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  • 2015
  • 3 Seasons
  • 5.7  (159)

My Giant Life is an American reality television series that aired on the TLC network in 2015. The show follows the lives of four extraordinarily tall women and their unique experiences, struggles, and triumphs as they navigate through life. The main cast includes Lindsay Kay Hayward, Colleen 'Coco' Smith, Haleigh Hampton-Carvalho, and Nancy Mulkey. Lindsay is a 6'9" professional wrestler, known as the Amazon Eve. Her height has always made her stand out and she faces challenges of fitting into everyday life. Coco, who stands at 6'6", is a personal trainer and a mom to a young daughter. Haleigh, also known as "Tallest Teen", was a high school basketball player from Texas who measured 6'7" at just 17 years old. And Nancy, who is 6'9", is a college basketball player who has faced difficulties finding clothes and shoes that fit.

Throughout the series, the four women share their joys and sorrows, including their struggles of finding love, friends who don’t quite get it, and the physical constraints of being a giant. They also share their experiences of standing out in the crowd, dealing with the media frenzy, and the challenges that come with being a public figure.

The show explores the difficulties of finding suitable clothing and shoes, as most stores do not cater to women of their height. It shows the challenges of navigating through everyday life, such as fitting in planes, cars, or even showers. These challenges often lead to anxiety, frustration, and even depression for these remarkable women.

My Giant Life is not just about the struggles of being tall. It also showcases the emotional and personal lives of each character. Lindsay's episode touches upon her desire to find love and her experience in the dating world. Coco's segment shows her struggles of balancing the responsibilities of motherhood and her career, which are made more challenging by her unique height. Haleigh’s story focuses on her dreams of breaking records and becoming a top basketball player, while Nancy’s episode highlights the challenge and determination she requires to become one of the leading basketball players in the country.

The series takes us through the journey of these incredible women and highlights their personal growth as they learn to embrace their height and unique experiences. Each episode offers viewers an insight into the daily struggle and triumphs of people who are taller than average.

In conclusion, My Giant Life is an intriguing and informative show that showcases the stories of exceptional people who have learned to embrace their height despite societal pressures. The show highlights the reality of life as an exceptionally tall person and provides an insight into the ups and downs of everyday life. It is an excellent show that will inspire people to embrace their own uniqueness, no matter what that might be.

My Giant Life is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on July 14, 2015.

My Giant Life
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Shortest To Tallest
8. Shortest To Tallest
November 5, 2017
Krista, 6'6" moves out her and Lindsay's apartment. Alicia Jay, 6'6" goes to a singles mixer in search of virgins. Katja, 6'8" and wife Julie wait for their pregnancy results while Haleigh, 6'7" and husband Bryan bring home their new baby.
Legit 7 Footer
7. Legit 7 Footer
October 29, 2017
Lindsay gets a surprise visit from her mom to cheer her up; Haleigh and Bryan visit her parents, only to get pressured into moving back home; Katja and Julie find out if they are finally pregnant.
No Ships Like Friendships
6. No Ships Like Friendships
October 22, 2017
Katja and Julie visit a gym for advice on exercising during pregnancy; Krista suspects Lindsay has an alcohol problem and takes her to destruction therapy; Haleigh and Bryan attend a birthing class to find out what's in store.
Going Bigger
5. Going Bigger
October 15, 2017
Alicia meets a dating coach; Katja and Julie prepare for insemination; Lindsay consults a plastic surgeon to discuss her body issues, but Krista worries that she's not confronting her real problems.
Tall Jokes
4. Tall Jokes
October 8, 2017
Krista, 6'6" meets potential love interest and upsets Lindsay, 6'9" with her comedy act. Alicia, 6'6" shops for lingerie. Coco, 6'6" pursues other men, despite Wil's objections. Haleigh, 6'7" wants a water birth but Bryan thinks it's a risky idea.
Abnormally Tall
3. Abnormally Tall
October 1, 2017
Virgin Alicia Jay goes on a first date; Haleigh struggles to find maternity clothes; Katja and Julie approach Julie's ex to donate sperm; new roommates Lindsay and Krista butt heads over borrowing clothes.
Variety in All Sizes
2. Variety in All Sizes
September 24, 2017
Haleigh and husband Bryan deal with pregnancy problems while preparing for the baby; Coco questions her relationship with boyfriend Wil; new roommates Lindsay and Krista bond during a night out in Las Vegas.
My Giant Baby
1. My Giant Baby
September 17, 2017
Haleigh and Bryan struggle with pregnancy complications; Katja and wife Julie search for a sperm donor; Alicia Jay -- tall, fabulous and 35 years old; Lindsay moves to Las Vegas with roommate Krista.
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  • Premiere Date
    July 14, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    5.7  (159)