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Have you ever watched a television program or movie, or just seen a situation unfold in front of you where you think "I would have been able to do that." Well, with the ABC News television show What Would You Do? there is now that chance. The television program is a real life program which brings the audience into the show. The premise of the show is two or three actors are placed into an open location, such as a restaurant, park or other center where other citizens are. All of these citizens do not know it is a television program or what is taking place. Hidden cameras are installed all around the facility so there are no actual cameramen. The two or three actors are placed right in the middle of the location and begin discussing a controversial topic. This might be a couple where the man completely belittles the individual, or when a table guest refuses to pay for the meal because of the waiters ethnicity. All of it is fake but it is designed to see what the average citizens around actually do.

Usually, all of these situations and scenarios are placed to make someone want to stand up and say something. To do something to stop it. The show What Would You Do? is designed to try to get someone to say something and see if anyone is able to stand up and do something about it. Most of us like to think we'd do something should something such as the events on What Would You Do? unfold, but it is rather interesting to see exactly who does and who just sits and stands around. At the conclusion of the segment the host of the show actually comes out and explains to the individuals who stepped in that it was nothing more than just a show. The host then goes in and asks why they stepped in or said what they said.

What Would You Do? is an interesting take on small issues that come up each and every day. You always wonder what might take place or what you might do in order to help someone out. Well, if this is the case than you never know when you might appear on such a television show, as What Would You Do? travels the country and films just about anywhere, so always be prepared to help out.

ABC News
1 Season, 202 Episodes
February 26, 2008
Cast: Yuval David, Diana Henry
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What Would You Do? Full Episode Guide

  • Reports on the decision-making process, featuring the use of hidden cameras to explore how people react to difficult situations in which there is no clear right-or-wrong choice.

  • No one shows up for a boy's party.

  • Cashier shames elderly man for paying with coins; How will people react when they see an impatient cashier, a man telling his date to split the check, a family holding an opioid intervention and a teen who seems to be taking insensitive selfies.

  • The season premiere of "What Would You Do?" with anchor John Quiñones features celebrity guest Nyle DiMarco, "Dancing with the Stars" and "America's Next Top Model" winner, on deaf discrimination and a scenario filmed in El Paso, Texas, near the Mexico-United States border, in light of the current crisis at the border.

  • Coach Doesn't Want Student Athletes Kneeling During Anthem; Thief steals a woman's engagement ring at nail salon; Teacher doesn't have enough money for groceries and supplies

  • What Would You Do: Pharmacy Calls Police on Black Woman for Using Coupon; Mother treats foster child worse than her real child; College students pressure friend to take Adderall

  • Young Man Comes Out as Gay to His Traditional Asian Parents; College students engage in fraternity and sorority hazing; Mother leaves 8-year-old son alone at the beach.

  • Manager tells man he needs to remove his MAGA hat; What Would You Do?: Political disagreements at a diner; Teens berate homeless man on the boardwalk; Parents tell their adult child it's time to move out.

  • A woman tells her friend that she's pregnant, but her friend thinks she's too old; a Hispanic couple is insulted by their waitress; a waiter is too busy telling jokes to do his job; a minor wants to buy e-cigarettes; and a fake baby is left in a hot car.

  • A muscular female trainer is insulted for being too fit by someone watching her workout; a father comes out to a disapproving son in a restaurant; a diner asks other diners to watch his laptop while he takes a phone call outside, then someone tries to make off with the computer; and children run amok in a restaurant.

  • Scenarios inspired by popular movies, including "The Sandlot," "The King's Speech," "Spanglish," "Billy Elliot" and "Boys Don't Cry."

  • A pregnant teen tells her parents that she no longer wants to put her baby up for adoption; an African-American man is treated as a possible thief in a high-scale clothing store; a mother and daughter treat a salesperson poorly; a woman at a grocery store takes items from the carts of other shoppers; and a man walks into a bar and announces that he may ditch his wedding, which is scheduled for a few hours later.

  • A waitress is harassed by a customer; three different people steal from a tip jar; a drag performer meets his parents while in full drag; and a woman turns a cofffee shop into her personal office.

  • Cameras capture people's reactions to dilemmas.

  • Cameras capture people's reactions to dilemmas.

  • Cameras capture people's reactions to dilemmas.

  • Parents Disapprove of Lesbian Daughter's Fiancee; What Would You Do: Meet the parents; Teen abuses his girlfriend; Drunk bus driver plans to pick up students.

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