serves 20 years in prison claiming she didn't murder husband

  • 'Perseverance' rover lands on Mars to search for signs of life; Single moms struggle with housing, childcare, employment in pandemic

  • Asian American communities stand up amid string of violent attacks; 400-year history of politics and activism in Black churches

  • Following Trump's acquittal, divisions within Republican Party continue to grow; Embracing 'The New Normal' with Dr. Jen Ashton

  • How a star surgeon's lies in love and medicine came back to haunt him; Surgeon who conned lover cited for scientific misconduct

  • Impeachment managers wrap case linking Trump to Capitol insurrection ;'Game of Thrones' actor Esme Bianco discusses alleged abuse by Marilyn Manson

  • On Only Fans, content creators find financial lifelines and independence; Could Democrats' arguments in Trump's 2nd impeachment sway Republicans to convict?

  • Black creators make their voices heard with help of viral incubators; Tuskegee Airmen played crucial roles in US victory in WWII and civil rights movement

  • The students fighting for a more diverse lesson plan; What we know ahead of Trump's second impeachment

  • Does the Morgan Wallen scandal signal a broader reckoning in country music?; Visa delays could keep a binational couple apart for birth of their child

  • Former NFL players speak out about race-based concussion damage assessment; Emails show clinicians fear NFL concussion payout protocol is discriminatory

  • A closer look at the Americans who stormed the Capitol; The political radicalization that led to the Capitol siege

  • COVID-19 survivor on a path to recovery as US records deadliest month yet; Making COVID-19 vaccine access more equitable amid emerging disparities, How Black History Month came to be

  • Scott Falater's sleepwalking defense in his wife's murder case; Scott Falater remains behind bars for wife's 1997 murder

  • Amie Harwick's friends hope to change domestic violence laws after her tragic death; Advocates say COVID-19 has made life riskier for domestic violence victims

  • More middle-class earners are struggling to get by amid COVID-19 unemployment; Vaccinating teachers amidst school re-opening pressures becomes hot-button issue

  • Nearly a year later, COVID-19 survivors still suffering from lasting symptoms; Reflecting on Kobe Bryant's legacy a year after his death

  • Senate receives impeachment article as Republicans are split on convicting Trump; Dr. Fauci on new COVID-19 travel restrictions, working with Trump

  • For Trump supporters in Biden's America, what does unity look like?; Amid the pandemic, fashion statements made an impact on Inauguration Day

  • Biden's lays out national COVID-19 strategy as crisis worsens, vaccine rollout lags; Breaking down President Biden's first full day in office

  • Biden becomes 46th president of US in historic inauguration; What's next for the US under a Biden administration?

  • Reflecting on Trump's 4 years as president through his tweets; Uniting the country is President-elect Joe Biden's next challenge

  • DC on high-alert as threats expand to all 50 states ahead of Biden's inauguration; Experts discuss a post-Trump America and healing a divided nation

  • DC police officers recount violence, lawmakers demand Capitol security probe; Inauguration security ramps up, over 300 people face charges in Capitol riot

  • Jacob Blake tells his story after being shot 7 times by police; Experts compare Jacob Blake's violent arrest to Kyle Rittenhouse's release on bail

  • Some Republicans join Democrats in Trump's second impeachment; Experts weigh in on whether more Republicans will support Trump's impeachment

  • Trump touts success at the border while authorities prepare for more violence; Experts weigh in on Trump's defiance, whether Republican party will survive

  • Trump faces 2nd impeachment unless Pence invokes 25th Amendment, Dems. say; Experts on whether Trump will be removed by 25th Amendment or 2nd impeachment

  • Trump faces possible second impeachment amid further arrests from Capitol chaos; The impact of suspending Trump's social media accounts

  • After pro-Trump mob at Capitol, talk of Trump's removal as his social are accounts locked; How chaos at the Capitol will affect Trump's future and that of the GOP

  • Pro-Trump mob launches insurrection at US Capitol amid Biden certification; Congress members share harrowing stories from inside the US Capitol; What led to a violent siege at the US Capitol building

  • Georgia polls close after bitter runoff campaigns, fierce get-out-the-vote efforts; Did Republicans turn out to vote red in Georgia's runoffs?

  • Republicans contend with outrage over Trump call ahead of crucial Senate runoffs; Experts talk about the impact of Trump's Georgia call on the Senate runoffs

  • How George Floyd's death in police custody led to a racial reckoning across the US; Conspiracy theories spread on social media, TikTok stars break into mainstream

  • How the Boeing 737 Max returned to the skies after 2 deadly crashes kill hundreds; Rocket scientist turned YouTuber Mark Rober inspires youth to engage with science

  • Couples separated by borders forced to wait out COVID-19 travel bans: Part 1; Woman travels to Mexico to avoid U.S. COVID-19 travel ban: Part 2

  • 2020 saw an unprecedented pandemic and global outcry for racial equality. Nightline tracked the pandemic through the eyes of front line workers, those struggling to make ends meet and more.

  • Amazon employees delivering with purpose throughout COVID-19, holiday season; This organization is helping people pay off their medical debt

  • As COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out in the US, a mutated virus emerges in the UK; This organization is helping people pay off their medical debt

  • A marijuana dispensary owner is kidnapped, tortured and maimed. Cortney Shegerian is the bait in a police plan to arrest Hossein Nayeri, who later appeals to the jury at his own trial.

  • COVID-19 vaccines recall decades of deception and pain for Black Americans; Jamie Foxx talks being first Black lead for Pixar in 'Soul'

  • Kamala Harris on Trump's election denial, Biden's COVID-19 policy and economic relief;Inside the secretive world where black market performance-enhancing drugs are made

  • Health care workers given COVID-19 vaccine after months of tirelessly fighting virus;Why some COVID-19 trial volunteers answered the call

  • Inside the race for a COVID-19 vaccine: Part 1;Distributing the first COVID-19 vaccine doses to 20 million Americans: Part 2

  • Why Rodney Reed was convicted in Stacey Stites' murder;Rodney Reed remains on death row for the murder of Stacey Stites

  • US hospitals prepare to receive and administer COVID-19 vaccine doses; A heart-warming Christmas movie boom amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Families relying on moratorium on some evictions worry about policy expiring Dec. 31; Lori Loughlin's daughter breaks silence on college admissions fraud

  • Top Army leaders fired, suspended from Fort Hood after Guillen investigation; How Vanessa Guillen's family started a movement in the wake of her death

  • Get-out-the-vote efforts going strong ahead of consequential Georgia runoffs; Figure skater uses her blades to make art on untouched ice high in the mountains

  • 2 women dating the same man cross paths, sparking a web of deceit and murder: Part 1;The truth about Dave Kroupa's apparent stalker is revealed: Part 2

  • A month after election, Trump continues to challenge votes despite clear Biden win

  • Inside the Sinaloa Cartel's fentanyl pipeline; In coming out as trans, Elliot Page calls out violence against trans people of color

  • A look back at the AIDS epidemic and how it might have informed the COVID-19 response; New excitement in Wales after Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney buy underdog soccer team

  • Amid COVID-19, moms forced to choose between career and child care; Rocket scientist turned YouTuber Mark Rober inspires youth to engage with science

  • American journalist, her mother murdered in Istanbul. Why didn't the US investigate?; UN investigator Agnes Callamard to probe murders of Halla and Orouba Barakat

  • How George Floyd's death 6 months ago sparked tangible change; Is the 'defund the police' movement losing momentum?

  • COVID-19 vaccines within reach as all 50 states see cases rising ahead of holidays; As Mike Tyson returns to the ring, a look back at his tumultuous past

  • What we know about Breonna Taylor's death in police shooting; Nation erupts in demand for justice in Breonna Taylor's case

  • As COVID-19 deaths surpass 250,000, rural towns emerge as areas most affected; Families fighting to feed children as coronavirus pandemic continues to impact jobs

  • Inside an Oklahoma hospital quickly getting overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients; Fallout as the President terminates his defense secretary and top cyber security official

  • Filipino American nurses are suffering disproportionately from COVID-19;Trump appears to break with 124-year history of concession speeches, experts discuss

  • Trump창s refusal to concede perpetuates unfounded belief that election was rigged;Michael J. Fox on serious health issues that tested his optimism

  • Susan Powell vanishes while her husband says he went camping with sons; Josh Powell kills himself, young sons in an explosion

  • What Georgia's changing political landscape could mean for power in US senate; Inside the effort to track possible animal-to-human virus transmission

  • How can Americans heal after a fiercely divisive election?; False parallels between Trump's legal strategy in this election and Florida in 2000

  • El Paso, Texas, is breaking COVID-19 records as virus cases soar throughout US; Experts on Trump's refusal to concede, Pompeo's 'second administration' remark

  • President-elect Biden moves forward with transition, implores COVID-19 safety; What do the results of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine trial mean?; Celebrating 'Jeopardy' host Alex Trebek

  • Biden pulls ahead in tight swing state races, urges patience; What's next for the 2020 Election? Experts weigh in

  • Experts discuss the path forward for Biden, Trump as votes are still being counted, What's happening in the battleground states where votes are still being counted

  • After record-breaking presidential race, voters eagerly await results; Experts talk about the latest on the presidential election results

  • Why suburban women, evangelicals will be crucial voters in swing states MI, NC; How Democrats in close Senate races reflect a cultural shift in recent years

  • Following the deportation of a teenager whose one mistake changed his life: Part 1; Deported teen faces new life in Mexico, his family struggles to move forward: Part 2

  • Learning from 2016, young activists organize and mobilize their peers to vote; Experts discuss the impact of the youth vote ahead of 2020 presidential election

  • George Lopez joins forces with Latino organizations to get out the vote; COVID-19 becomes top issue for Latino voters after decimating their communities

  • Women of color will play vital role in elections, both presidential and local; Summer camp aims to show that diversity and faith go hand-in-hand

  • A special Turning Point report from filmmaker Muta'Ali and "Nightline": An intimate portrait of the real lives behind the numbers that show the glaring health disparities Black mothers experience.

  • Trump, Biden face off in final presidential debate with added rules; Experts break down the biggest moments of Trump, Biden's final presidential debate

  • In Breonna Taylor case, two different accounts of what happened when she died; Breonna Taylor's boyfriend, officer shot during incident on what's next for them

  • How students in battleground Pennsylvania view the presidential election now vs 2016; 8 women of color running for congress discuss hurdles they've faced

  • Michigan gov kidnapping plot traces back to protest months earlier, FBI says; Suspects in Michigan gov kidnapping plot allegedly trained in rural town

  • Before killing 168 people and injuring hundreds more in the bombing, Timothy McVeigh supported the ideology of white power groups like the National Alliance, led by William Pierce.

  • Different tones for Trump, Biden on COVID-19, economy and taxes in dueling town halls; Experts discuss the Trump, Biden dueling town halls

  • Family claims racial bias affected housing appraisal because of wife's race; Hoping for change in housing discrimination amid US racial reckoning

  • Dems focus on health care in Barrett hearing, families share opposing views on ACA; Experts discuss how a Barrett Supreme Court confirmation could impact health care law

  • Amy Coney Barrett hearings underway, 2 women take opposing sides on her confirmation; Experts discuss what Barrett's confirmation would mean for Roe v. Wade

  • American journalist, her mother murdered in Istanbul. Why didn't the US investigate?; UN investigator Agnes Callamard to probe murders of Halla and Orouba Barakat

  • Activists go to mostly white community to engage in discussions about race, outreach; Woman with white supremacist tattoo gets it covered up as part of path to redemption

  • Pence, Harris debate Trump's COVID-19 response, Supreme Court nomination and China; Political experts weigh in on Pence, Harris VP debate; Voter feedback on 2020 Vice Presidential Debate

  • NJ judge describes the day an 'anti-feminist' lawyer killed her son at their home; Experts discuss the latest in politics leading up to vice presidential debate

  • COVID-19 continues wreaking havoc on US as Trump is released from hospital; Former acting CDC director gives insight into Trump's COVID-19 treatment

  • What happened in the days leading up to Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis?; The possible implications of Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis

  • Progressive prosecutors work to reform criminal justice system from within; Prosecutors with range of political ideals discuss reforming criminal justice system

  • Mexican Americans are still fighting for land they were promised generations ago; A family given a Texas island in 1759, sold later, seeks royalties never paid

  • Trump, Biden spar over COVID-19, economy and racial tensions; Experts break down 2020's first presidential debate; Post-debate reactions from voters across America

  • Report on Trump's taxes suggests business failures; Experts talk political ramifications of Trump tax report ahead of presidential debate

  • The suitcase murder mystery: What happened to Bill McGuire?; Melanie McGuire is convicted of husband's murder after lover testifies

  • Breonna Taylor's family hopes FBI investigation will bring justice; Experts on how Breonna Taylor's case may affect future police shooting cases

  • Protesters react as 1 of 3 officers is charged in Breonna Taylor shooting; VP Pence discusses 200,000 COVID-19 death milestone, Supreme Court and race relations

  • Native Americans seek reparations in different forms; Native communities wait to see if their fight for atonement gains ground

  • Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a champion for women's rights, dies at 87; Remembering Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  • How 'urban renewal' decimated Black communities in North Carolina; The sale of slaves saved Georgetown University: will descendants be repaid?

  • Police officers work to mend relationship between communities, law enforcement; How Black women have been empowered to wear their natural hair during the pandemic

  • On ABC News town hall, Trump talks pandemic response, race relations and health care; Trump's ABC News town hall: Political experts discuss night's biggest moments

  • Inside the wildfires devastating the Pacific Northwest; How climate change is tied to the wildfires burning through the West Coast

  • Family builds national movement after Vanessa Guillen vanishes from Fort Hood; Vanessa Guillen's body found, suspect flees and dies by suicide

  • Breonna Taylor's family celebrates her life, recalls the night she died; The fight for justice following Breonna Taylor's death

  • ABC News analysis shows Black Americans far more likely to be stopped by police; Doctor says he wears scrubs in public to 'mitigate deadly prejudice'

  • Filmmakers documenting America's racial reckoning are also recording history; Fighting for change amid of a summer of unrest

  • Wisconsin city where James Blake was shot becomes political battleground; As COVID-19 spread through the US, live streaming helped these people make ends meet

  • Unfounded 'QAnon' conspiracy theory gains traction in politics; The rise of conspiracies in the US and their role in politics

  • Children with AFM struggle to live with debilitating disease; How doctors are using experimental treatments to help kids with AFM

  • Remembering Chadwick Boseman in film and beyond; How Chadwick Boseman empowered others by playing Black heroes

  • Jacob Blake's name joins rallying cry against police brutality; Rev. William Barber discusses 57th anniversary of March on Washington

  • RNC Night 4: Trump officially accepts Republican nomination; Experts discuss Trump's speech and recap the final night of RNC

  • Hurricane Laura barrels down on Texas, Louisiana as a monster storm; RNC Night 3: Mike Pence takes the stage, experts discuss third night of RNC

  • RNC Night 2: Melania Trump, Mike Pompeo speak; Experts break down key points of RNC's second night

  • RNC Night 1: GOP formally nominates Trump to 2nd term, Nikki Haley, Trump Jr. speak; Political experts discuss the 1st night of the 2020 RNC

  • Conviction vacated against 'Central Park Five'; Where those involved in 1989 Central Park jogger rape case are now

  • DNC Night 4: Joe Biden accepts Presidential nomination, democratic primary rivals speak; DNC Night 4: Political experts discuss night's biggest moments

  • DNC Night 3: Kamala Harris accepts VP nomination, Obama and Clinton speak; DNC Night 3: Political experts discuss night's biggest moments

  • DNC Night 2: Biden reaches delegate count to be Dem presidential candidate; DNC Night 2: Political experts discuss Democrats' theme of leadership

  • Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders kick off Democratic National Convention; Experts break down first day of the DNC

  • COVID-19 survivors recount battling severe illness early on in the pandemic: Part 1; COVID-19 survivors challenged by recovery as complications of virus linger: Part 2

  • Inside the 'Boogaloos': Extremist movement makes its presence known at demonstrations; Families left to find their own solutions as lawmakers debate unemployment aid

  • Biden and Harris speak in first campaign event as reactions to VP pick pour in; Signs of hope in the hard-hit Navajo Nation where COVID-19 cases are on the decline

  • Joe Biden picks former 2020 rival Kamala Harris to be running mate; Kamala Harris' childhood friends share memories about the Democratic VP pick

  • School staff, students bear risk of school reopenings amid ongoing pandemic; What led to the looting chaos in Chicago?

  • Couples separated by borders forced to wait out COVID-19 travel bans: Part 1; Woman travels to Mexico to avoid U.S. COVID-19 travel ban: Part 2

  • Unemployed fighting to stay afloat as extended COVID-19 benefits remain in limbo; Women in construction shine light on sexual harassment, assault in the industry

  • Survivors of the Beirut explosion recount feeling the blast, its horrific aftermath; Analyzing Beirut's massive explosion, which killed at least 135

  • Doctors move from hospitals to COVID-19 testing sites to treat communities of color; In a COVID-19 world, service industries are turning to contact-free tech

  • Concerns for the future of nightlife industry as COVID-19 pandemic persists; TikTok users who've built careers through the platform react to recent controversy

  • 'Rebuilding Paradise' shows heroism, heartbreak after California Camp Fire: Part 1;'Rebuilding Paradise' shares Camp Fire survivor's story of losing her home: Part 2

  • Concerns over student safety loom as some schools prepare to reopen amid COVID-19;22-year-old who spent 49 days at hospital battling COVID-19 returns home to recover

  • What happened when former federal officials sounded the alarm on COVID-19: Part 1; Experts criticize the federal COVID-19 response as inadequate: Part 2

  • With jobless Americans waiting for extended relief, GOP reveals new coronavirus plan;Remembering Regis Philbin throughout his record-breaking TV career

  • ER doctor who survived COVID-19 reunites with family after 3-month-long battle; ABC's Bob Woodruff and his son's new adventure series, 'Rogue Trip,' on Disney+

  • Portland protest violence continues as Trump sends federal agents to other cities; With COVID-19 unemployment benefits set to expire, fears over how to stay afloat

  • Latino workers largely affected by COVID-19 as essential jobs expose them to risk; Activism finds a new place: TikTok

  • Federal clashes with Portland protesters raises legal questions about use of force; Ken Cuccinelli defends deployment of federal agents in Portland; Remembering ABC News producer Daisha Riley

  • The global race to find a COVID-19 vaccine; The legacy of Rep. John Lewis: House colleagues, activists honor Civil Rights icon

  • Murder case of Timothy Coggins, a Black man in Georgia, goes cold for decades; Suspects in Timothy Coggins' death sentenced to prison 34 years later

  • Vanessa Guillen's family says they're being denied answers about her death; Vanessa Guillen's death renews calls for accountability in the military

  • How masks became the latest cultural flashpoint; President Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, says ‘everything’s about money in the family’

  • Florida among 12 states seeing record COVID-19 cases, many traced to large gatherings; 7 Black mothers mourning the loss of their children discuss their shared bond

  • What's next for the cruise industry? Passengers discuss how COVID-19 impacted them; Revisiting 'Hamilton' in a time of reckoning on racism in US

  • 'Glee' star Naya Rivera presumed dead after going missing during boat trip with son; On the Arizona frontlines, where first responders are battling a COVID-19 crisis

  • Months after COVID-19 deaths at nursing facility, families still seeking answers; Nursing homes using new tools to track COVID-19, keep residents from feeling isolated

  • Small businesses in Texas face re-closure as New York shops navigate reopening; How toilet paper factory employees are working through COVID-19 demands

  • July 4th celebrations highlight COVID-19 divide as more young people are sickened; Dr. Jen Ashton talks US handling of COVID-19 and preventing its spread

  • Meet the combat medics who came to treat COVID-19 in New York City; Mayor Bill de Blasio on New York City’s battle against COVID-19

  • How Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly helped Jeffrey Epstein abuse young women; Experts weigh in on Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest

  • American meat providers resorting to drastic measures in COVID-19 pandemic; Plant-based alternatives see huge surge, in part driven by nationwide meat shortages

  • Health care workers in Arizona urge social distancing, masks as cases break records; In Blackfeet Nation, a boxing club is fighting to save Native American women’s lives

  • What happened to Elijah McClain? Case draws new attention amid nationwide protests; Teacher helps start volunteer effort to 3D print COVID-19 face shields

  • How 2 families' conversations on race have evolved over years of injustice; Janet Mock on portraying trans people of color on screen, fighting for LGBTQ equality

  • In Houston, front-line workers say COVID-19 surge affecting many younger people; How an appointment to get an appliance fixed led to an important conversation on race

  • Where did the federal coronavirus aid to small businesses go? Tracking the money; Coronavirus survivor, Broadway star talks about lingering symptoms of infection

  • Trump's Tulsa rally to kick off re-election campaign fails to meet expectations; After Tulsa rally, Bolton interview, where does Trump go from here?

  • Emmett Till's cousin says she considers George Floyd's death a modern-day lynching; How the church helped power strength, resistance in the black community

  • Everything we know about Rayshard Brooks' killing in Atlanta; Former Trump national security adviser John Bolton: 'I don't think he's fit for office'

  • Inside CHOP, the small piece of land Seattle protesters' claimed for themselves, Gov. Cuomo on his handling of COVID-19 over past 100 days

  • What police reform could look like as Trump signs executive order; Key players in landmark victory for LGBTQ rights react to Supreme Court ruling

  • How Colin Kaepernick went from football star to civil rights icon; 4 years after Colin Kaepernick first took a knee, will the NFL make real changes?

  • ABC News analysis finds stark racial disparity in police arrests nationwide; Four mayors on how they've led their cities through reckoning on racial inequality

  • What happened to Breonna Taylor? Family seeks answers after raid in which she died; COVID-19 rages through Mexico, even as country begins to reopen

  • As George Floyd is laid to rest, friends recall his childhood in Houston; Remembering George Floyd and figuring out where we go from here

  • George Floyd memorial follows calls to defund police as protests enter third week; COVID-19 may have been present in China as early as last fall, study suggests

  • How moms are talking to their kids about race in the US and what they are learning; Keeping the faith, dealing with grief and taking action after George Floyd's death

  • George Floyd is the latest in a history of police-involved deaths in Minnesota; Ahmaud Arbery had been hit by a truck, called racial slur before death

  • George Floyd's family reacts to charges against all 4 officers involved in his death; Black Lives Matter founder, DC educator on George Floyd arrests, impact of protests

  • Friends reflect on George Floyd's life in Houston as protests in the city continue; Being black in America

  • Trump addresses US amid protests, George Floyd's brother reflects on his life; Why a police chief joined forces with Black Lives Matter at George Floyd protest

  • Former officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck charged with murder, protests spread; A history of civil unrest in the US: Frustrations over injustice, slow pace of change

  • Protests erupt in violence after George Floyd’s killing; More than 100,000 lives lost to COVID-19, loved ones share their stories

  • George Floyd's death reopens old wounds of similar police-involved incidents; Violence against people of color has long history in the US

  • How essential workers stepped up as the coronavirus spread across the US; Inside the race for COVID-19 treatments and the ultimate goal, a vaccine

  • In Chicago, Latinos struggle to find relief from devastation of COVID-19, John Leguizamo on the impact of COVID-19 in communities of color and how he's helping

  • COVID-19 exacerbates Mississippi's deep racial, economic and health care divides; Rev. William Barber on impact COVID-19 reopening may have on impoverished communities

  • Coronavirus health disparities highlight race, class divides in NYC epicenter; Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on COVID-19 impact in her district, response to the virus

  • In COVID-19 pandemic, teachers and students are forced to adjust with workarounds; COVID-19 restrictions pose serious challenges to those in recovery

  • The COVID-19 Class of 2020: High school grads try to plan for the future; ABC News' Kaylee Hartung meets man who received her plasma, recovered from COVID-19

  • What happens to summer? How US beaches are handling reopening in COVID-19 pandemic; Music industry forced to rethink concerts, tours and more in COVID-19 pandemic

  • The price of reopening America; 'The Last Dance' Michael Jordan Documentary on Netflix

  • Retailers, fighting to survive, adopt new safety measures as they begin reopening; Growing number of children affected by illness possibly linked to coronavirus

  • How factories are adjusting as states begin reopening in the wake of the coronavirus; 1st-gen college students see unclear path forward amid financial impact of COVID-19

  • Questions remain over handling of Ahmaud Arbery case after arrests are made; Mothers of black men unarmed when they were shot dead talk about Ahmaud Arbery case

  • Police launch an investigation into Shaun Gayle's pregnant girlfriend's murder; A taped confession from a woman police believe killed Rhoni Reuter; Rhoni Reuter's family on losing her

  • Restaurants that are reopening must navigate a new normal; Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol on what reopening will look like for the chain

  • Millions across the entertainment industry wonder if they'll have jobs to return to; One of the largest casinos in the world plans new safety measures in wake of COVID-19

  • Trump on reopening the country amid potential COVID-19 risks; Trump on his handling of COVID-19 crisis, message to families in mourning

  • How will air travel be transformed by COVID-19?; Airline employees still clocking in on COVID-19 frontlines

  • 4 families share their journeys to parenthood during COVID-19 crisis; Barred from NICU, new parents bond with babies via FaceTime due to COVID-19

  • In Michigan, governor and some workers battle over strict COVID-19 stay-at-home order; Navajo doctors struggle to obtain resources to treat community ravaged by COVID-19

  • Pandemic warnings existed long before coronavirus hit US, experts say; Fmr. DHS chief medical officer on US failure to plan for pandemics, future outlook

  • How blood plasma donations may be saving some people suffering from COVID-19; Life in states with few COVID-19 cases and without orders to stay home

  • Georgia restaurants join other businesses in reopening but life is far from normal; Philadelphia nurse shares emotional last moments with COVID-19 patient

  • While Texas and Georgia reopen, New York businesses wonder if they'll survive; Former Starbucks CEO on how to save America's small businesses

  • How COVID-19 turned US nursing homes into devastating hotspots; Seema Verma defends federal government's response to COVID-19 nursing home crisis

  • Doctors trying to understand COVID-19 symptoms left with more questions; COVID-19 patient reunites with doctor who helped save her life

  • Inside 2 massive food banks feeding families affected by COVID-19; Restaurants get creative to keep doors open, feed health care workers

  • What life is like in Denmark as country begins to ease coronavirus restrictions; Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont on protests against COVID-19 closures, state disparities

  • On the frontlines at a NY hospital full of critically ill COVID-19 patients; New York hospital staff form bonds, mourn loss of their own

  • Former employee at pork plant shut down due to COVID-19 talks about why she quit; Foodservice workers protest over workplace safety, compensation amid COVID-19 crisis

  • Families struggle to make ends meet while navigating COVID-19 economic relief; How Dr. Anthony Fauci came to be the trusted infectious disease expert he is today

  • Struggles for adequate COVID-19 testing remain as Trump pushes to reopen US economy; Dr. Jen Ashton on the importance of COVID-19 antibody tests moving forward

  • How alleged scammers are preying on the vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis; Pastor and rabbi discuss COVID-19's impact on Easter and Passover

  • The most vulnerable: COVID-19's disproportionate toll on black, brown communities; Mayors of Chicago, New Orleans discuss their response to COVID-19 racial disparities

  • Doctors, nurses across US answer call for help in COVID-19 epicenter, New York, COVID-19 responses in countries around the world see varied results

  • The other frontlines of COVID-19: Keeping the lights on and communities operational;CVS chief medical officer talks ramping up testing across US

  • Recovering COVID-19 patient talks about being on a ventilator, how it saved him; Families of those with special needs face challenges amid COVID-19 outbreak

  • Coronavirus recovery stories offer hope as US crisis persists; Parents hear son for first time after coming off ventilator for coronavirus

  • More states from Louisiana to Michigan confronting uptick in COVID-19 cases; Michigan Gov. Whitmer: We need 'a national strategy' to combat the coronavirus

  • Authorities crackdown on churches, parties where stay-at-home orders are ignored; Pence gives possible COVID-19 timeline, urges everyone to do their part

  • A new month in COVID-19 crisis brings fresh anxiety, fear over how to pay bills, rent; US Surgeon General: ‘We’re trying to learn the lessons’ from other countries

  • Health care workers on frontlines of coronavirus fighting sickness themselves; Dr. Jen Ashton on whether general public should wear masks for coronavirus

  • 'I was in... excruciating pain' A growing number of younger COVID-19 patients; Couple buys its community tests, virtual choirs and other good COVID-19 news

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  • Coronavirus 'containment area' ordered north of New York City; The reality of 'social distancing' to prevent coronavirus spread

  • CDC director testifies on delay of coronavirus test kits as concerns grow; Escaping Italy ahead of countrywide coronavirus shutdown

  • Cruise ship holding coronavirus patients docks in California as stocks plunge; Italian prime minister announces countrywide travel ban due to coronavirus

  • Idaho mom in court a day after FBI releases new photos of missing kids; At least 12 dead, 188 infected in US as coronavirus continues to spread

  • Director of one of last abortion clinics in Louisiana speaks about Supreme Court case; Behind the Scenes with Superstar Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco

  • James Dailey was sentenced to death for the 1985 murder of a teen girl but claims he's innocent. Paul Skalnik, a fellow inmate and conman, testified that Dailey confessed to the murder while in jail.

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  • Harvey Weinstein found guilty of 2 out of 5 charges in monumental trial; How Ambra Gutierrez, other alleged victims worked to expose Harvey Weinstein

  • Idaho mom whose children have been missing since September arrested in Hawaii; Ben Affleck on depression, addiction and how sobriety has made him happier

  • Former congresswoman Katie Hill is taking on cyber exploitation; Pete Buttigieg is the first openly gay man to run a major presidential campaign

  • Michael Bloomberg joins Democrats in first debate appearance in Nevada; Billie Eilish on working with Hans Zimmer on Bond theme song and her rise to stardom

  • Catching illegal loggers deep in the Amazon with 'Guardians of the Forest'; Indigenous 'Guardians' targeted after trying to protect their land

  • Trans body builder on fight for acceptance: 'We just want to live normal lives'; 'American Idol' judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan on new season

  • Travis Alexander's friends warned him about girlfriend Jodi Arias before his murder; Media frenzy that surrounded Jodi Arias' trial for murder of Travis Alexander

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; Documenting the 'Seasons' of Justin Bieber's tumultuous personal life

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  • Estranged husband of missing Connecticut mom arraigned on murder, kidnapping charges; Prince Harry, Meghan to 'step back as senior members' of British royal family

  • Iran launches more than a dozen missiles at US military, coalition forces in Iraq; Tensions between US, Iran: Where things stand now; Iranian Aviation Organization confirms plane crash near Tehran

  • Mourners in Iran vow revenge for Soleimani’s death; Australia fires burn through 15 million acres of land, kill at least 25 people

  • Ariel Castro kidnaps 3 teen girls in Cleveland, holds them captive for years; Ariel Castro kills himself in prison after 3 women held captive by him escape

  • U.S. airstrike kills Iranian General Qassem Soleimani; Alex Trebek reflects on cancer battle, hosting 'Jeopardy!' all these years

Nightline News

Has Tomi Lahren Been Fired or Not?

She says she has. Her employer says she hasn't. Someone isn't telling the truth.

Michelle Williams Devastated over Nightline Interview

Michelle Williams, after staying silent for many years, recently opened up during a Nightline interview about the death of Heath Ledger.  Heath and Michelle have a child together and originally met on the set of Brokeback Mountain.

Unfortunately, the producers and editors of Nightline decided they wanted to skew her three-hour long interview in a manner that was inappropriate in her eyes.

Michelle Williams Speaks on Heath Ledger's Death For the First Time

Michelle Williams stayed away from the press immediately following the accidental death of Heath Ledger back in 2008. She did interviews about her movies and her projects, but anything else was off limits in interviews.

Now, with the third anniversary of the event approaching in January, she has finally opened up about the subject.

Michelle says she can’t find any meaning in his death.

Nightline Video Clips & Extras

Ben Affleck on depression, addiction and how sobriety has made him happier | Nightline Clip (9 min 17 sec)